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Apilio’s community continues to grow every day and we are truly thankful to all of you for it. We read all your messages and rest assured we are tirelessly working to make Apilio better thanks to your great feedback!

Until today, we had been using Google Groups as the forum for our community. We feel we have outgrown this space now and we want to have a more powerful community platform to take us further and beyond. You are welcome to join us:

In our new community runs on Discourse, and we will be improving and adjusting it as we continue to grow. In it, you will have easy access to help articles to get you started as well as use cases to inspire your own Logicblocks. If you feel like something is missing in Apilio, please let us know by opening a feature request thread.

The threads from our Google Group will be linked in a section in the new Community, so you can always check those if you need to.

See you there!