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Ikenna Nwaiwu

Sep 21, 2021, 2:59:59 AM9/21/21
to API Craft

Hello all.

I am doing some personal research into how different organisations do web API Reviews.  There is Google's API Review's at Scale paper and Slack's How We Design Our APIs at Slack blog post, but I would like to get more resources on this topic. 

Do you have any resources, papers, conference talks or blog posts you can share ? 

Apart from links to resources, I am also interested in hearing about your experience of the web API reviews in the organisations you have worked in : 
  • Was it a centralised synchronous review or distributed and async ? What was the size of the organization ? Did you have time-zone distributed teams involved in the reviews ?
  • What key roles and teams were involved ?
  • How long did it usually take to review and approve an API change ?
  • Did it make a difference what the web API technology was (REST, GraphQL etc )
  •  What advantages and disadvantages did you find with the API review process ?
  • What tools did you use for the API reviews and did they help or hinder ?
Thanks in anticipation of your response!

Kind regards, 
Ikenna Nwaiwu
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