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Paul Martin

Aug 3, 2021, 7:57:57 PM8/3/21
to AOGHero
Looks great so far!  Love the clean, simple interface. 

Few quick thoughts:

* should have text in the airport field (both home and "location" if AOG) indicating "enter 4 digit identifier" so its clear should enter KRDD or RDD, for example
* on the current alerts screen, it would be great if there was a status indicator.   Could it be tagged as "open", "resolved", "closed", etc.?   That way a user can quickly see if the AOG alert has been addressed by somebody. 
* are location services used, or planned to be used, for the app?   When I push out an AOG alert from an airport identifier, does it go to anybody whose home field is within their user-specified radius of the AOG location?  Or does it use their CURRENT location relative to the AOG location?
* when I click the alert, there is a "details" button upper RH corner of screen but does not appear to do anything

Thanks for the effort, impressive progress!

Paul Martin

Aug 3, 2021, 8:10:24 PM8/3/21
to AOGHero
Badge app notification possible, to show the red circle with count of new AOG Alerts?

Within the app itself, show a badge icon over the "AOG Alerts" purple selection box with count of new/unviewed alerts?

When viewing an AOG alert thread, messages don't populate real-time. Have to exit the thread and click back in to get new messages to show in the thread.

Paul Martin

Aug 5, 2021, 1:32:57 PM8/5/21
to AOGHero
Weird quirk, just FYI:

1. Logged into app. Profile currently set at 500 miles. Shows "17 pilots nearby"
2. Changed profile to 300 miles.
3. Shows "0 pilots nearby"
4. Changed profile back to 500 miles
5. Still shows "0 pilots nearby".
6. Changed profile to 10,000 miles
7. Shows  "0 pilots nearby".

Basically, any time I change the distance, it goes to 0 pilots.
Anytime I force quit and relaunch, no matter what I set for miles, it shows 17 pilots nearby (even set at 1 mile).

Goutham Sukumar

Dec 9, 2021, 11:14:43 AM12/9/21
to AOGHero
Thanks paul, sorry i just saw this message was not addressed, i have added the missing items to the list of enhancements to consider.

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