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Ken Nahigian

Aug 22, 2023, 4:34:37 PM8/22/23
Gun Violence in the USA: Our Shameful Epidemic
Sunday, August 27, 2023, 2pm - 4pm
Location:  Reason Center, 1300 Ethan Way, Rm 675, Sac., map at
Hat tips to Dr. Bill Durston, MD, who graciously visits AOF to discuss gun violence in our nation:  The seriousness of the uniquely American gun obsession, with an emphasis on its effect on U.S. children and youth and why Dr. Durston refers to gun violence as "our shameful epidemic.”
  • Comparisons of the USA with other high income democratic countries in terms of:
  • Rates of gun related deaths
  • Rates of gun ownership
  • Gun control laws
  • The definitive measures needed to stop our country’s “shameful epidemic,” including obstacles to the adoption of such measures and the steps needed to overcome these obstacles
Bill Durston, MD, worked for more than 35 years as a board certified emergency physician in Sacramento, California, during which time he treated innumerable gunshot victims.
Before becoming a physician, Bill was an expert marksman in the United States Marine Corps, serving in combat in Vietnam, where he was decorated for “courage and composure under fire.” In March of 2016, Bill co-founded a new national non-profit organization, Americans Against Gun Violence (AAGV), to extend to a national level the gun violence prevention work that Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSB/Sacramento) was doing locally. Bill currently serves as the President of AAGV. It is the position of AAGV that we have not only the ability but also the moral responsibility to reduce rates of firearm related deaths and injuries in the United States to levels that are at or below the average for the other high income democratic countries of the world. You can contact Bill through Americans Against Gun Violence by email at "info (at) aagunv (dot) org". But please come hear him speak.
Contact for details:  Email "programs (at) aofonline (dot) org", or see Contact Page
Doors open at 1:30 pm. Free parking for this free in-person event. It's OK to bring snacks & beverages, even to share. We provide cool water, because we're nice.
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