I needed improvements Anthologize - How much?

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Юрий Гиммельфарб

Sep 28, 2015, 8:58:14 AM9/28/15
to anthologize-users

Dear Sirs!

First of all, many thanks for a wonderful plugin Anthologize. However, there are a few drawbacks.

We have a collective website Wordpress. Several authors place the posts on various topics. We want to publish our work both compilations, and books each author. It is very important that the compilations were published regularly (for example, every month or every week).

Thus, there is the following bags:

  1. Filter of posits is possible only on the one tag or one category or date range or type (page or post). Selection of the author is impossible.
  2. Multiple select (for example, to select multiple tags or multiple category) is impossible.
  3. The complex select (for example, several authors + several tags + several category) is impossible.
  4. Sort selected positions (for example, for date) is impossible.
  5. Run the project "on schedule" (for example, every month) is impossible.
  6. Automatically add posts in the project according to selection criteria is impossible.
  7. Automatically send file to the e-mail is impossible.

So, I need the following scheme (for example):


  • ·        Autors: A
  • ·         Tags: B, C and F
  • ·         Category: H and W
  • ·         Period: Last week
  • ·         Sort: Date Ascending
  • ·         Send: ema...@email1.com


  • ·         Autors: All
  • ·         Tags: All
  • ·         Category: A, B and F
  • ·         Period: Last month
  • ·         Sort: Date Descending
  • ·         Send: email2@email2.com


  • ·         Autors: A, F, N and W
  • ·         Tags: J, K and P
  • ·         Category: All
  • ·         Period: Last year
  • ·         Sort: Date Ascending and Autors Ascending
  • ·         Send: ema...@email3.com

And, of course, necessary to keep the possibility of exclusive projects (at one time)!

It can be fixed? If it is possible - how much will it cost?

Best regards,

Yuri Gimmelfarb


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