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Dec 12, 2013, 9:25:10 AM12/12/13


   ISSN 2310-6697

   otoiseropen transactions on independent scientific‑engineering research


   Language — We declare the origins of the Journal by
   using English, German and French, as well as, a Hellenic
   vignette, in the cover page. However, since we recognize
   the dominance of USA English in technical literature, we
   adopted it as the Journal's language, although it is not our
   native language.

   Focus We consider Radio—FUNK, which still creates a vivid impression

   of the untouchable, and its Technology—TECHNIK, from an
   Advanced—PLUS point of view. That is, we dynamically focus at
   any scientific-engineering discipline producing FUNKTECHNIKPLUS
   Théorie, Expérimentation, Métrologie, Logiciel, ou Applications.

   Scope — We emphasize this scope broadness by extending the title
   of the Journal with a Doppelkreuz-Zeichen #, which we  use as a
   placeholder for the disciplines of Editorial Board:

 # Telecommunications Engineering
 # Applied Electromagnetics # Metrology # Applied Education
 # Simulation # Virtual Reality # Amateur Radio # FLOSS
 # Applied Physics # Electronics Engineering
 # Internet Engineering # Computer Science
 # Simulation # Applied Education # Learning Management Systems
 # Computer Engineering # Software Engineering
 # Cyber Security
 # Electrical Engineering
 # High Voltage Engineering # Insulating Materials
 # Electrical Machines and Drives # Renewable Energies
 # Electric Vehicles
 # Applied Mathematics # Functional and Numerical Analysis
 # Applied Electromagnetics # Control Theory

   Authors — We do know what work means; and we do respect the
   research work of the scientist — engineer; and we do want to
   highlight this work; and we do decided to found this Journal;
   and we do publish this work openly; and furthermore, we do care
   for the work of the technical author, especially the beginner
   one, whom we do support strongly as follows:

We encourage the author to submit his own paper written just
   in Basic English plus Technical Terminology.
We encourage the author even to select a pen name, which may
   drop it at any time to reveal his identity.
We encourage the author to submit an accepted for
   publication paper, which he was forced to decline that
   publication because it would be based on a review with
   unacceptable evaluation or comments.
We encourage the author to resubmit a non accepted for
   publication paper that was rejected after a poor, inadequate,
   unreasonable, irresponsible, incompetent, or ticking only,
We encourage the author to submit a paper that he already
   self-archived on some open repository, such as
We encourage the author to self-archive all of the preprint
   and postprint versions of his paper.
We provide the author with a decent, express review process
   of up to just 4 weeks, by at least 2 peers, never have been
   co-authors with him.
We provide the author with a selection of review process
   between: a traditional, anonymous, peer review decision, and
   an immediate online pre-publication of his paper followed by
   an open discussion with at least 2 reviewers.
We immediately accept for publication a research paper
   directly resulting from a Project Report, Diploma-, Master-,
   or PhD-thesis, which the author already has successfully
   defended before a committee of experts and he can mention
   2 members of it, who reviewed and approved his work.
 We immediately publish online a paper, as soon as, it is
   accepted for publication in the Journal.

 We quickly print-on-demand an issue every 3 papers, in excess
   of the 3 issues we regularly publish 3 times a year on
   January, May, and September.
 We do not demand from the author to transfer his own
   copyright to us. Instead, we only consider papers resulting
   only from original research work, and only if the author does
   assure us that he owns the copyright of his paper and that he
   submits to the Journal either an original or a revised
   version of his paper, for either publication after review, or
   even an immediate re-publication if this paper has already
   been published after review, under the Creative Commons
   Attribution 3.0 Unported License CC-BY 3, in any case.

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