Ansible to adopt molecule and ansible-lint projects.

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Timothy Appnel

Sep 26, 2018, 8:22:37 AM9/26/18
to Ansible Project, Ansible Development, molecule-users
To support the continued growth of Ansible we are expanding Ansible Galaxy to include new functionality and tooling. A goal of this expansion is to provide a minimum viable level of quality checks for content on Ansible Galaxy. One of the first steps we are taking is adopting molecule and ansible-lint as official Red Hat Ansible projects.

ansible-lint and molecule are great tools. They've been built and tested by the community that we see as essential parts of enhancing development of Ansible automation. By adopting these tools, Red Hat intends to invest resources working with the community to make them even better. We are very excited to integrate ansible-lint and molecule with the rest of the Ansible projects.

We would like to thank Cisco, specifically John Dewey, for their work on molecule. Cisco's willingness to transfer this project over to the Red Hat Ansible team lends great credence to their contributions to the open source ecosystem. We also want to thank Will Thames, the maintainer of ansible-lint, for his contributions developing a tool that has done so much for Playbook authors. We look forward to working with the communities that have made these projects what they are. We want to share further improvements with the broader Ansible community as well.

So what happens now? The repos will be migrated to the Ansible organization on GitHub. The transition and roadmap will be iterated on gradually. Ideally, the community will help guide our decision making as we go forward.

If you’re not familiar with these projects I encourage you to become more familiar with them and how they can make automating with Ansible even more simple and frictionless.!forum/molecule-users

Watch this space for more in the coming weeks and months.


Timothy Appnel
Senior Principal Product Manager
Red Hat 

GitHub: tima

Twitter: @appnelgroup

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Oct 22, 2018, 7:20:59 AM10/22/18
to Ansible Project


As previously announced, Ansible has adopted upstream maintenance for ansible-lint and Molecule. See Sept 26th mailing list post for the background.

What will change:

What will remain the same:

Timing and next steps

We will move the GitHub repos and make the associated updates the week of 29th October. Once the repo move has been completed and documentation has been rebuilt we will release new versions of both projects. We’ll send release announcements to the ansible-announce mailing list and to the relevant community lists.

What you will need to do after the changes:

  • If you've checked out the code for either project, you’ll need to update your git remote.

  • If you’re using Molecule from, you’ll need to to update your docker registry.

  • We’ll provide more details when the changes have been made.

To find out more

Subscribe to the ansible-announce mailing list

Kind regards,
John "gundalow" Barker
Ansible by Red Hat

[1] Note, that these new URLs will not exist till the move is complete

Pablo Daniel Estigarribia Davyt

Feb 7, 2019, 10:21:40 PM2/7/19
Hi all!

I think it was really excelent to have molecule adopted by ansible and I use it on all my linux roles.

Today I'm looking to have some way to use molecule to test my Windows roles too, at lease having driver with some cloud.

But I can't find any guide to go in this way.

Also checking some of the 180+ roles that appears in galaxy with windows platform:

I don't see any of them having a real test of windows deploy automated in any way.

For example, just picking randomly some of them:

This one has only syntax check:

And this one does nothing:

Have ansible core and windows people ever noticed it?

I think I and the ansible community needs help here, as I couldn't find any way to test my windows roles automatically yet.


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Pablo Estigarribia.

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