Ansible-4.5.0 has been released

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Toshio Kuratomi

Aug 31, 2021, 6:47:33 PMAug 31
to,, ansible-devel
Hi all,

We're happy to announce that the ansible-4.5.0 package has been
released! The update contains bugfixes and new, backwards compatible
features in the contained collections.

How to get it

Due to a limitation in pip, if you are upgrading from Ansible 3 (or
earlier), you need to uninstall Ansible and Ansible Base before
installing Ansible 4:

$ pip uninstall ansible ansible-base
$ pip install ansible==4.5.0 --user

The tar.gz of the release can be found here:

* Ansible 4.5.0
* SHA256: cc5352b2351a381015ece79eab783a1b0668f97b377810fed3c746e2f1d50db1

What's new in Ansible 4.5.0

* We've added a way to get the version of the Ansible package that is
installed programmatically:

$ python -c 'from ansible_collections.ansible_release import
ansible_version; print(ansible_version)'

* Collections which have opted into being a part of the Ansible-4
unified changelog will have an entry on this page:

* For collections which have not opted into the unified changelog,
consult the list of included collections in the link below and check
their entry on for information about their

* You can find more information for those on For instance, the community.crypto
collection listed in the ansible-4.4.0.deps file has a galaxy page at

* Changelog for ansible-core-2.11.4 which this release of ansible

What's the schedule for new Ansible releases after 4.5.0?

* Except for ansible-2.9.x, older versions of ansible are not seeing
maintenance releases. If there is a desire for maintenance releases
of older versions, drop by a Community Working Group Meeting to
discuss how you can help. ( )

* Maintenance releases of ansible-4.x will occur roughly every three
weeks. Expect 4.6.0 roughly on September 21.

* We're planning to release Ansible-5.0.0 at the end of November, 2021.

Porting Help

There's a unified porting guide for collections which have opted-in.
You can find that at:


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