New releases: ansible-core 2.11.2, ansible-base 2.10.11, ansible 2.9.23

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Rick Elrod

Jun 22, 2021, 10:23:38 AM6/22/21
Hi all- we're happy to announce the general release of ansible-core 2.11.2,
ansible-base 2.10.11, and ansible 2.9.23.

These releases fix a templating security issue, CVE-2021-3583, in addition
to several other bugs.

How to get it

$ pip install ansible-core==2.11.2 --user
$ pip install ansible-base==2.10.11 --user
$ pip install ansible==2.9.23 --user

The tar.gz of the releases can be found here:

* ansible-core 2.11.2
SHA256: 5ae4c3da765df08ce23f6315a6d48121c0090324fe0a9d305c85f362ff6bcaeb

* ansible-base 2.10.11
SHA256: bcf114d82a6a62659b43d498169a65cba948ca75bb4ef10e982956157167234b

* ansible 2.9.23
SHA256: b7ca0fac00dd09e11bf69eb40da1405881b466ad2adb88e7aee3e2387e66f9ad

What's new

This release is a maintenance release containing numerous bugfixes. The full
changelog is at:

* 2.11

* 2.10

* 2.9

What's the schedule for future maintenance releases?

The next batch of RC releases should be on or around Monday, 12 July 2021.

Porting Help

We've published a porting guide at
to help migrate your content to 2.11.

If you discover any errors or if any of your working playbooks break when you
upgrade to 2.11.2, please use the following link to report the regression:

In your issue, be sure to mention the version that works and the one that


-Rick Elrod

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