What can the association do about the lack of sports in schools?

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Jul 19, 2007, 6:28:48 AM7/19/07
to Annsgrove
What can the association do about the lack of sport in schools?
Donate sports equiptment. Train teachers to be knowledgeable
coaches ...

Send us your ideas to solve this problem...

GT Banna

Jul 25, 2007, 12:02:15 PM7/25/07
to Annsgrove
I understand that the play grounds are no in any shape for sports.
Basically, in the whole community there are only three "cow pastures"
in the five villages. What's with that? Perhaps the association will
make it's leadership available to the community in Guyana and get them
organized. After this is done the first stop should be the Ministry
of Education, second stop is district leaders and elected officials
and then the Ministry of sports and children welfare. In the mean
time, the assciation will serve the community best if i can create
some type of inter-school sport competition.
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