ANN: Annif 0.58 released

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Aug 4, 2022, 1:54:35 AMAug 4
to Annif Users

Annif 0.58 has been released!

This release introduces a new Simplemma analyzer, support for multiple configuration files in a directory, and support for Python 3.10; support for Python 3.7 is removed.

Simplemma is a lightweight multilingual lemmatizer, which currently supports 38 languages; an analyzer based on Simplemma is now implemented as a core feature of Annif. Using multiple project configuration files is made possible by implementing support for a project configuration directory: Annif reads all files matching pattern *.cfg and *.toml in the directory and merges their contents. The default name of the configuration directory is projects.d, but any directory can be selected with -p/--projects command option or ANNIF_PROJECTS environment variable.

Python 3.10 support is reached by updating multiple dependencies; retraining of existing projects should not be necessary. The language filtering optional feature is not yet available on Python 3.10, because of the lack of support of pycld3 for Python 3.10.

New features:

  • #584/#585 Support for multiple configuration files in a directory
  • #590/#591 Add simplemma analyzer


  • #589/#592 Add Python 3.10 support & update dependencies


  • #594 Upgrade Simplemma to version 0.7
  • #587 Update GitHub Actions
  • #588 Delete .coveragerc configuration file
  • #598 Pin flake8 to version 4.x to avoid pytest-flake8 breakage

Bug fixes:

  • #586 Fix readthedocs documentation builds
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