master to main branch migration for the ANGLE repo. Creating the main branch on May 12th.

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Jamie Madill

May 10, 2021, 5:08:16 PMMay 10
to angleproject
tl;dr The Chops Source team will move forward with the ANGLE git master to main branch migration. On May 12 we will create the new main branch for this repo.

Hello ANGLE project community,

We are moving forward with the master to main branch migration for the ANGLE repo.
Here is a brief description of the new/remaining stages for chromium/src migration along with ETAs:

Legacy state. This is the current state, i.e. the main branch does not exist.

Main branch is created. [May 12]. Master is kept in sync with it. CLs will start to be sent and submitted to main. New git clones will have main as their default branch. All existing CLs will be moved from master to main. CLs are still accepted in the master branch, but are redirected to main on upload. Tools and services should start pointing to main. Tools and service owners keep this in consideration for planning.

Master branch is stale/temporarily deleted. [TBD]. The purpose of this stage is to detect if there are more tools that need to be fixed. If that is the case the master branch is restored and synced to main, and we revert to the previous step.

Master branch deleted. [TBD].

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