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Chisan Gelu

Jan 25, 2023, 5:28:24 PMJan 25
to DroidScript
1.Native app are truly native (similar ReactNative) ???
2.Node App are truly native (similar ReactNative)???

4.Hybrid App in DroidScript   what means ??? Same Base Code for Multiple OS....????
Android Iphone Windows Mac ???

Alan Hendry

Jan 26, 2023, 3:38:12 PMJan 26
to DroidScript
When you create a new project app then you can choose native or html (or hybrid).
Native apps start with JavaScript and DS (they can include webviews which can be html and JavaScript), html projects start with html (and JavaScript) and can include DS. Hybrid is a proof of concept / stepping stone to which will allow coding on iOS and Android and Windows etc producing apps for all those platforms.
As far as I'm aware none of them compile into "native" (java machine code).
As far as I've seen other development tools require additional work to run on multiple platforms, but the intention with enjine is to avoid that. The latest versions of ds include hybrid and a layout tool (WYSIWYG) see the beta Google group (you probably need to be premium and a beta tester)
Regards, ah


Jan 26, 2023, 5:59:41 PMJan 26
to DroidScript
Here is a brief explanation of the different types of DS app:

Native Apps - Your code is executed in Android's V8 JavaScript engine and your UI is created using Android's native (built-in) UI components. 

HTML Apps - Your code and UI are executed in Android's V8 WebView using a combination of JavaScript, HTML and CSS (just like in a browser).

Node Apps - Your code is executed in the NodeJS V8 JavaScript engine and and your UI is created using Android's native UI components, plus you get the benefit of being able to make use of thousands of free and powerful NodeJS modules.

Hybrid Apps - Your code is executed in Android's V8 JavaScript engine and your UI is created programatically but rendered as pure HTML in a WebView.  You can make use of our WYSIWYG UI editor for rapid development as well having the advantage of being able to  transfer the bulk of your app to other platforms (using frameworks such as Electron and EnjineIO), since your UI is just HTML.

Probably the best of all worlds would be to create a Hybrid App and use the app.CreateNode() method to allow you to use NodeJS in a background thread (if required).  This is the closest match to what we are trying to achieve with, which is effectively our new multi-platform version of DS :)
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