Partition 8Gb, X86 find 16Gb. How is it possible ?

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Nov 18, 2020, 2:17:55 PM11/18/20
to Android-x86
New in the Android world, I don't  understand and i need your help.

I installed Android X86 9.0 R2 on my ASUS Transformer T101HA. 
Dual Boot Win10 64 bit / X86. 
64GB SDD disk. GPT partition table.

For this: 
- In Win10, I reduced 8gb the OS C:  partition to install X86. 
- Boot on the X86 installation USB key. 
- Create / Modify Partition Option. 
- Creation new partition on free space 8gb. 
I validate all the answers proposed by default. 
- The MMCBLK0P5 partition has been created. 7.8 GB, EXT4, Type 8300. 
- Installing X86 on MMCBLK0P5.
Everything is OK, except the progression of the installation that indicate  132% !!! 
- Boot Android X86. Everything is ok. 
But in Parameters / storage, x86 give 9,34gb used / 16GB ???
system 8,4GB, Applications 0.9GB. 

How is it possible? 
16 GB in an 8GB partition !!! 

I also tried in NTFS with a partition of 6GB, 
in this case x86 give 7,4gb used / 8gb !!! 
System 5,9GB Application 0.9GB. 

Someone has an idea? 
Thanks for your help.


Aug 25, 2022, 6:40:49 PMAug 25
to Android-x86
Hi, I'm back!!!
Anyone have an idea?

Installation of Android X86 in 10Go Ext4 GPT partition, dual boot with WIN10 SP3 still on my ASUS T101HA.

Results :
- For Android X86 9.0 R2 K49, the System shows in "Settings-Parameters/Storage" 9.11GB/16GB, System 8.2GB, Other Software 0.89GB
- For Android X86 9.0 R2,                                                                                                       9.63GB/16GB,         ,,     8.7GB,      ,,            ,,        0.89GB
- For Android X86 8.x,               same problem 

16GB ???
In the list of Other software, if I add the sizes of each program, I find 0.226 GB. How does X86 calculate 0.89GB?
After installation under Win10, the partition shows 10GB Ext4 GPT, used 3.10GB, free 6.90GB (but 16GB - 9,11GB = 6,89GB)

- For Android X86 7.1 R5 is worse !!!
"Settings-Parameters/Storage" shows 50.81GB Used / 58.24GB, System 48.52GB, App. 84.09MB, Others 2.2GB, Cache 644KB
58.24 GB is the total size of the disk !!!

So, is it a Bug or I didn't understand anything about Andoid's calculations ???
Why does X86 show a max storage of 16GB while the installation partition is 10GB ?
Why X86 shows 9,11GB used while the partition shows 3.10GB ?

The unit of measurement is different ?
Where does X86 look for this information ?
What will happen if I exceed 10GB of my partition since X86 allows 16GB ?
I would like to understand ...

What is the size of your system ?

Otherwise, X86 works except the SD card which is not detected !!!

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