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Chih-Wei Huang

Sep 8, 2016, 5:34:19 AM9/8/16
to Android-x86
Hi devs,
Since SourceForge refused to solve the
sync issues at,
I decided to move the git hosting to
OSDN that supports us promptly.

Now you can download android-x86 code
via git or http protocols:

git protocol
repo init -u git:// -b $branch

http protocol
repo init -u -b $branch

where $branch could be marshmallow-x86 or
nougat-x86. I'll push more older branches later.

For those who use the manifest from SF URL, you should be able to switch
to the new URL smoothly.
Just do the above 'repo init' command in your existing
android-x86 tree and then do 'repo sync'.

If you are using the manifest of,
you can still switch to the new URL.
But you may encounter the force-sync issue

error: Cannot fetch platform/build (GitError: --force-sync not
enabled; cannot overwrite a local work tree. If you're comfortable
with the possibility of losing the work tree's git metadata, use `repo
sync --force-sync build` to proceed.)

You need to add --force-sync option to 'repo sync'
to force sync it. But it will delete your local
repository so you will lose all local commits
and branches that are not published yet.
Make sure you've backed up the data you
want to keep before force sync. (what's why I
insist to keep our git url hierarchies as AOSP)

I'll try to keep the code synced between
OSDN and in the near future.
But I can't guarantee to do it forever.
Please switch to the new OSDN URL
as soon as possible.

Android-x86 project

shridutt kothari

Sep 12, 2016, 11:11:36 PM9/12/16
to Android-x86
Thanks for the update.

Any ETA for KitKat on osdn??

Shridutt Kothari
Impetus Infotech India Ltd.

shridutt kothari

Sep 13, 2016, 6:02:06 AM9/13/16
to Android-x86
Hi Chih-Wei,

Please can you upload Android 4.4_r5 (KitKat-x86) on OSDN server? as we are trying to download it from servers but it's completely broken, and we could not fetch complete code from it and are stuck with it, 

Shridutt Kothari

Chih-Wei Huang

Sep 14, 2016, 1:03:43 PM9/14/16
to Android-x86
2016-09-13 13:13 GMT+08:00 shridutt kothari <>:
> Hi Chih-Wei,
> Please can you upload Android 4.4_r5 (KitKat-x86) on OSDN server? as we are
> trying to download it from servers but it's completely broken, and we
> could not fetch complete code from it and are stuck with it,

I've pushed the kitkat-x86 branch to OSDN.
You can try to sync it now.

youling 257

Sep 16, 2016, 9:58:29 AM9/16/16
to Android-x86
i didn"t want make iso_img , i using make kernel TARGET_PRODUCT=android_x86 , only get out/target/product/x86/kernel, how to get 
out/target/product/x86/system/lib/modules/ ? i didn"t want make iso_img
在 2016年9月15日星期四 UTC+8上午1:03:43,Chih-Wei Huang写道:

youling 257

Sep 19, 2016, 5:21:58 PM9/19/16
to Android-x86
i need make targz-pkg -i rules for myself, how to edit ?

在 2016年9月16日星期五 UTC+8下午9:58:29,youling 257写道:

Dmitry Abramov

Sep 27, 2016, 10:38:39 AM9/27/16
to Android-x86


Chih-Wei Huang

Sep 28, 2016, 2:03:19 AM9/28/16
to Android-x86
OSDN has supported multiple git path aliases now.
So you don't need that commit.
Just sync again.

Geek Till It Hertz

Oct 14, 2016, 8:22:55 PM10/14/16
to Android-x86 development,
hi, can you please update it here

PS: sf was giving a bunch of "fatal could not read: connection reset by peer" error idk why, but osdn work fine.
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