Screen record not working or extremly low fps.

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Aug 2, 2022, 7:06:10 PMAug 2
to Android-x86

I installed Android-x86 32bit 5/6/7 on an old computer and unfortunately I couldn't record the screen.

App from the market either fell or gave out very low fps.
screenrecord - also extremely low fps.

In the discussions, I found a similar case, but without an answer.

He was using 64 bit, I'm using 32 bit, so it's probably not sse4. (I am using socket 775)
From the links, I think that his gpu is GeForce GT 210 - 1GB
, I use geforce 9600gt 512M

Also I found this -

Surface Pro 3/ Android-x86 7.1-r2
It tablet uses HD Graphics 4400/4200/5000

And if believe it, then 9600 is not so bad.

But the recording goes on Surface Pro 3, GeForce9600 - none.

YouTube videos 1080p play fine. Games incredibly stable and fast!
Converting an arbitrary file to another format shows a good result.
mp4 h264 1280x720 -> mp4  h264 1280x720 = about 30 fps
Android "about tablet" display:
GL Vendor: nouveau
GL Renderer: NV94
Gl Version: OpenGL ES 3.0 Mesa 18.3.6 (git-4278458146)

I built test application which using MediaProjection/ImageReader.
android 5 (virtualbox) -             successfully! RGBA_8888
android 6 (virtualbox logcat) - "Producer output buffer format: 0x5, ImageReader configured format:" any of 0-256
android 7 (vbox, hw) -                nothing even in logcat
android 9 (vbox  logcat) -          Producer output buffer format: 0x5, ImageReader configured format: ANY

Is there a way for me to record video screen on android 7 without sound 20-24-30 fps for me?
Or maybe take screenshots on 20 fps/sec and save them?

İlhan Atahan

Aug 6, 2022, 3:51:29 AMAug 6
to Android-x86
This is an expected behaviour on nvidia GPUs, due to there is no way to use proprietary GPU drivers in android-x86,
Android-x86 uses Nouveau to utilize Nvidia GPUs, so support for nvidia GPUs are poor.

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