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huang stanley

Jun 3, 2012, 11:22:09 PM6/3/12
to android-porting
Dear all:


Just a simple question,
"Android 4.0.3 R3 Compatibility Test Suite (CTS)" remove the Audio
Quality Verifier test tool.

Do you know WHY android remove the Audio Quality Verifier tool on CTS
(android 4.0.3) ???

CTS - Audio Quality Verifier tool exist on Android 2.3, but remove on
Android 4.0.3.



Jun 6, 2012, 2:19:19 AM6/6/12
to android-porting
Hi ,
Does this mean, we can conviniently leave out execution of AUdio
Quality in R3 CTS verifier.
But, in the next releases will this be totally absent or we have new
set of test cases for the same?
Also, please let me know, how should we present the results of
Verifier for certification? Currenlty, i am able to generate a xml
file.WIth the supporting image files as CTS, will i be able to open
the .xml file in a browser?
Please advice.

Chandrakala K

On Jun 5, 10:19 pm, Guru Nagarajan <gurunagara...@google.com> wrote:
> Hello Stanley,
>   We are replacing the Audio Quality Verifier test tool in the coming
> weeks. We have removed it in ICS and intend to do so in Gingerbread as
> well. At the time of the CTS Verifier release update the change to remove
> the tool was not included. You can ignore the audio quality verifier in the
> Gingerbread CTS Verifier r3.
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