Porting android to the Palm TX

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Jun 23, 2010, 1:26:43 PM6/23/10
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I am attempting to port android to my Palm TX. I downloaded a RootFS
from http://www.mask.org.tw/demo.htm, as that said it was for the PXA
270 which is the processor that is in the Palm TX. Then I downloaded
a Kernel from an earlier discussion on porting android to the Treo
650, unfortunately that discussion did not have any valid links to a
RootFS. So I partitioned my 8gb SDHC card and put the root file
system on one partition and cocoboot and the kernel on another. then I
when I hit boot get "Warning: Unable to open initial console"
Then some open space

then A N D R O I D

Then I get all these cannot find file errors like:
Init: cannot find '//system/bin/debuggerd', disabling 'debuggerd'

I am not running a debugger on my computer which might be a problem.
but I get stuff like that for 'playmp3' then I go in and check to see
if those files are there and they are.

Please help,
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