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android-platform is for technical discussion of the internals of the AOSP distribution
The following are off-topic:
 - distributions other than AOSP
 - building for AOSP-supported build targets; see android-building
 - porting to non-AOSP-supported build targets; see android-porting
 - repo and Gerrit; see repo-discuss
 - CTS and CDD; see android-compatibility
 - add-on applications and proprietary services not included in the AOSP platform distribution 
 - NDK and native C/C++ app development; see android-ndk
 - proprietary apps or features beyond AOSP
 - high-level app development; see other resources such as Stack Overflow etc.
 - bugs and feature requests; see Reporting Bugs
 - empty, me too, class assignments without effort, non-technical, commercial, recruiting, lobbying, spam, flamebait, philosophical, etc.
 - multiple posts of similar content; this is a moderated group so please wait for moderation rather than re-posting
 - cross-posts; pick the one best group rather than posting to multiple groups; this includes re-posting of Stack Overflow questions
 - inappropriate language or non-constructive criticism
 - replies to inactive threads, or replies that introduce unrelated topics
 - questions about release schedules and unannounced features