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Andrey Pavlenko

Jan 17, 2013, 2:57:07 AM1/17/13
We have in plans the creation of docs for Java-specific OpenCV classes.
For now let me share a short description of  `MatOfXxx` Java classes here:

`MatOfXxx` classes (e.g. `MatOfPoint`) were introduced to avoid redundant copying of intermediate data between Java and native memory.
E.g. you can get some large set of Points as the result of one OpenCV function and then pass it to another one.
In C++ we use `std::vector<cv::Point>` for this. But use of `ArrayList<org.opencv.core.Point>` in Java caused copying all the Points data from native OpenCV level to Java when returning these Points and copying them back when calling the next OpenCV function using them.
So for the sake of efficiency we switched to use of `MatOfPoint` class in such cases that is a kind of `Mat` of 1*n or n*1 dimensions that keeps a Point in each element (i.e. of type CV_32SC2 or CV_64FC2). 
As you may know, `Mat` keeps all the data on native level, so such objects can be passed between OpenCV calls without data copying.
But if in your Java code at some point you need direct access to actual Points data there are `toArray()` and `fromArray` methods to explicit transfer data to/from Java.

So turning back to your particular question, to create a `MatOfPoint2f` containing the points corresponding to ones from existing `MatOfKeyPoint` you need:
1. load KeyPoints to Java via `MatOfKeyPoint.toArray()`
2. iterate through `KeyPoint[]` and create a corresponding `Point[]` (all of `cv::Point`, `cv::Point2f` and `cv::Point2d` are represented as `org.opencv.core.Point` in Java)
3. use `MatOfPoint2f.fromArray()` or c-tor `MatOfPoint2f(`to put your Points to native level
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