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Jan 31, 2022, 7:50:12 PMJan 31
to android-ndk
Hello everyone!

I do not know yet if this is a real bug or a permission issue on my part which is why I post it here. Hopefully someone can help shed some light on my issue.

General problem

I have access internal storage file through the Android permission plugin using cordova on API level 29. We have download PDF file from path and stored into in folder and after then will open the same file using file opener plugin. 

Currently we are trying same accessing file system but not able to access on Android OS 11 (API 30).

Expected behavior

I have download PDF file from path to stored into the storage that is working properly on API level 29 so that should be work on API 30.  

  • Cordova 10
  • Android Studio 4.2.1
  • API level 30

Please help me for the some in case if required any extra permission or any other plugin required for API level 30

Capital Market Publishers

Luiz Valdetaro

Feb 1, 2022, 9:24:05 AMFeb 1
to andro...@googlegroups.com
If you have control to where to download it, download the PDF into th app's folder on the external storage.

If you don't have that control, or you must have it in the downloads folder, you got some work to do.

Access to external storage on API 30 now must be thru scoped storage. In my own app, I gave up on trying to access via native calls, and instead did it thru Java/Kotlin. then copy it into an area where I can access from C. There's plenty of documentation on how to do. It is not trivial, unfortunately.

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