Playing proprietary H.264/AAC stream on Android 3.x (XOOM)

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May 18, 2011, 4:04:03 AM5/18/11
to Android Media Developers
We have an application that streams H.264/AAC media using our
proprietary P2P protocol. We want to render the stream in the most
efficient way (i.e. using standard android player and hardware
codecs). We currently have this working by implementing a local RTSP
server (Live555 lib) and its working ok. The problem is that now we
want to support adaptive bitrate and we cannot smoothly switch the
RTSP stream from one bitrate/encoding to the other.

On iOS we do the same trick using HLS but without using a variant
playlist. When we want to switch bitrate/encoding we mark a
discontinuity point and then the next segment is using the new
encoding. The HLS RFC actually define this behavior. On Android when
we do this the audio continues and the video stops. On 3.0 you even
need to reboot the XOOM after this in order to have any video, on 3.1
it just stops.

Any idea how to manage to do this local streaming trick and switch
encoding on the fly?

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