Are kernel panics stored for analysis in Android?

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Stoddard Robert-JWND84

Nov 26, 2008, 10:39:19 AM11/26/08
I work for Motorola, and we're using Android for a number of new projects.  One of the big policies that we've got is that we like to keep panic information for analysis. 
We would like to keep panic data for later relaying back to the company when our testers and other employees get kernel panics.  The unfortunate side of kernel panics
is that they never happen right when you want them to-  usually they happen when you're not at work.  Usually all the good information about what's going on goes *POOF* shortly
afterwards, leaving us with no clue as to what happened.  Please note, I have not yet suffered a kernel panic, I have been asked to work on this as a preemptive measure.
I looked at the kernel/panic.c file and didn't see anything new or interesting added to the kernel, but that doesn't mean that it's not hiding somewhere else.  I also searched the documentation for "panic" and found nothing.
So the big question:   Does Android have a mechanism for saving panic data to flash?  
Thank you for your assistance,
Rob Stoddard
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