Don't be evil, be accessible

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Mar 9, 2008, 7:01:28 AM3/9/08
Dear Dan Morrill, Dear API developers, dear OHA members,

As it seems, there are currently no plans to build an Android API for
accessibility issues. That's a pitty, because this will exclude some groups
of users from the Android platform. E.g. for a screen reader development for
blind users such an API is probably necessary.

This question is particullary political. In many countries there are legal
constraints that shall give disabled citizens more chances to use the great
possibilities of e-revolution. I believe and hope, there will be more social
and media pressure to global vendors and manufacturers in the future. Google
and some of the OHA members should have the resources and the knowledge to
start a small project for that. If there are important reasons against that,
Google and the OHA should disclose an official or inofficial statement about
the topic at least.

Accessibility is also a helpful way to improve the usability for all users.
There are many web sources speaking for this argument. Accessibility could
be useful for public relations and to show responsibility for society as
well. Btw, it will exploit new groups of customers on a global scale.

Don't be evil, be accessible. :-) Don't exclude disabled people.

Best regards, Per

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