My Pixel 3 XL touch panel doesn't work after the kernel has been replaced

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Chingbin Li

Dec 14, 2021, 2:49:20 PM12/14/21
to Android Building

I build a 'crosshatch' kernel by excuting

build/ -j20

Also, for improving the building speed, i disable the LTO (Link time optimization) feature by
add the following content to build.config file:

POST_DEFCONFIG_CMDS="check_defconfig && update_debug_config"
function update_debug_config() {
    ${KERNEL_DIR}/scripts/config --file ${OUT_DIR}/.config \
         -d LTO \
         -d LTO_CLANG \
         -d CFI \
         -d CFI_PERMISSIVE \
         -d CFI_CLANG
    (cd ${OUT_DIR} && \
     make O=${OUT_DIR} $archsubarch CC=${CC} CROSS_COMPILE=${CROSS_COMPILE} olddefconfig)

So, after flash the new boot.img to my Pixel 3 XL, i found that the touch panel didn't work any more.

Before this step, I build my Image.lz4-dtb with the LTO feature. and every thing  just worked well.

So any suggestions about this situation ?????

Thanks a lot .


Jan 13, 2022, 5:43:42 PM1/13/22
to Android Building


Maybe you can try the following method:
1. find the ko in `dist`, like `out/android-msm-floral-4.14/dist
2. execute `adb remount -R`(need root permission), the first time to execute it will cause once reboot, so you need execute this command again.
3. use adb to push all `.ko` files which in  to `/vendor/lib/modules/` (need root permission)
4. reboot device
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