cc_prebuilt_library_shared is not taking SRC from cc_defaults

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Raghvendra Mahajan

Dec 22, 2022, 5:58:05 PM12/22/22
to Android Building

I am trying to use cc_prebuilt_library_shared for shared library. In that SRC i want to use as conditional. so for this i have used cc_defaults.

tuner_presctrl_common_SharedLib_preset {
  name: "tuner_presctrl_common_SharedLib_preset"

cc_prebuilt_library_shared {
    name: "libTuner",
    defaults : ["tuner_presctrl_common_SharedLib_preset"],
    compile_multilib: "64",
    proprietary: true,
    strip: {
        none: true

GO file

func frame_SharedLib_SRCS(ctx android.BaseContext) ([] string) {
    var srcs []string
    var TUNER_BUILD_TARGET = ctx.AConfig().Getenv("TARGET_PRODUCT")
    srcs = append(srcs, "device/" + TUNER_BUILD_TARGET + "/etc/")
    return srcs

func myPrebuiltSharedLib(ctx android.LoadHookContext) {

  type props struct {
    Srcs            []string
    p := &props{}
    p.Srcs        = frame_SharedLib_SRCS(ctx)
    fmt.Printf("Shared Lib path is... %s\n", p.Srcs)


func myPrebuiltzSharedLibFactory() android.Module {
    module := cc.DefaultsFactory()
    android.AddLoadHook(module, myPrebuiltSharedLib)

    return module

func init() {
    android.RegisterModuleType("tuner_presctrl_common_SharedLib_preset", myPrebuiltzSharedLibFactory)

but i am getting below error:

[ 49% 1508/3033] //vendor/harman/hardware/tuner/harman_tuner_hal:vendor.harman.tuner-service-tml link vendor.harman.tuner-service
FAILED: out/soong/.intermediates/vendor/harman/hardware/tuner/harman_tuner_hal/vendor.harman.tuner-service-tml/android_vendor.30_arm64_armv8-a/vendor.harman.tuner-service
echo "module vendor.harman.tuner-service-tml missing dependencies: libTuner" && false
module vendor.harman.tuner-service-tml missing dependencies: libTuner
[ 50% 1538/3033] //bionic/libc:libc.llndk versioner preprocess include
warning: attempted to generate guard with empty availability: obsoleted = 21
warning: attempted to generate guard with empty availability: obsoleted = 23
05:36:35 ninja failed with: exit status 1

Please help to resolve the problem
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