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May 17, 2022, 9:08:56 PMMay 17
to Android Building
red@Red-LINUX:~/source$ lunch

You're building on Linux

Warning: Cannot display lunch menu.

Note: You can invoke lunch with an explicit target:

  usage: lunch [target]

Which would you like? [aosp_arm-eng]
Pick from common choices above (e.g. 13) or specify your own (e.g. aosp_barbet-eng):
/home/red/source/build/soong/scripts/microfactory.bash: line 66: /home/red/source/build/blueprint/microfactory/microfactory.bash: No such file or directory

It says no file or directory, but why?! Sorry I am beginner, I probably did something wrong...

Dan Willemsen

May 17, 2022, 9:16:17 PMMay 17
to android-...@googlegroups.com
Did your `repo sync` finish successfully? It sounds like the build/blueprint project is missing or corrupted.

- Dan

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