Struggling to build aapt/aapt2

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Connor Tumbleson

May 14, 2024, 11:00:51 AMMay 14
to Android Building

After my last sync I knew something was off - I missed the announcement of master to main. So I swapped out the entire tree and re-synced (-c -j8).

└─$ repo sync -c -j8
Fetching: 100% (1376/1376), done in 1m12.709s
Checking out: 100% (1376/1376), done in 21.502s
repo sync has finished successfully.

Once done I did my classic.

source build/
m aapt
m aapt2

This failed immediately with

> build/make/core/ error: No release config set for target; please set TARGET_RELEASE, or if building on the command line use 'lunch <target>-<release>-<build_type>', where release is one of: next protobuf_flags trunk
trunk_food trunk_staging.

So I thought I would do "lunch sdk-eng" which failed

Invalid lunch combo: sdk-eng
Valid combos must be of the form <product>-<release>-<variant>

So I try lunch sdk-trunk-eng which fails, so then I try and run "lunch" to figure out what I'm missing

└─$ lunch

You're building on Linux
Warning: Cannot display lunch menu.

I'm just lost - all I want to do is build aapt & aapt2 and I'm struggling.

Anurag Kumar

May 14, 2024, 11:22:39 AMMay 14
google changed lunching a little bit, instead of release variant "trunk" do "ap1a"
like this: sdk-ap1a-eng

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Anurag Kumar

May 14, 2024, 11:22:51 AMMay 14
or you can try lunch sdk-trunk_staging-eng

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May 14, 2024, 12:06:35 PMMay 14
yeah, the format of lunches changed recently. it's pretty annoying
(and i don't think there's any high-level documentation of what it
means or why).

but if you look at (say) you can see
a new lunch that _does_ work (which is basically following the advice
from the error message, but contains a concrete example of what a
new-format lunch looks like).

Connor Tumbleson

May 21, 2024, 11:31:38 AMMay 21
to Android Building
Thanks, but I don't have much luck with either option.

I see you got ap1a from the latest build ids. That resulted in

> build/make/core/ error: release-config failed to run.
> 06:16:58 dumpvars failed with: exit status 1

It worked well with trunk_staging, but failed compilation of aapt (or aapt2) with so many errors about undefined modules.

> error: external/kotlinx.coroutines/Android.bp:239:1: "kotlinx_coroutines_reactive" depends on undefined module "rxjava".
> Or did you mean ["guava" "javap" "xz-java"]?
> error: tools/tradefederation/core/aoa_helper/Android.bp:19:1: "aoa-helper" depends on undefined module "jna-prebuilt".
> Or did you mean ["json-prebuilt"]?
> error: external/dokka/Android.bp:38:1: "dokka" depends on undefined module "dokka-tools-common-m2-deps".
+ 20 more

In the past - I didn't really have to invoke lunch at all. I could run envsetup, then just run "m aapt". Do you know what the default target was prior to being required to invoking lunch?
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