ninja error while upgrading external/v8 in Nougat due to Android.bp

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Saurabh Banore

Sep 14, 2021, 7:19:50 PM9/14/21
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Hello All,

I am upgrading one of the Nougat libraries - external/v8 and I am facing the following error when I try to build the changes in external/v8 with the comand mma

ninja: error: unknown target 'MODULES-IN-external-v8', did you mean 'MODULES-IN-external-iw'?

The changes required for upgrading are replacing the with Android.bp. When checked about error, I understood that the Android.bp from the external/v8 is not getting loaded. I have verified that the Android.bp in the top level directory contains:

optional_subdirs = [

Instead of external/*, I also tried using external/v8, external/v8/*  but still the Android.bp won't get loaded.

Is there anything else I am missing? Could anyone please provide any pointers on how to debug this further?

Dan Willemsen

Sep 14, 2021, 7:25:06 PM9/14/21
Android.bp (and the Soong build system in general) wasn't really supported until Android-O, so an Android.bp will be ignored in Nougat. (There was some prototype support in Nougat under a USE_SOONG flag, but I really doubt that'll work for you)

- Dan

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