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Oct 26, 2021, 4:32:17 PM10/26/21
to Android Building
Hi everyone,

I'm interacted on the compiling time for AOSP project in different systems.

If you have the time to share some results about building time and you system information to be a reference for anyone please do.

I will start:
AOSP: Android 11
CPU: i7-8550U
RAM: 32G and 16G swap
Disk: HDD
Time for full clean compile: 6~7h

For me there is huge bottleneck because the HDD.

William Durham

Oct 27, 2021, 6:51:02 AM10/27/21
With a SN550 1tb nvme home directory and 500gb nvme for my out directory, core i5 10600k, 32gb ram, from a fresh sync, no ccache, its 2hrs or so here

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Dan Willemsen

Oct 27, 2021, 7:12:45 AM10/27/21
Most of the time you probably should be doing incremental builds instead of clean builds (it's very rare to see incremental build issues anymore), so clean build numbers should be somewhat less important than they used to be. If you're interested in diving into your build's performance, we've got some documentation at build/soong/docs/

I'll post some numbers tomorrow about what we see at Google, but a few more important pieces of information for anyone sharing:
  • What branch you checked out (master around X date, android tagged release, etc)
  • Which product and variant you're building (aosp_arm64-userdebug can be very different from aosp_arm-eng, others can be even more different)
  • What you're building (`m sync` is faster than `m [droid]` which is faster than `m dist`)
  • Any other options you may be providing to the build (there are options to turn on code coverage analysis, clang-tidy, errorprone, etc -- all of these add more work)
Even with the same source tree and machine, you can easily get at least a 2-3x spread in build times with different products, targets, and options.

- Dan

Adarsh K

Nov 8, 2021, 5:15:35 PM11/8/21
to Android Building
I built lineage os 18 on my potato pc with
R3 3200G(4C 4T) 
500GB Nvme
In 6 hrs. 

I gave 16GB SWAP but it barely used 3GB

Like you said, that HDD you use is a huge bottleneck. 

Eduardo Soares de Moraes

Nov 9, 2021, 2:44:10 PM11/9/21
to Android Building
Hi there.

are you using a notebook or some other laptop? I'm sure HDD (NVME or IDE/SATA) doesn't make much difference. switch to a processor that does not end in a "U"
I recommend doing clean builds only once a month or every time you change something really important. incremental builds are enough.

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