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Apr 23, 2008, 7:10:59 PM4/23/08
Hi Elise,

I have a couple of changes as listed below;

I think you need to mention that this matter exist in ANC5B04 and
Commisioner Woodland as the commisioner. It should reflect the commisioner
and commision area for future reference. It would make things clear if
another commissioner should hold the position of ANC5B04. It will also
indicate what single member district the matter resides. When the city
re-district, this location could be moved to another single member district
and confusion could arise. It better to be clear now.

The other is a simple typo under ii. " tto this location,".


Original Message:
From: Elise Bernard
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 13:17:46 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [ANC 5B] Draft minutes 4/3/08 ANC5B Public Meeting

Public Meeting
Washington Center for Aging Services
2601 18th Street, NE

Minutes April 3, 2008

I. CALL TO ORDER.........................................Chairperson William C. Shelton

II. DETERMINATION OF A QUORUM...........................Recording Secretary
Elise Bernard
Commissioners Present: Shelton [01], Brown-Daniels [02], Chandler
[03], Woodland [04], Davis [05], Bernard [08], Manning [9], Henderson

Commissioners Absent: Lawson [06], Hooper [07], Myers [11], Paul [12]
8/12 commissioners present.
Finding of Quorum made by Secretary Bernard
Seconded by Commissioner Henderson

Commissioner Shelton announced that Commissioner Paul [12] will be
resigning effective next week.

a. Vicky Burrier, R.N. and Chris Collins, R.N. on behalf of the
Dialysis Center
i. The two women have roughly 25 years of experience each as
nurses. The Center is owned and operated by doctors and nurses. They
have a Certificate of Need on file for 1730 Hamlin Street, NE. They
recently [2 weeks ago] entered into a lease on this same property. The
Center will be open 6 days a week from either 6am-6pm, or maybe 9pm.
The capacity would be 100 patients a day, or more to the extent that
the Center offers training for home self-care. It will be a 24 station
facility featuring all new equipment, and a parking lot to accommodate
patrons. They are planning for some patrons to use a pick-up van, so
not all patients will drive. The lot will be secure and most patients
will visit during the day.
ii. At this point in the meeting it became clear that 1730 Hamlin
Street was
also the address on a letter circulated to the commissioners just
prior to the meeting regarding the possible taking of the property by
eminent domain. The Center had been made aware of the situation only
24 hours prior to this meeting. The letter was circulated, and
written, by the property owner, a Mr. Guang Jing Li, who had also sent
copies to various city agencies. It was unclear how far the process
may have progressed. The property owner's real estate agent also
spoke, assuring all that he had not been aware of the Center's lease,
and had clean hands in the matter. Commissioner Woodland also spoke
briefly on the matter and discussion ensued. Apparently the proposed
city use of 1730 Hamlin Street is a new fire station. A fire station
currently exists in close proximity tto this location, and the idea is
that it would be relocated and rebuilt because the current station is
in disrepair. The matter was tabled due to the unclear status of the
b. Aleizha Batson and other representatives [including contractors]
spoke on
behalf of the Washington Area Sewer Authority [WASA]
i. This project is related to DC's combined sewer overflow system.
involves the design of a massive underground tunnel reservoir to
accommodate the sewer overflow. This is a very long-term project, that
is moving into phase 1. Construction will not start until 2012, and is
projected to continue until 2025. At this time the project involves
the taking of test borings. Such borings, although they will be deep,
will involve small surface cuts and minimal disruptions to traffic.
Some locations for the borings are Florida and Benning Road, and
Holbrook and Queen. The anticipated cost for the entire project is 1.3
billion dollars. This is required pursuant to an EPA mandate and DC
and the federal government will share the bill. The plan calls for
everything to continue to run through the current Blue Plains
treatment facility, which can handle 370 gallons of waste a day.
Public rate meetings will be held June 11th 6:30pm-8:30pm and June
23rd 10am-12pm. The chosen contractor has gained experience on
multiple projects of this type as other cities move towards
c. Mr. Hall, a resident of Ward 5 asked why the Councilmember's
office isn't
dealing with issues that have been around since Vincent Orange held
the office.
d. A barbershop owner from Bladensburg and Douglas appeared to seek
ANC support for his parking plan and also mentioned that he wants to
add residential units upstairs. No information was presented on the
zoning of the property. The matter was tabled until more information
could be obtained and the gentleman was told to speak with his local
commissioner regarding community input on the matter.
a. No officer was present to deliver the public safety report.

a. Motion by Commissioner Davis
b. Seconded by Commissioner Brown-Daniels
c. Motion passed. 8 commissioners in favor and none opposed.
a. Motion to adjourn by Commissioner Shelton
b. Seconded by Commissioner Woodland
c. Motion passed. 8 commissioners in favor and none opposed.

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