Society Expects Your Guidance

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Society Expects Your Guidance :

One thing that I want to say is that our human society is to move forward. Movement is the order of life, movement is the order of society. But common people do not know how to do, what to do, what is the destination. They want guidance. They want guidance from certain people whom they respect, whom they accept as their object of adoration. They respect those people because of their high moral conduct, because of their highly-developed intellectual standard…

The preceptor of the society leads, and when the condition of social peace gets very degenerated, very depraved, at that time if those preceptors or those sadvipras [spiritual revolutionaries] cannot rectify the order, free the society from so many physical and psychic ailments, at that time the Mahásambhúti comes. But when the Mahásambhúti comes or when the Mahásambhúti doesn’t come, there must be certain leading personalities in the society who will be conducting the mass, who will be giving proper guidance to the ignorant –not only ignorant, but oppressed and suppressed –persons. We say Ácarańát pát́hayati iti ácáryah –“Those who teach by their own conduct are ácáryas.”Society requires this type of leader. You boys and you girls, you are to establish yourselves as developed human beings and as blessed with the glory of human excellence at the helm of every affair. Society will recognize you because of your service, because of your sacrifice. And not only that, everybody is expecting that they will get your help, your assistance, your guidance, when there is a dire necessity for the same. You boys and you girls, you should know that I solely depend on you for the translation of our lofty ideology. 

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
29 October 1979, Varanasi
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