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Eriska Prasetiowati

Mar 22, 2024, 6:24:35 PMMar 22
to AMPL Modeling Language
Hello, can you help me to fix my problem. I am going to explain a part of the problem:
var X {i in DemandSites, j in Sites} binary; #candidate_location
var Xjk {j in Sites, k in Types} binary; #station type
var F {k in Types} >= 0; #auxiliary variable of total cost

I would like to optimize location model to minimize cost.

minimize Total_Cost: sum {i in DemandSites, j in Sites, k in Types} F[k} * Xjk[j,k];constraint
subject to Constraint_coverage {i in DemandSites} :
    sum {j in Sites} d[i,j] * X [i,j] >= demand[i]; #d[i,j]_distance

subject to Constraint3 {j in Sites, k in Types}:
    Xjk[j,k] * F[k] <= Cmax;

subject to One_Type_Per_Location {i in DemandSites, j in Sites}:
    sum{k in Types} Xjk[j,k] = 1;

subject to dem {i in DemandSites}:
    sum {j in Sites} X[i,j] = 1;
My problem is the result of Xjk or the selected station type is type number 1. Why this problem happens. I expected there are different types in different location. Please help me solve this problem.Thanks

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Mar 23, 2024, 4:45:55 PMMar 23
to AMPL Modeling Language
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