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Welcome to the Ambivalence Research Collective!

The aim of the ARC is to provide a central space where researchers interested in ambivalence can exchange information, ask questions, and share ideas.  The ARC is open to anyone who is interested, regardless of discpline or position. For now, the ARC takes the form of a forum, where you can create posts on the things you want to share with others.

To structure the posts, I came up with some prefixes that we can use to make clear what the post is roughly about, please use when your post fits the prefixes broadly:

[PAPER] - you post a (new) paper
[QUESTION] - you have a question with regards to ambivalence research, for instance about analyses, measurements or related.
[COLLABORATION] - you are looking for one or more collaboration partners
[REQUEST] - you have a request for something (data, papers, measures)
[IDEA] - to discuss an idea you have
[EVENT] - there is an event that you wish to share with the other members
[MEDIA] - mentions of ambivalence in the media

If your post does not fit any of this, feel free to create your own topic. We will just have to see how well this works as we go along. You can also add multiple tags to the posts.

Additionally, the ARC has only just started and aso far has one person managing it, me, Iris K Schneider (, - please let me know if you are interested in helping me manage this or have ideas for its growth and use! Also, feel free to share this link with others who may be interested.

If you have any questions about this group, feel free to contact the group admin (also me, If you have a Gmail account, you can sign in and request to join. If you are having difficulties, just contact me.