Can I get any advice about the error rising when I tried to use AltAnalyze?

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Joung-hwan Oh

Jul 7, 2020, 12:04:39 AM7/7/20

Dear Dr. Nathan Salomonis.

I'm reading your paper about Human Cell Atlas - "The Human Cell Atlas bone marrow single-cell interactive web portal", Experimental Hematology, 2018

And I'm tyring to following your procedure using your tools, AltAnalyze, following the supplementary document.

But when I tried to the first command, I met the error like bellow.


$python --species Hs --update Official --version EnsMart72 --additional all

Using the Config location: /home/redohyi/singleCell01/altanalyze-master/Config//report.log
Options.txt found in local Config =  True ...confirmed found

Running commandline options

Arguments input: ['', '--species', 'Hs', '--update', 'Official', '--version', 'EnsMart72', '--additional', 'all']

Current database version: EnsMart72 --species Hs --update Official --version EnsMart72 --additional all
Downloading the following file: species_all.txt  

Downloading the following file: source_data.txt  

Downloading the following file: array_versions.txt  

Finished downloading the latest configuration files.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 8429, in runCommandLineVersion
  File "", line 7949, in commandLineRun
    species_full = species_names[species]
KeyError: 'Hs'


My sysmtem is ...

Ubuntu 19.10

conda 4.8.3

Python 2.7.16 :: Anaconda , Inc

Can I get any information about this issue?

Thank you.




Joung-hwan Oh, Ph.D. 

Laboratory of Computational Biology

School of Biological Sciences

College of Natural Sciences, 

Seoul National University, 

Building 504, Room#402, 1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu,

Seoul, 08826, Republic of KOREA

Phone: +82-2-880-4265 (lab), +82-10-7417-0518 (mobile)


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