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Cries from the Gulag, No. 16, 2022

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Jethro Bodine

Dec 9, 2022, 5:23:14 PM12/9/22
James N. Dawson
P.O. Box 950
Spokane, WA 99210

Issue 16, November, 2022

Prisons have many rules about what a prisoner can get in the mail, too many to list here. Generally, stickers and metal clasp envelopes are not allowed. Some now are only accepting white envelopes and paper. Some only accept two double-sided pages plus one one-sided page per mailing. Yes, it’s crazy and oppressive. Keep mailings simple---just your letter and/or your zine---to increase the chance it won't get returned. Anything too extreme---e.g., violence, porn....may get rejected. I hope you'll find a few people to write to in this list. It will be going out mostly to non-prisoners because most prisoners can't write to other prisoners, but I may send it to a few prisoners on a case by case basis.

I'll be posting this in several text boxes on the Internet, as blogs, forum entries, etc., as many as I can think of, as I think of them. I encourage reposting and/or sharing by others anywhere you can that's appropriate. I will also be formatting to a Word document and converting to a paper document, which I'll send through the mail sporadically, perhaps about 100 copies. I encourage others to do the same and feel free to reformat, change font, and add any graphics you'd like. Duplicate and Distribute!

Please always use caution when contacting anyone you don't know.

Thanks in advance for any support you can give this project.

I’M 43, D.O.B. 6-27-78, 6’, 185 lbs., black hair, brown eyes and bi-racial. I’m very open-minded and very humble. I like to talk about everything and I’m very interested in learning about different people. Jason Wayne McBride TOCJ-10#02139484, Allan B. Polunsky Unit, 3872, F.M., 350 South, Livingston, TX 77351

HELLO LADIES, my names is Anthony Standifer. I’m 37 yrs old (aries), 6 ft., 170 lbs. and currently locked up in the Missouri Dept. of Corrrections. I’m into reading, movies, music, football, nature and animals. Looking for a woman who loves to talk, kind and down to earth. If this sounds like you then hit me up. Contact me by downloading the J-Pay app or write to: Anthony Standifer #1113010, 8200 No More Victims Rd., Jefferson City, MO 65101

I AM INTERESTED in finding men & women who are open-minded & who want to share why they want to take time with people in my kind of situation. Age & race not important. Sincerely, Willis Bailey #259775/7A-113, Jefferson City Correctional Center, 8200 No More Victims Rd., Jefferson City, MO 65101

BEN WILKINS is an Alaskan writer, published in books, magazines and online---from his prison cell. He accepts all tasks, letters, heckles, and critiques @ the listed address. Ben Wilkins #461478, Spring Creek Correction Center, 3600 Bette Cato Ave., Seward, AK 99664

PRISONER SEEKS TRADITIONAL LADY PEN PAL. I am a white man with center right views. I stand at 6’2” at 205 lbs, with blue eyes. My parents were born in Europe. I am a college graduate with two advanced degrees. I am well read and like to correspond. Classic rock and 80’s music appeal to me. It would be awesome to talk to a new lady.

YOU MUST READ THE BOOK “Good and Evil” by Danny Luhollito. Anyone interested in the true origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, or deciphering secret sciences encoded in ancient texts, this is the most authoritative book on the topic. It will definitely change the way you think. It’s available in paperback through you know what that is  Anthony Dilullo 262363/766556B, Lock Bag R, Rahway, NJ 07065

HELLO. MY NAME IS JOSEPH and I am a 26 year old male seeking a therapist that can help with counseling while i’m in prison, also after my release. So i can maintain a normal life once i am free, and staying on my goals, and seeking employment so i can invest in my clothing and become a clothing designer. If interested in corresponding me! Make sure your mail is tracked with certified mail or priority mail due to unlawful practices from the BOP system. Thanks! Joseph Knight #S1440007, AVSP, P.O. Box 1002, Thomson, IL 61285

NEW URBAN MUSIC PUBLICATION, BGE MAGAZINE, available @BGEMAGAZINE.COM, 12./3.99 shipping. Issue 1 Ft Jenny & Rufus Tripplet & the payoff novel. Issue 2 Ft Megan Thee Stallion, Issue 3 Ft NAS, Issue 5 Ft Yo Gotti & MZ Konnoisseur, Issue 6 Ft Sub 0 & TI. Available @ Joann Richards/Born Greedy Ent., 164 Union Ave, Suite 508, New Rochelle, NY 10801, 12./3.99 shipping, Issues 1-6 out now. Make checks out payable to Joann Richards/BornGreedyEnt. Phone 305-396-1310, E-Mail:

SEEKING PEN PALS! 44 year old white male. I’ve been in prison since 2010 and am a student of law. I’m up for parole but am seeking a new trial and sueing the man. Prefer you contact me by JPAY.COM for e-mail or Nathan Helburn #98196, IMSI, P.O. Box 51, Boise, ID 83707

MY NAME IS TREY. I am a revolutionary – a revolutionary fighter, revolutionary dreamer. I am a revolutionary man. I am archaic in my beliefs of honor, intensity, respect, courage. I am 24 years of age but have matured beyond my years. I seek friendship with fellow activists, maybe more, never less… Sequoyah ‘Trey’ Bailey #2012146, Bill Clements Unit, 9601 Spur 591, Amarillo, TX 79107

PRISONER SEEKS FEMALE PEN PAL. White male 56 years 6"2 blue eyes seeks female pen pal. I am a college graduate with two advanced degrees. Traveled extensively in Europe and lived in a European Union country. I keep up with national and international news and politics and read nonfiction books on current events. Like Classic Rock. Send e-mail to or Smart Communications/PADOC, Richard Baumhammers/ET8465, S.C.I. Pheonix, P.O. Box 33028, St. Petersburg, FL 33733

MY NAME IS RICHARD SCHMIDLKOFER. I’m white, single, male, bisexual, an open-minded Christian, and will write to all. Please put my address at top of all letters. Please write: Richard Schmidlkofer, Oshkosh Corr. Inst., P.O. Box 3310, Oshkosh, WI 54903-3310

MAN LOOKING FOR PEN PAL. Black and Mexican, thirty-three years old, enjoy live music, barbequing and setting off fireworks. Although I’m a huge day dreamer, I’m also very goal-oriented and spiritually grounded. Write me: Bill Brooks, DOC#150103, P.O. Box 2017, Buena Vista, CO 81211

JAMES GONZALES, JR., BORN, 1980, ISO new friends worldwide of all types for correspondence, companionship and possibly romance. Any gender, sexual preference and background is welcome. Prisoners OK! James Gonzales, Jr. #164456, BCCF Unit 8Q, 11560 CR FF.75, Las Animas, CO 81054, USA

!ATTENTION! If u r a male/female/tranzmeow & interested in Wicca/Witchcraft, write me for a 100% free course. I pay for copies, postage, everything! At the end u will have a complete copy of “Buckland’s Guide to Witchcraft” and 1 hell of a witch friend. Only white envelopes w/no labels and white or lined paper only. Thomas H. Cramer 06346-055, P.O. Box 725, Edgefield, SC 29824

BI MALE born 10/27/1994, looking for anyone willing to write. I’m incarcerated in Oregon and have no outside correspondence. Cameron Montgomery – 20944313, 2500 Westgate Ave., Pendleton, OR 97801

I’M JASON, 35 years old, 6’5” tall, about 230 lbs.. Any ? Write: Jason Warner #2219404, Polunsky Unit, 3872 FM 3505, Livingston, TX 77351

SWTG FEMALE ISO pen pals. Am radical minded and am an activist. My world is dark and dreary, so won’t you please drop a little sunshine in my life? Write Harequin at: Smart Communications/PADOC, SCI Mahoney, Thomas Flick LJ9467, P.O. Box 33028, St. Petersburg, FL 33733

I’M A 49-YEAR-OLD MALE FROM CALIFORNIA and am looking for female pen pals. Ron Martin 64739097, FCI, P.O. Box 1000, Sandstone, MN 55072

31-YEAR-OLD, OPEN-MINDED, HETEROSEXUAL seeks correspondence for almost any topic or genre. All are welcome. Ron Hill, 1050 Remount Rd., Charleston, SC 29406

!WARNING! IF YOU DON’T LIKE “F” WORDS, stop reading…Fine, Freaky, furry fellow for Future Family, Friends, Fun, Fantasies, Fey, Fetishes, Fornication, Forbidden Fruits…Warned you! SBiWM, 33, 5’7”, 180 lbs, audio engineer, likes foxes, pop, punk rock. LKG 4: M/F, 18+, LTR, pics, punk zines. Write to: Adam Watts #28204057, FCC Low, P.O. Box 1031, Coleman, FL 33521

33-YEAR-OLD Portuguese/Mexican mix male artist looking for someone to write and share time with. Artist, Libra, open-minded liberal, 5’10” 185 lbs. Currently locked up at California Institute for men but get out early 2021. Female/male, does matter. Just looking for good company. Paroling in 2 ½ months. Jorge Gonzalez #BA8577, C.I.M., C-1-133UP, P.O. Box 500, Chino, CA 91708

I AM A MIDDLE-AGED MAN WITH A YOUNG SPIRIT. I enjoy reading, writing, and exercising. I look forward to spend quality-time and quiet moments with someone who enjoys their freedom and not the comforts and conveniences of worldly pleasures. And please, “don’t judge and you son’t be judged by…” And thank you for sharing you support and concern for incarcerated men who have difficulties adjusting to the mechanisms of the prison culture, as well as its conditions. Marcus Nalley #116692, Perry Correctional Institution, 2A218, 430 Oaklawn Road, Pelzen, SC 29669

MADMAN, CAREER CRIMINAL, PHILOSOPHER, and writer, seeks influentially collaborative correspondents for exploratory vetting of original social theories. Joshua Predzik #253686, Columbia Corr. Inst., P.O. Box 900, Portage, WI 53901

I’M CURRENTLY WRITING A BOOK, need help getting published, and contact info for Book Clubs. Also wanted: help with for-profit app, setting up a Shopify account and a crowdfunding account to raise money to file a lawsuit. Please. Thank you. Eric Jenkins #B52314, Sheridan Correctional, 4017 E. 2603 Road, Sheridan, IL 60551

HELP WANTED!! Straight athletic SWM, 43, feels 32, seeks uplifting conversations via mail, to share thoughts, ideas, interests, activities, or whatever. Enjoy biking, star gazing, playing sports, meeting people, and adventure. I’m fighting an appeal for innocence or lower time. If interested or know someone who might be, please write. Thanks. Matt Brimberry, c/o SHA-CC-KO3882, 6665 State Route 146E, Vienna, IL 62995

I’D LIKE TO BE A PART OF THE ZINE COMMUNITY. I do artwork and have received an associates degree in entrepreneurship/business. Please write: Chad Sudderth #500117, POB 1000, Wrightsville, AK 72185-1000

SINGLE, STRAIGHT, WHITE, 50 year old Thelemic male inmate seeks similar non-inmate female for correspondence. No evangelists or proselytizers, please. Write: M. William Purvine, Sr., SRCI #13776608, 777 Stanton Blvd., Ontario, OR 97914-8335

I AM 55 YO, CAUCASIAN, FRENCH, IRISH, SCOTTISH, 5'9" (towering), 200 lbs. Hobbies: Casual exercise, music, casual rap, not being robot plastic trained personality, legal demands upon reality for the state and federal courts, otherwise casually stomping life style as a state of CA prisoner for 38 years this far. Always appreciate good pen-palling without hang ups of sharing openly, like we been all along without any cause to be necessary. To interfere with our days or nights the same ways unless we desired and could to comfortable easily also! to do ok! Thank you for your possible assistance! Don Laflamme 352818, California State Prison, B6125L, P.O. Box 290066, Represa, CA 95671

MY NAME IS MR. ANDRE ELAM that just became a new member of the IWW organization from Houston, TX area that's 34 yrs old. I've incarcerated for 2 1/2 yrs. with 6 months left to go. I'm a entrepreneur that's lookin to expand my wealth throughout the community. Also wantin to learn as much as I can from my fellow activists members about the IWW union. So all my fellow members please feel free to reach back out to me. Thank you, "God Bless". Sincerely, Andre Elam, TDC #2161289, Cell # H-116B, Darrington Unit, 59 Darrington Rd., Rosharon, TX 77583

DEAR STRONG, BEAUTIFUL QUEEN who fights for equality and justice. You are God's gift to mankind. My name is Devin A. Pemberton (FB), 41, pro black male, 6'2", 225 lbs., athletic, attractive, waist lingth dreadlocks, and certified paralegal. Please shed some light and love into my life. In Solidarity, Devin Pemberton #67123-018, Coleman FCI Medium, P.O. Box 1032, Coleman, FL 33521

IN NEED OF A FRIEND TO WRITE TO. 64 y.o., doing life, in prison 37 years, no family. Letters, books much appreciated. Timothy Logans 381606, Allred Unit, 2101 FM 369N, Iowa Park, TX 76367

I'M 46, EDUCATED, COMPASSIONATE, HUMOROUS AND MORE. I will put a smile on your face. Existence is a gift from God. Remember Him always. Prayer is better than sleep. Prayer requests: For many Christian pen pal friends and for the well-being of all believers. Carlton Payne J88526, A-2-205, P.O. Box 1902, Tehachapi, CA 93581

HEY! MY NAME IS DOUGLAS BROOKINS, well known as Dougie. 24 years young, mixed, with Black, Indian and Mexican, real red skin, tattooed up. Sentenced to 10 years for a dope case in a school zone. Looking for female pen pal I can vibe with, 25 to late 40's, down to earth, positive. Everybody needs some communication to stay up when they feel down and lonely. I hope someone writes. Douglas Brookins #1856938, Telford Unit 3899, State Hwy 98, New Boston, TX 75570

PEACE & BLESSING, I'M DAVON, 24 years young, pecan brown complexion, 6'2". I'm looking to converse with any female, possibly build a friendship. I'm outgoing with a good sense of humor, love sports, write poetry, seeking mature females 18 and older. Davon Powell 13A0347, Five Points Correctional Facility, State Route 96, P.O. 119, Romulus, NY 14541

I AM 47 YRS. OF AGE, 5'11" TALL, 220 LBS., with blond/gray hair, blue/green eyes, and tattoos. I am gay, honest, sincere, single, open-minded, and enjoy motorcycles, drawing, writing, reading, sports and lots more. I would like to meet guys 21+ years or older for friendship, correspondence and possibly more. I will answer all letters 100%. Marvin Lee Thompson, #707908 Wynne Unit, 810 FM 2821, Huntsville, TX 77349

CELLPRENEUR I.S.O. "Freeworld" Entrepreneurs to assist in promoting business ideas. Contact: Christopher Williams #153430, M.S.U., 2501 State Farm Road, Tucker, AR 72168-9567, U.S.A.

SEEKING PEN PALS, FRIENDS, from all walks of life, male and female. I'm male, age 50, 5'10 1/2 ", 195 lbs., light brown/hazel eyes, Black American. My hobbies are free hand drawing (portraits etc.) Jerome Power #0205857, Iowa State Penitentiary, P.O. Box 316, Ft. Madison, IA 52626-0316

HELLO, seeking female friends. Incarcerated entrepreneur, 64, health, active, spiritual musician/song writer, non-violent, positive, business-minded. Please write: Reginald Carmouche N54362, P.O. Box 7711, Centralia, IL 62801

AMATEUR AUTHOR seeking helping hand/internet researcher for intellectual opinions, cover artwork, publishing, will credit your name. Serious inquiries only. Robert Merrill #2043543, Ramsey I, 11 FM 655, Rosharon, TX 77583

37 Y/O BLACK MALE seeking woman, any race, for romantic relationship. My interests are sports, comedies, suspense novels, music, and I love dogs. I'm looking for a woman who can make a positive impact in my life. I see parole in 2023. I hope to hear from you soon. Bontamian Smith #2078941, Estelle Unit, 264 FM 3478, Huntsville, TX 77320

I'M A 40 YEAR OLD LATINO from San Diego. Looking to network and meet new people. Currently working on a "Reality TV Show". In the music & ent. biz. I'm on a high profile federal case. Working on my case and need help with it. Trying to expose a scandal by the feds & gov. Got documents. Google my name and see my pics on Facebook. Travis Chelberg #167355, 49030 State Hwy 71, Limon, CO 80826

HELLO WORLD. Seeking any and everybody that might want to write an inmate that is fixing to get out a new man...I'm Spanish, 6ft1, 230 lbs, likes to tattoo and draw. Out in the world I work them west Texas oilfields. Know that I got all the right words to make your toes. David Rangel #1671269, Clements Unit, 9601 Spur 591, Amarillo, TX 79107

LOOKING FOR FRIENDS. At P.B.S.P. I want to make love with the world. Loves boxing and church. Gets out 2026 or 2028. Bald with green-blue eyes, 5'9. Looking for anything starting with platonic. Ken Azlan AV-5707, P.B.S.P., P.O. Box 7500, Crescent City, CA 95532

I'M A COLD, SCARED KID with nowhere to go, just looking for one bold and true friend to keep warm with beneath an overhang in the rain. I'm 37 and I'm 6 ft and I like skateboarding, creating writing, art and punk rock. Sean Dunne AN4246 110, P.O. Box 901, Avenal, CA 93204

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