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Riot Grrl convention?

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May 13, 1996, 3:00:00 AM5/13/96

Is anyone out there making a catalog of zines for the RG conventiosn
happening this summer? I got in contact with a few girls who are doing
catalogs but I lost touch with them when I erased my freenet account!! so
if i was talking to you can you please write to me again? or any girls
who I didn't talk to but are doing catalogs, can you write me too? I
can't get myself town to the States this summer... but I sure want my
zine to be advertised there... if i cant go, maybe some of my ideas can
still be there...

And if anyone feels like contributing to a zine.. e-mail me.. I'm looking
for girl orientated stuff, things on being bi/lesbian/or whatever....
things on riot grrl, bands in your area, review of shows, thoughts,
ideas, rants, etc.... I'm especially looking for articles on what it's
like being in a band or being the only Riot Grrl or Boi in your area...

Love and trousers,


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