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Disbasing Zen Stories

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Nikken's End #2B: The Takanos: Go Back, Little Shiba

Nikken's End ? or NIKKEN ZENned ? You be the judge ...

. "What distinguished the Indian system from that of the
. ancient Western world is the absence of slavery. The
. caste system made formal slavery unnecessary in ancient
. India."
. - from The Two Classes of the Four-Fold Caste System, by
. Sudheer Birodkar.

In Nikken's Threefold World, which is "the world of unenlightened beings who transmigrate within the Six Paths" ** [Hell, Hunger, Animality, Anger, Humanity and Heaven] ... the 2nd chapter describes the structure of Nikken's World of Hunger.

** Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism

____ Background for Toxic Zen Stories ____________

________ Table of Contents _______________________
. The Takanos
. Temple Gucci
. A Diligent and Useful Priest
. Seeya, Shiba ... Or,
. How To Keep Your Temple
. Who Are These Guys ?
. Definition of Hunger (Gaki)
. Getting Some Help
. The Survivor Gita

________ The Takanos _____________________________

It is well known that Nichiren Shoshu high priest Nikken Abe has acquired the name of Abe through legal proceedings, because his mother, the tonsured (bald) Nichiren Shoshu nun Myoshu Ama was originally named Suma Hikosaka, and he was born as the out-of-wedlock progeny of Nikkai Abe, the 60th High Priest.

What is less well-known ... is that sly Suma played a trick on the old man Nikkai. She simply could not get pregnant from the dried up old prune, so she had another priest boy-friend on the side, by the name of Hogen Takano (later renamed as Nichijin). The resemblance between natural father and son, and lack of resemblance between the two Abes is very obvious.

So it's no surprise that Taishin Takano, the latest edition of the Takano clan is now the "American Nikken", and is holding court at the center of NST activities at Myohoji Temple in Los Angeles.

This is even though Taishin Takano's parents are still in the SGI. Takano is the king of Gakkai-haters ... maybe because of their courageous resistance to Nikkenism.

________ Temple Gucci ____________________________

Taishin Takano's wife is of a famous Temple family, so of course she is a big shopper. She always shows up in her latest Gucci coat, sporting a Luis Vuitton bag, and looking very decked-out "a la Rodeo Drive".

This is in the pattern of the high priest's wife Masako Abe, who is known as "the Japanese Imelda Marcos".

This makes Taishin Takano's wife, the "American Masako Abe". A Brahmin wife.

In the American church tradition, the parish priest's wife (even the Bishop's wife) would always wear a cheaper coat and clothes than the richer parish wives, so as not to offend those churchgoers whose contributions were critical to supporting the church in its activities. You simply would not attack people's sense of charity lightly !!!

This sensible church tradition is not followed in Nichiren Shoshu or in any of the danto (temple-follower) Buddhist religions, where they have spread to the United States. This Brahminist cultural phenomenon is startling: where the believers support an upper class of priests and their families and their pets, while suffering in squalor and denying their own children.

This is the same as the Nembutsu tradition of Japan, where 70% of Japanese Buddhists believe in a Pure Land after death, and that praying at and supporting Amida Buddha's Temple will gain them entrance to the Pure Land after their dreadful, suffering life and hastened departure.

They are willing to suffer this disparity of fortune, because the priesthood is a higher caste of human being, and therefore entitled to a richer and more superior life. They will bow and scrape and take better care of the priest's lodgings than their own home.

What is surprising is that in America, the land of opportunity and clothe coats for parson's wives, that this kind of subjugation of a hard-working underclass by a parasitic priesthood can persist !!!

And it does, right in the heart of Los Angeles at Myohoji Temple for the Takanos. America IS the land of opportunity for priests of the Asian danto tradition. [As well as crime families, like The Sopranos. Is there a difference? Yes, the Sopranos deliver on their promises.]

________ A Diligent and Useful Priest ____________

Taishin Takano, wanting to extend his domain Northward, has sought to bring the rich territory of the San Francisco Bay Area under his control, this includes Marin County in the North, Silicon Valley to the South, the Peninsula, the vast East Bay region and the jewel in the center, San Francisco.

This incredibly wealthy area is supported in Nichiren Shoshu by Myoshinji Temple, in the East Bay.

Since 1999, the priest for Myoshinji has been Cho'on Shiba. He has, according to the members, been careful and attentive, insofar as he could be with a responsibility stretching through Washington to Alaska.

Shiba remained loyal to Nikken in the late 1980's and early 1990's, when assigned to Myohoji in Los Angeles. At that time, the Chief priest of Myohoji was Gen'ei Kudo, who left Nichiren Shoshu and became the leader of the Association for the Reformation of Nichiren Shoshu in 1992.

Remaining to face the criticism and shame at the hands of the new chief priest Takano at Myohoji, at the time of Kudo's attack on Nikken in 1992, must have been painful austerity. But Shiba did not give in and remained loyal.

Seven years later in 1999 Cho'on Shiba became Myoshinji's chief priest. It would appear that his loyalty had paid off.

Cho'on Shiba appeared to be the kind of priest that made members want to stay and support Nichiren Shoshu.

Truth was, however, that he was deceptive and sneaky in his practices, like all Nichiren Shoshu priests. Even though he was quite fluent in English when he arrived, he feigned that he could neither speak nor understand English.

This allowed the members to speak freely around him, without concern of being understood.

Of course, he understood and took note of every utterance, including who said what and whom they were talking to.

Did your priest when he initially arrived, or does your new priest appear to have struggles with English? Are there translaters or English readers there at the welcome speeches? Be careful what you say when they are around, because this is a standard modus operandi for new and visiting Nichiren Shoshu priests.

In the following posting from Loree, Shiba (at Myohoji at that time) expresses the liberal attitude ... in appearance not your typical rigid authoritarian or distantly superior priest. He appears to express the world of Humanity, of concern for his parishioners ...

Green Gables (loree39...@aol.comphilia)
"Re: Food and Sex, are there any rules in Nichiren Shoshu?"

| Myohoji Temple has a question and answer period
| sometimes after the Sunday morning gongyo. A young lady
| asked the priest about the guidelines for sexual
| activity in NST. the priest said there were no rules but
| if parents wanted to come and discuss it he would be
| happy to discuss it with them, he also said as a father
| he had a natural concern for his own children. He said
| that sexual relationships were usually okay if no one
| gets he did NOT say that it was NOT
| permissible outside of marriage. He didn't get into the
| question about extramarital affairs, but that is a
| question for next time. His basic guideline was that no
| one should be hurt.

I can understand his ducking the question on extramarital affairs, wouldn't want to drive away anyone by saying outright that some behavior is wrong (sounds mighty original-buddhahood-Tendai to me !!!). But he is appearing to be nice.

| Another member asked whether as Buddhists we should eat
| meat and he explained at length that both animal and
| vegetable both have the ten worlds so by choosing only
| one we are making a distinction. In addition he said
| that the animals nourish us so that we both can attain
| Buddhahood.He especially said that we should enjoy our
| food and we can chant daimoku before eating too like we
| do at Taisekiji.

A poison plant has ten worlds as well, and that is a specious argument. But he is appearing to be nice.

| Last week I asked my priest whether it was possible to
| be reborn as an animal and he said that is possible for
| the same reasons stated above. So watch out when you are
| eating those carrots from hell and don't get sick.
| greenie

Ummm, no comment. He is appearing to be nice. He will pay the price of that duplicity ultimately.

In another story about Shiba, Patrik observes that there is wagoso (unity following the priest) present at Myoshin-ji Temple.

Patrik A. Patterson:

| Of course in Nichiren Shoshu my observation has been the
| priests and the members working in unity.
| I remember being at Myoshinji last year and talking with
| one our kanji (member representitives) and Rev Shiba,
| and Rev Shiba was talking about his ideas for expanding
| our temple, because it is getting small for our growing
| congregation.

He has big plans for Myoshinji. He really wants to grow the Temple.

Here is a piece reposted by Craig, where he trots out the glorious results of Cho'on Shiba's Myoshinji campaign...

Craig Bratcher quoting Shiba:

| On the Occasion of the 750th Anniversary Tozan By
| Reverend Cho-on Shiba
| ...
| 4,321 Hokkeko believers from 36 countries around the
| world attended the first tozan pilgrimage in October.
| There were 631 participants from the United States. Of
| these participants, 191 were from Myoshin-ji Temple.
| There are 78 believers currently on the second
| commemorative tozan pilgrimage from Myoshin-ji Temple.
| There were 191 believers from Myoshinji temple who
| attended the first tozan pilgrimage, and this was a
| record for the most tozan participants from our temple
| at one time.

So, Cho'on Shiba's Myoshinji sent 191 out of 631 participants in the U.S. contingent to the 750th Aniversary Tozan. That's 30% of the first wave to Nikken's do-or-die Tozan from the United States, coming from just Shiba's Myoshinji Temple. [Such dedication to evil !!! Will that slander go unpunished? Of course, not.]

I wonder how much of the remaining 70% came from the much larger Myohoji Temple? It couldn't have been larger than 30%, since Hawaii is in there as well. Uh-Oh. I wonder if that made The Takanos jealous?

Now, you would think that having that much success from one of six Temples in the United States, and a smaller one at that ... would gain Cho'on Shiba and Myoshinji Temple some consideration from the Head Temple. [Ohhh ... it will, never doubt.]

________ Seeya, Shiba ... Or, ________________
________ How To Keep Your Temple

I'll repeat the comment from above ... Seven years later in 1999 Cho'on Shiba became Myoshinji's chief priest. It would appear that his loyalty had paid off.

But appearances are deceiving. Takano recognized in Cho'on Shiba a hard working and dedicated person, who could be used to build up Myoshinji, which could then be passed off to a highly connected crony of Nikken, to increase Takano's prestige and power, by creating connections. [Did he never study the daimyo and the Shogunate? A debt owed is a dangerous thing ... for those less-connected who have the well-connected in their debt. Never do a favor to the powerful.]

Shiba's Mistake: This is the mistaken belief that making yourself indispensibly useful to the evil masters, will bring benefits and safety to the slave. The truth is otherwise.

____________ Sidebar ________________________________
. In the movie "Schindler's List" a Jewish inmate in a
. Nazi concentration camp approaches Amon Goeth, the camp
. commandant, demanding to be heard. She points out errors
. in the architecture of the construction of the building
. that will make it fail to function correctly later. She
. mentions that she was a construction supervisor with
. architectural training, and that she desired to make
. herself of use to the Germans. She is clearly oblivious
. to the true nature of this particular evil.
. Goeth orders her to be shot. She is forced to kneel,
. complaining that he is making a mistake, and she can be
. useful. At the end, she says that this is insane (which
. for her is clearly true). The guard shoots her through
. the head (destroying this thought). Then Goeth orders
. that the changes she listed be made to the structure,
. exactly according to her intent.
. This is what is known as the "cold joke" which
. undermines the humanity of all who hear it, by
. extermination of compassion. Remember this point, as it
. occurs again, further on.
. Let's call this: "The Myth of the Useful Slave."
. Slaves are dispensible at the whim of their masters.
. Period.
. There is an interesting comparison to be made generally
. between:
. Nazi concentration camps with Guards and
. Commanders.
. Plantations in the Ante-Bellum South with
. Overseers and Owners.
. Slanderous Buddhist Temples (especially Nichiren
. Shoshu Temples) with assistant and chief
. priests.
. Which of these is worse? I know, for myself, that
. one is infinitely worse than the other two.
____________ End Sidebar ____________________________

Shiba's big Tozan victory was recognized by a BIG meeting. With lots of important visiting priests who have smelled chum in the water. Fresh blood. The following quotes are from the website ...

| Myoshinji Temple World General Meeting, December 8, 2002
| (this is a photo album of what transpired that day ...)

Some of the captions to note, accompanied by my commentary:

| The visiting priests entering the Gohonzon room of
| Myoshinji Temple to begin the commemorative ceremony

The circling sharks settle in to feast.

| Reverend Cho'on Shiba, Chief Priest of Myoshinji Temple,
| approaching the alter to make offerings to Gohonzon.

Very pretty altar. The unconnected priest is offering his life to the more highly-connected priests. "An unfortunate selection of ancestors.", they think.

| Reverend Nisshi Obayashi, Director of the Nichiren
| Shoshu Overseas Bureau, presenting his address

The jaws of the largest shark distend as he darts in for the first slashing BITE. The waters turn red, then yellow about the poor, foolish, unknowing, and now fatally stricken priest.

| Reverend Nitto Ohmura, Chief of the Nichiren Shoshu Study
| Department, presenting his address

Ohmura thinks: "There must be something in the Gosho about submitting to evil authority, mustn't there be ???... Let me see ... Oh, re-interpreting the Gosho correctly is such a lot of work, what a bother. Some other time."

| Reverend Taishin Takano, Nichiren Shoshu Temple
| President, presenting his address

Takano thinks: "This is my address, and is where to send the Gokuyo offerings in the future, so parishioners, don't forget !!!"

| Reverend Cho'on Shiba, Chief Priest of Myoshinji Temple,
| offering words of appreciation

This is a much smaller picture. As if he is receding into the distance already. "And a little hand sinks into the swirling waters..."

| 396 People attended the 750th Anniversary Commemorative
| Ceremonies

Quite a large crowd for a Nichiren Shoshu gathering.











Which is clearly what will happen with every single Nichiren Shoshu Temple in every country. They will all ultimately be run personally by someone from the six Brahmin families in the First Rank (Abe, Takano, Ishii, Hayase, Kimura and Imano).

Then the families will start the final battle for dominance: one by one, they will be edged out until a single Survivor is left, as the ultimate winner of the Survivor Gita.

So, Shiba's big triumphant meeting was followed in 13 months by ... the transfer ceremony. Shiba is going to work for Obayashi [the biggest visiting shark, above] as a secretary in the Nichiren Shoshu Overseas Bureau. Also from the website:

| Jan 21, 2004 -
| The Ceremony conducted January 21, 2004, upon the
| reassignment of Reverend Cho'on Shiba. Reverend Shiba
| was the 3rd Chief Priest of Myoshinji Temple.

Past tense. Was. Man, that was fast. These guys don't waste any time. If Shiba had known, there might have been enough time to grab the Temple and join the Reform movement.

| The Gongyo ceremony preceding the formal transfer of the
| Chief Priest's duties from Reverend Shiba to Reverend
| Takano.

Now it's Takano's Temple to give away. He has an astonishing plan, to make a move that works if the First Rank families win, if the Nichijyun Fujimoto-Obayashi alliance of the Overseas Bureau wins, or if there is open rebellion against Nikken's successor.

| Reverend Takano, the Nichiren Shoshu Temple President,
| accepting his temporary appointment until Reverend
| Kimura is officially appointed in March 2004.

1. Kimura is one of Nikken's six families in the First Rank. This satisfies the insatiable greed of the Brahmins in the First Rank.

2. It undermines Shiba's family, and he is Nobody. If a tree falls in the forest, and Nobody is around, is there a sound? Nobody knows. Nobody notices.

3. This is such an overt move, it is sure to strike fear into the hearts of those in the big and wealthy overseas temples, who are in Second Rank clans (Kshatriya - Proxy-Ruler and Warrior caste), or Third Rank clans (Vaishya - Merchant, Farmer caste). Takano knows this, as does Obayashi and Nichijyun Fujimoto. This plays into their hands, as it raises the twin demons of hostile resentment and fear in those unconnected priests, outside the Brahmin enclave.

Win. Win. Win. Taishin Takano must be hugging himself in delight.

| Reverend Ishibashi, Chief of Internal Affairs for the
| Overseas Department, between Reverend Takahashi and
| Reverend Shiba. Although Reverend Shiba had a sad face
| for the camera, it is believed he was actually looking
| forward to his new position with the Bureau of Foreign
| Affairs.

This comment about Shiba looking sad? It is a textbook example of the "cold joke", which removes one's compassion. It is designed to get all website readers and viewers of it to gloat. Gloating on anyone's suffering is the behavior of the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven, in each and every case.

| Reverend Shiba's family performing Gongyo in the temple
| lobby during the Transfer Ceremony.

His family doing Gongyo IN THE LOBBY. Man, do they look tiny and forlorn. Well ... off they go. It's not too late to join with Gen'ei Kudo and the Reform movement. You've dug a deep hole, Shiba, but you can get out. The exit door is a phone. Just dial it.

Cho'on Shiba was elevated to a great height by the priesthood, and given an opportunity to show what he could do, be all that he could be. In the end his reward for all that effort went to those who were better connected than he.

He was in the Second Rank, a Kshatriya warrior, placed high in the order of names at any gathering of priests.

Now Shiba has slipped into obscurity, and he has joined the Fourth Rank of Shudra ... the Laborers of little consequence and no hope for the future.

________ Who Are These Guys ? ____________________

Well, Shogu Kimura is well-connected. He has correctly executed his selection of ancestors, unlike Cho'on Shiba, who has chosen obscurity and isolation from power.

You make your bed, and then you sleep in it. That is, unless you can kick someone else out of their carefully-made bed.

In Shogu Kimura's case he has selected a brother, named Shinryu Kimura, who has married the oldest daughter of Yuriko Abe and Gijun Hayase, who is the grand-daughter of high priest Nikken Abe. Excellent work, Shogu !!!

| Kimura's installation:
| Myoshinji Temple's Forth Chief Priest
| Transfer Ceremony
| March 7th, 2004
| (San Francisco, California, United States of America)
| On March 7th, 2004, at San Francisco's Myoshinji Temple,
| Rev. Shogu Kimura's Transfer Ceremony was conducted
| solemnly and successfully. The former Chief Priest Rev.
| Cho'on Shiba recently became a Chief Secretary of the
| Overseas Bureau, and Rev. Kimura was transferred to take
| his place.

Some events went unmentioned here. As in the "Silence of the Lambs", when Clarice of the FBI visits the site of Buffalo Bill's first victim, she remembers Hannibal Lecter's words about "simplicity" and "we covet what we see".

First, they see what Shiba has built, then they covet what Shiba has built, and then they remove him, to take what Shiba has built.

Dai-Rokuten-No-Mao, the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven (another famous Brahmin) is the function which gloats in enjoyment while enjoying the fruits of the labor of others, making sure that those others are crushed in the process.

| The day before the ceremony, at 11:00 am, Myoshinji's
| affairs were passed from the NST president, Rev. Takano
| to Rev. Kimura, and the next day, March 7th, at 11:00
| am, the Transfer Ceremony was held.
| From Japan, Hoshoji Temple's Chief Priest, Rev. Eijyun
| Ishii, as well as several other relative priests
| attended this ceremony. From the U.S.A., the NST
| President and Los Angeles' Myohoji Temple Chief Priest,
| Reverend Taishin Takano, as well as some representative
| priests attended. Myoshinji Temple's Koto, as well as a
| large number of this temple's believers also attended to
| celebrate and welcome the new Chief Priest.

Eijyun Ishii, brother of Shinryo Ishii (the number-one "Uchideshi" who married Nikken's "Osage Watashi": Natsuko), is the BIC for this ceremony: Brahmin-In-Charge representing Nikken. "Let's Get This Party Started" is the motto for the day.

| Rev. Kimura sincerely conducted Kenzen (the offering of
| rice), Dokkyo (the ceremonial recitation of the Lotus
| Sutra) and Shodai (chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo). Rev.
| Takano then gave his congratulatory speech, and
| officially introduced Myoshinji Temple's new Chief
| Priest, Rev. Shogu Kimura. Next, Rev. Ishii, and the
| Myoshinji Temple Koto, also shared congratulatory
| speeches. Lastly, Rev. Kimura addressed all participants
| in Japanese and English, asking them to sincerely and
| respectfully share his appreciation and determination.

Definitely, congratulations are in order. Shiba has built up a real cash-cow operation here, and the Koto runs it smoothly and automatically. It's like ... Nirvana for our brightest Brahmin boy, Shogu Kimura.

And it's a well-earned reward, received from Shiba. Shiba's begrudging the gift ... only improves the savory taste in Shogu's mouth.

| After an intermission, a commemorative photo was taken
| in the Main Hall, smoothly completing the Transfer
| Ceremony.

Bbbbut ... where's Shiba? Guess he didn't feel like having fun.

You really ought to show up at your own wake, since the funeral's over and a party's a party. No sense of humor !!!

| The participating priests from Japan: Rev. Eijyun Ishii,
| Rev. Jido Kimura [father], Rev. Kido Harada, Rev.
| Shinryu Kimura [brother], Rev. Shomyo Oba, Rev. Shoshun
| Sato, and Rev. Yuo Kimura. The participating priests
| from NST and other countries: Rev. Taishin Takano, Rev.
| Doko Sato, Rev. Yuzui Murata, Rev. Shokun Takahashi, and
| Rev. Shingaku Kato.

Notice the large crowd of priests in attendance. They really show up in droves, when one of the Ishii brothers is in town.

The Ishii boys have unlimited cash, and know how to have a good time. There will be fun, girls and booze overflowing !!!

And always remember the words of the high priest Nikken Abe to Eijyun Ishii's brother Shinryo:

| At the National Teacher's guidance meeting held on 26
| May 1994, Nikken attempted to protect Shinryo from the
| criticism of [a priest] Nikken said, "If someone asked
| you whether you have visited a red-light town while you
| were young, just answer "Yes, I did." If someone asked
| whether you have bought a land, just answer "Yes, I
| did." Don't worry about such trivial matters!"

Yeah, worry about the party matters. Babes and booze are non-trivial issues, as the high priest will tell you anytime !!!

________ Definition of Hungry Spirits (gaki) ______________

From the SGI Dictionary:

hungry spirits [餓鬼] (Skt preta; Jpn gaki): Also, hungry ghosts. Spirits who suffer from hunger and thirst as karmic retribution for their greed, selfishness, and jealousy while they were alive. Buddhist scriptures describe hungry spirits as beings with throats as small as needles and distended bellies. The realm of hungry spirits is said to be located five hundred yojanas beneath the earth, above the realm of hell. In that realm, food and drink turn into flames and torment the inhabitants. The realm of hungry spirits is one of the three or the four evil paths. From the standpoint of the doctrine of the Ten Worlds and their mutual possession, it represents a potential state or condition of life in which one is tormented by relentless craving. Hungry spirits are called preta in Sanskrit, which in ancient India meant the spirits of the dead. In China and Japan, the story of Maudgalyāyana's saving his mother from the realm of hungry spirits is well known. See also service for deceased ancestors.

________ Getting Some Help _______________________

If you are a Nichiren Shoshu Priest, or a Hokkeko member from anywhere in the world, and are thinking about switching to the SGI call (310) 260-8900 or contact the Headquarters at SGI Plaza:,-118.4979288,17z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x80c2a4c8ce37f2e7:0x918d68e31aa2b5e4!2s606+Wilshire+Blvd,+Santa+Monica,+CA+90401!3b1!8m2!3d34.0205589!4d-118.4957401!3m4!1s0x80c2a4c8bc1aaae7:0x8b8af06c5597de63!8m2!3d34.0208086!4d-118.4958896?hl=en

Tell them that you are a Nichiren Shoshu Priest or Hokkeko member, and wish to speak to someone about the SGI, and what to do.

________ The Survivor Gita _______________________

Who will replace the "Sen'ou Nezumi" ?

Nikken, the Usurper King of the Rats at Taisekiji, has been replaced by Nichinyo, who is an angry member of the elite, due to too many blows to the head. A little punchy, and brief in his rule, since Nikken has plans for his son to take over.

One thing that is known for certain: There will be a new Rat King. And quickly there will be another.

Another thing that is known for certain: All the alliances will change, and more than once. Anyone that has watched Survivor knows this.

Rule Number Zero:

The War of the Rodents can only be won by ... King Rat.

More to come ... These questions will be answered !!!



LS Chap. 16 .....

All harbor thoughts of yearning
and in their minds thirst to gaze at me.
When living beings have become truly faithful,
honest and upright, gentle in intent,
single-mindedly desiring to see the Buddha
not hesitating even if it costs them their lives,
then I and the assembly of monks
appear together on Holy Eagle Peak.
At that time I tell the living beings
that I am always here, never entering extinction,
but that because of the power of an expedient means
at times I appear to be extinct, at other times not,
and that if there are living beings in other lands
who are reverent and sincere in their wish to believe,
then among them too
I will preach the unsurpassed Law.
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