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Disbasing Zen Stories

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Nikken's End #5: 2003 Tour de France [Chaude]

Nikken's End ? or NIKKEN ZENned ? You be the judge ...

. "What distinguished the Indian system from that of the
. ancient Western world is the absence of slavery. The
. caste system made formal slavery unnecessary in ancient
. India."
. - from The Two Classes of the Four-Fold Caste System, by
. Sudheer Birodkar.

In Nikken's Threefold World, which is "the world of unenlightened beings who transmigrate within the Six Paths" ** [Hell, Hunger, Animality, Anger, Humanity and Heaven] ... the 5th chapter describes the structure of Nikken's World of Humanity.

** Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism

____ Background for Toxic Zen Stories ____________

________ Table of Contents _______________________
. The Correct Attitude
. Towards Devadatta
. The Correct Behavior When
. Dealing With Devadatta
. Nikken Cherche Toujours Des Orgies
. Nikken's Always Looking For Orgies
. The Nikken-Montreuil Catastrophe
. Definition of Humanity (Nin)
. Getting Some Help
. The Survivor Gita

________ The Correct Attitude ____________________
________ Towards Devadatta

As always, everything can be found in Nichiren Daishonin's Gosho ... if we would only search a little.

It turns out that the Buddha is always accompanied by Devadatta, so that he can prove that the Law is supreme through his efforts to propagate and uphold the Law in the face of persecutions.

They appear together as teacher and pupil, alternating roles from existence to existence, inseparably.

From "Persecution by Sword and Staff", WND pp. 963-964:

. You should pay no attention to a person who says that in
. the first five hundred years of the Latter Day of the
. Law there exists a way to enlightenment apart from the
. daimoku of the Lotus Sutra, even if this were the
. Buddha's teaching. How much more so if it was the
. opinion of some teacher. The "Devadatta" chapter of the
. Lotus Sutra states that Devadatta was the teacher of the
. Thus Come One Shakyamuni in some past existence. He who
. was once the teacher is now the disciple, and he who is
. now the disciple was formerly the teacher. In pondering
. this chapter, I, Nichiren, have realized that it reveals
. the profound meaning of the Lotus Sutra through the
. oneness of past and present, and the inseparability of
. the one who teaches and the one who learns. Therefore,
. the merciful Thus Come One Shakyamuni became the teacher
. of the wicked Devadatta, and the wise Manjushri became
. the teacher of the ignorant daughter of the dragon king.
. Certainly I can in no way be inferior to Manjushri or to
. the Thus Come One Shakyamuni. The men of Japan are like
. Devadatta, and the women are like the dragon king's
. daughter. Whether by following it or opposing it, they
. will attain Buddhahood through the Lotus Sutra. This is
. the message of the "Devadatta" chapter.

Devadatta and the Three Powerful enemies that he summons are all minions of the Devil King, and function in aiding the Buddha to prove the validity of his teachings. Were he not to dispell the doubts of his followers, his highest teachings (the Lotus Sutra) might be ignored and his intent (Kosen Rufu) might not be followed.

From "The Workings of Brahma and Shakra", WND pp. 798-799

. A king named Bimbisara was a worthy ruler and the
. greatest lay supporter of the Buddha within the entire
. land of Jambudvipa. Moreover, he reigned over Magadha,
. the state where the Buddha intended to preach the Lotus
. Sutra. Since the king and the Buddha were thus united in
. mind, it seemed certain that the Lotus Sutra would be
. expounded in Magadha. A man named Devadatta wished to
. prevent this by any means possible, but all his attempts
. ended in failure. After much thought, he spent several
. years befriending King Bimbisara's son, Prince
. Ajatashatru, and gradually obtained his confidence. Then
. he set out to estrange father and son. He deceived the
. prince into killing his own father, King Bimbisara.
. Now that Ajatashatru, the new king, had become of the
. same mind as Devadatta and the two had banded together,
. non- Buddhists and evil men from all five regions of
. India swarmed like clouds or mist gathering into
. Magadha. Ajatashatru flattered them and won them over by
. giving them land and treasures. Thus the king of the
. state became an archenemy of the Buddha.
. Seeing this, the devil king of the sixth heaven of the
. world of desire descended with his innumerable followers
. to Magadha and possessed the bodies of Devadatta,
. Ajatashatru, his six ministers, and others. Therefore,
. although these people were human in appearance, they
. wielded the power of the devil king of the sixth heaven.
. They were more boisterous, frightful, and alarming than
. a high wind flattening the grasses and trees, a gale
. stirring up waves upon the sea, a great quake jolting
. the earth, or a huge fire devouring one house after
. another.
. A king named Virudhaka, incited by Ajatashatru, put
. hundreds of Shakyamuni Buddha's clan to the sword. King
. Ajatashatru unleashed a herd of drunken elephants and
. let them trample to death countless disciples of the
. Buddha. He also had many other disciples killed by
. concealing his soldiers in ambush at the roadsides,
. defiling well water with excrement, or persuading women
. to bring false charges [Note 3: In an attempt to
. disgrace and create animosity against the Buddha's
. followers, Ajatashatru persuaded women to pretend to
. have been impregnated by these followers.] against them.
. Shariputra and Maudgalyayana were severely persecuted.
. [Note 4: According to The Monastic Rules on Various
. Matters, Shariputra and Maudgalyayana, leading disciples
. of Shakyamuni, while on their travels to spread Buddhism
. in Rajagriha, once refuted the master of a group of
. Brahmans. As a result, they were attacked with staves,
. and Maudgalyayana is said to have been beaten to death.]
. Kalodayin was buried in horse dung. [Note 5: According
. to The Ten Divisions of Monastic Rules, Kalodayin, a
. disciple of Shakyamuni Buddha, was given offerings by a
. woman when he was going about begging for alms in
. Shravasti. Her jealous husband killed Kalodayin and
. buried his head in horse dung.] The Buddha was forced to
. survive for ninety days, one whole summer, on horse
. fodder.
. People thought that perhaps not even the Buddha's power
. could match that of those evil persons. Even those who
. believed in him swallowed their words and said nothing,
. and closed their eyes so that they might not see. They
. could only wave their hands helplessly, [Note 6: This
. indicates a gesture of advising others not to speak
. out.] speechless with dismay. Finally, Devadatta beat to
. death the Thus Come One Shakyamuni's foster mother, the
. nun Utpalavarna, [Note 7: According to most accounts,
. Shakyamuni's foster mother was his maternal aunt,
. Mahaprajapati, under whose guidance the nun Utpalavarna
. is said to have attained the state of arhat. The story
. of Utpalavarna is found in The Treatise on the Great
. Perfection of Wisdom.] and then caused the Buddha's body
. to bleed. Under these circumstances, there was no one
. who would side with the Buddha.
. And yet somehow, despite all these many persecutions,
. the Buddha at length managed to preach the Lotus Sutra.
. A passage from this sutra states, "Since hatred and
. jealousy toward this sutra abound even when the Thus
. Come One is in the world, how much more will this be so
. after his passing?" [Note 8: Lotus Sutra, chap. 10.]
. This passage means that, even while the Buddha was
. alive, the enemies of the Lotus Sutra offered fierce
. opposition; all the more will they harass those who, in
. the latter age, preach and believe in a single character
. or even a single brushstroke in the Lotus Sutra.

One thing that is somewhat confusing, is that the 26th chapter of the Lotus Sutra, and the Gohonzon itself states "Their heads will split into seven pieces" in regards to those who vex the votaries of the Lotus Sutra.

So why does not this immediately happen to those committing the acts of Devadatta?

From "Letter To Horen", WND p. 522:

. Question: Your argument is that, though you are a votary
. of the Lotus Sutra, your advice is not heeded, and
. therefore these heavenly calamities and strange
. occurrences on earth arise. But the eighth volume of the
. Lotus Sutra states, "Their heads will split into seven
. pieces." [Note 41: Lotus Sutra, chap. 26.] And the fifth
. volume states, "If people speak ill of and revile him,
. their mouths will be closed and stopped up." [Note 42:
. Lotus Sutra, chap. 14.] Why is it that though you have
. been cursed and treated with animosity for many years
. now these latter things have not occurred?
. Answer: By way of answer, let me ask in turn if the
. people who cursed and reviled and beat Bodhisattva Never
. Disparaging had their mouths stopped or their heads
. split apart?
. Question: [They did not.] But in that case, the text of
. the sutra is not consistent with itself, is it?
. Answer: There are two types of people who show animosity
. toward the Lotus Sutra. The first are people who
. cultivated the roots of goodness in former existences,
. who in their present existence are searching for some
. connection with Buddhism, who conceive a desire for
. enlightenment and are capable of attaining Buddhahood.
. It is these people whose mouths are stopped or whose
. heads split apart.
. The other type are people who have slandered the correct
. teaching in their previous existences, slander it in
. their present existence, and for existence after
. existence go on creating karma that will condemn them to
. the hell of incessant suffering. These people, even
. though they may curse, will not have their mouths
. stopped. They are like men who have already been
. sentenced to execution and are awaiting their turn in
. prison. While they are in prison, regardless of what
. evil acts they may commit, they will receive no further
. punishment other than the death sentence already passed
. upon them. However, with regard to people who are
. eventually to be released, if they commit evil acts in
. prison, then they will receive warnings.
. Question: Since this is a very important point, may I
. ask you to explain it in detail?
. Answer: It is explained in the Nirvana Sutra and in the
. Lotus Sutra.
. Nichiren

It is because there are two types of people who persecute the votaries of the Lotus Sutra, and that IS confusing. There are many more that seek to make a connection with the Lotus Sutra (and thus get their heads split open), than Devadattas, though, in my experience !!!

From "The Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra", WND, p. 146:

. Devadatta was the eldest son of King Dronodana and a
. nephew of King Shuddhodana [the father of the Buddha
. Shakyamuni], which made him the Buddha's cousin. He was
. also the elder brother of the Buddha's disciple, the
. Venerable Ananda. He was thus by no means a person of
. low station in the southern continent, Jambudvipa. He
. became a disciple of the monk Sudaya [Note 30: Sudaya
. was a Brahman master who taught Devadatta occult powers,
. according to the Increasing by One Agama Sutra.] and
. entered the religious life. From the Venerable Ananda he
. learned the eighteen miraculous powers, and he committed
. to memory the sixty thousand teachings of the non-
. Buddhist schools and the eighty thousand teachings of
. Buddhism. He observed the five ascetic practices [Note
. 31: Here, austerities established and practiced by
. Devadatta. According to The Great Commentary on the
. Abhidharma, they were: (1) wearing only clothing
. discarded by others after washing and mending it; (2)
. obtaining food only by begging; (3) eating only once a
. day; (4) always seating oneself outside under a tree;
. and (5) never eating salt or other food possessing the
. five tastes.] and appeared almost more saintly than the
. Buddha himself. Thinking to make himself a leader like
. the Buddha, he dared to commit the crime of disrupting
. the Buddhist Order by establishing his own ordination
. platform on Mount Gayashirsha [Note 32: A mountain whose
. summit resembled an elephant's head, located about 1.5
. km southwest of Gaya in Magadha. In China it was
. translated as the Elephant-Headed Mountain.] and
. inviting the Buddha's disciples over to his side. He
. confided to Crown Prince Ajatashatru: "I intend to kill
. the Buddha and become the new Buddha. You must kill your
. father, the king [Bimbisara], and become the new king in
. his place!"

Devadatta's intent is clear: To murder the Buddha, distort his teachings and remove any correct memory of him. This describes the slander of Nembutsu/Jodo, Zen, Shingon/Tantric, Ritsu/Precepts, Tendai, Shinto and the statue worshipping Hinayana/Theravada followers of the rules of Vinaya.

And, of course, Nikken.

From "On Omens", WND p. 647:

. The sutra goes on to quote the Buddha as saying: "After
. my death, in the Latter Day of the Law, when monks like
. Devadatta fill the land, a single monk will appear who
. embraces the correct teaching. Those evil monks will
. exile and put to death this man of the correct teaching.
. They will violate not only the king's consort but also
. the daughters of the common people, thereby filling the
. country with the seed of slanderers. For this reason,
. the nation will suffer various calamities and will later
. be invaded by another country."

This passage about consorting with the daughters of the common people by the priesthood? It describes the generations of Nichiren Shoshu priests pursuing their activities in the Red Light districts with the money donated faithfully by lay members, with high precision.

________ The Correct Behavior When _______________
________ Dealing With Devadatta

From "On Prayer", WND p. 344:

. Nevertheless, during the first forty and more years of
. his preaching life, Shakyamuni cursed Devadatta,
. censured the various voice-hearers, and refused to teach
. the bodhisattvas the doctrines pertaining to the fruits
. of enlightenment. Though people did not actually say so
. to others, they sometimes wondered in their hearts
. whether this Buddha was not in fact Papiyas, the devil
. king of the sixth heaven, so greatly did he trouble
. them.

In spite of the true intent of the function of Devadatta to aid in proving the validity of, and propagation of the true teachings, in a negative way ... he is still an enemy of the Law and must be treated so, in the eyes of everyone, by votaries of the Law. This is, once again, confusing.

However, clearly and publicly adopting this behavior avoids anyone falling into the evil paths, by mistaken perception of our behavior by others, which might not mirror our true attitude. And it means more than that, remembering the story of Taras Bulba's son who secretly parlayed for peace with the other side, and got caught up on the rack.

These behaviors are necessary, even though the initial reaction by the Sangha and the world at large might be negative. The Eight Winds will blow.

Those doubts, reflected in those reactions, are in reality doubts on the validity of the Law, and must be surfaced to be resolved.

They are the factor called "Internal Cause" or "Inherent Cause", which constitutes a potential slander not yet uncovered in the hearts of the votaries of the Lotus Sutra.

Once they surface as the poison of doubt, they can be resolved through practice into the medicine of faith. (Hendoku Iyaku: poison into medicine)

Only Devadatta can surface these particular doubts, functioning as the factor called "Relation" or "External Cause". Only Devadatta can make the cause for the followers of the Buddha obtaining this particular kind of faith in the Three Treasures (in the SGI), when confronting Devadatta and the Three Powerful Enemies.

So, even though we appreciate the function of the Nichiren Shoshu Priesthood, it seems odd to criticize and refute them so fiercely, but that is precisely what we must do: to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to anyone's perception that we uphold the Law and oppose the enemies of the Law.

From "The Opening of the Eyes (I)", WND p 245:

. When the World-Honored One was at Deer Park, he extolled
. the Agama sutras and enjoined his disciples to rely on
. the two hundred and fifty precepts as their teacher,
. warmly praising those who did so, and yet before long,
. as we have seen, he turned about and began condemning
. such men. He is guilty, we would have to say, of making
. two different and completely contradictory
. pronouncements.
. Thus, for example, the World-Honored One cursed
. Devadatta, saying, "You are a fool who licks the spit of
. others!" Devadatta felt as though a poison arrow had
. been shot into his breast, and he cried out in anger,
. declaring: "Gautama is no Buddha! I am the eldest son of
. King Dronodana, the elder brother of the Venerable
. Ananda, and kin to Gautama. No matter what kind of evil
. conduct I might be guilty of, he ought to admonish me in
. private for it. But to publicly and outrageously accuse
. me of faults in front of this great assembly of human
. and heavenly beings--is this the behavior appropriate to
. a great man or a Buddha? He showed himself to be my
. enemy in the past when he stole the woman I intended to
. marry, [Note 96: In the period before Shakyamuni
. renounced the secular life, he married Yashodhara, a
. beautiful woman whom Devadatta had wished to marry. As a
. result, Devadatta nurtured a grudge against Shakyamuni.]
. and he has shown himself my enemy at this gathering
. today. From this day forward, I will look upon him as my
. archenemy for lifetime after lifetime and age after age
. to come!" [Note 97: Based on a passage in the Nirvana
. Sutra.]

I will warn the readers. Cursing an SGI member whom you might perceive as being off, with Shakyamuni's phrase "You are a fool who licks the spit of others!" is not the way to treat other members of the Sangha. That IS a slander.

Once the priesthood excommunicated the 10 million members of the SGI in late 1991, however, that made them Devadatta. So the aspect is an entirely different one. No shooting inside the tent.

Devadatta ALWAYS forces the split: by forcing the Sangha out (Five Senior Priests at Minobu, and Nikken) or by leaving with a renegade group (Shoshinkai and, of course, Devadatta himself).

Personal Note:

. As I refute Nikken's speech from France below, I will be
. ... rather severe.
. Understand, though, my severity is not a formality or
. play-acting. That would be duplicitous. And I am
. definitely not a person who likes formality, anyway.
. No, my enmity is far worse than that which I will
. display. And it will never wane in the case of Nikken
. and the priesthood of Nichiren Shoshu, even many years
. after his downfall and death, at the end of my life
. (speaking optimistically of my survival).
. Where Devadatta is concerned, being "nice" undermines
. your humanity. Devadatta IS the treasonous entity that
. undermines the World of Humanity, and reveals it to be
. under the domain of the Devil King: completely bound
. within the Threefold World.

________ Nikken Cherche Toujours Des Orgies ______
________ Nikken's Always Looking For Orgies

Nichiren Shoshu priests are often heard to state the axiom that: "Great Slander at Taisekiji is always preceded by a fire."

Another axiom can be extrapolated from that one, by stating that: "Great Slander arriving FROM Taisekiji is always preceded by a fire."

So, in the second half of August in 2003, Nikken came to France.

From the website of the Nichiren Shoshu Overseas Bureau:

| August 2003
| Ceremony for Celebrating the Completion of the New
| Temple and Enshrining of the Gohonzon at Myogenzan
| Shingyoji Temple in Montreuil, Paris, France.
| August 30- This ceremony was solemnly conducted by
| the High Priest in Montreuil, Paris, France. On Feb.
| 17th, 1993 The Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist Temple was
| legally established as a religious organization in
| France, and the France Office was opened immediately
| after.

On August 30th, 2003, the humanity of the French people was totally undermined at Montreuil.

| The High Priest and other priests departed on August
| 28th, from Shin-Tokyo International Airport (Narita
| Airport) at 11:51am and arrived at Charles de Gaulle
| Airport at 4:33pm on the same day.
| ... At 10:30am the ceremony commenced, led by the High
| Priest. Rev. Ogawa opened the doors to the Gohonzon,
| and Rev. Fujimoto conducted Kenzen. The High Priest
| then led the recitation of the Sutra, Keisanmon (Words
| of Exaltation), then the continuation of the
| recitation of the Sutra and chanting. They conducted
| this ceremony, solemnly following the Law.

Thereby sealing the fate of many, many Frenchmen. Then Nikken had a General Meeting the next morning, August 31st, 2003, ending at 1pm.

After that there's 56 hours to party !!!

| Afterwards they held a celebration at another
| location. First they received The High Priest's
| deepest heartfelt words, and then Rev. Obayashi's
| toast, and then Rev. Mori respectfully shared his
| appreciation speech. Then the celebration was
| complete.

Yeah. Another location. Nikken's first and deepest heartfelt words in French are: Cherchez les femmes, et le vin !!! Vive La France !!! (Nikken cherche toujours l'orgasme. Ne laissez pas le Haut Prêtre seul sur la rue, Nikken trouvera le gendarme au lieu d'une fille.)

| On Sept. 1st at 8:00pm on board a ship on the Seine
| River in Paris, they held a party in appreciation of
| these auspicious events. First they received The High
| Priest's deepest heartfelt words, and then the General
| Director, Rev. Fujimoto gave a toast, and then
| everybody had dinner together. During dinner, a local
| accordion player performed as well as some other
| entertainment. At the end of the meeting, Rev. Mori
| gave a speech in appreciation.

Mori begs to permanently stay: Please, please don't give me the "Shiba" treatment. I'll find you the finest European girls (and boys), I promise. How about a little Rumanian "gymnast", like those in the Japanese porn magazines that Shido Ogawa sneaks into Taisekiji for Shinryo Ishii, hidden inside false boxes of Gohonzon.

| ... In this way, the High Priest completed the whole
| schedule in France and departed Sept. 2nd at 8:25pm
| from Charles de Gaulle Airport. He arrived safely on
| Sept. 3rd Japan time at 2:18pm at Narita airport.

Bummer. Where's that catastrophe when you really need it?

Back to his "Words of Foul Rapture", from the mind of evil, at the opening of Myogenzan Shingyoji. Also known as Keisanmon Sen'ou Nezumi.

Nikken begins his hypnotic and flowery Tantric raving:

| Words of Exaltation
| -------------------
| Now, as the world under the heavens is entirely
| illuminated by the brilliant light of this profound
| day, I open this structure, located on this superior
| property in a suburb of Paris, in the Republic of
| France. I have hereby enshrined the great Gohonzon of
| the Essential Teaching and have performed the Opening
| and Gohonzon Enshrinement Ceremony.

And with that slanderous act of enshrining of a Gohonzon in a Temple that might as well be the Minobu Sect as far as Nikko is concerned, by a profound enemy of the Law, this false and traitorous priest has caused the miserable deaths of many Frenchmen in the period leading up to this moment of slander, and has further undermined the peace and security of the land throughout France and Europe.

Grave slander has this way of fanning out in the Three Existences of Past Present and Future from the critical Devadatta moment: you can perceive the widespread suffering before, during and after.

Nikken dissembles further:

| I respectfully announce this with sincere devotion to
| the one and only Dai-Gohonzon of the Essential
| Teaching-the fusion of the realm of the Original
| Infinite Law and the inherent wisdom within the Buddha
| of limitless joy of the remotest past of Kuon Ganjo,
| the oneness of the Person and the Law:

This from the author of the slander of the DaiGohonzon contained in the Kawabe memo. NIKKEN SHOULD NEVER SPEAK OF THE DAIGOHONZON AGAIN. HIS TONGUE SHOULD ROT AND FALL OUT, FIRST.

Nikken utters his mudras and mantras, pure magic to him and his mesmerized audience:

| with sincere devotion to our master Nichiren
| Daishonin, the boundlessly compassionate Buddha who
| revealed the True Cause of Original Enlightenment, who
| possesses the Three Enlightened Properties and whose
| Three Enlightened Properties comprise his single
| being, whose beneficence transcends the three
| existences and who possesses the Three Virtues of
| sovereign, teacher and parent;

Actually, I should take it as a matter of doctrine and faith in the Gohonzon that Nichiren Daishonin would not have anything to do with ANYONE who betrayed Nikko, so thoroughly and pervasively.

This is because he left Nikko as the Chief Priest of Kuon-ji, directing all of his followers to follow Nikko. That was his final act in life.

Nikko became founder of the Fuji School, which was therefore the only school of Buddhism which really follows Nichiren. The rest of the Nichiren Temples are by default, with the traitorous Five Senior Priests at Minobu.

And now Nichiren Shoshu is, too.

Hence, I utterly reject your sincere devotion to Nichiren Daishonin, now and forever.

Nikken continues his calumny:

| With sincere devotion to the Second High Priest
| Byakuren Ajari Nikko Shonin, the foremost Master of
| Propagation of the Essential Teaching, who received
| the Living Essence of the True Buddha from Nichiren
| Daishonin;

Clearly to invoke Nikko's name, you must be a follower of Nikko. Nikko stated, when his death grew nigh, that only those who followed EACH AND EVERY one of his 26 Admonitions could consider themselves as his followers. I quote from the end of Nikko's 26 Admonitions:

. I have set forth these 26 articles for the sake of the
. eternal salvation and protection of humankind. Those who
. violate even one of these articles cannot be called
. disciples of Nikko.
. thirteenth day of the first month of the third year of
. the Genko era (1333).
. Nikko(Seal)

Since you are not celibate, Nikken Slanderin, you violate his 25th Admonition. Indeed, you grievously violate the rest of the 26 Admonitions, but the physical proof of having a wife and family, by itself, makes you not his follower, and hence not a priest of Nikko's Fuji School, much less the High Priest. I quote the 25th Admonition of Nikko:

. 25. My disciples should conduct themselves as holy
. priests, patterning their behavior after that of the
. late master. However, even if a high priest or a priest
. striving for practice and understanding should
. temporarily deviate from [the principle of] sexual
. abstinence, he may still be allowed to remain in the
. priesthood [as a common priest without rank].

Your wife and children are living, breathing proof of your attitude towards the Golden Words of Nikko, the founder of the Fuji School. You clearly despise him, whose loyal priest followers you imitate so very badly. Your other behaviors in the Red Light Districts around the world ... do you think for even a moment ??? that those actions are "patterning their [your] behavior after that of the late master." What is wrong with your eyes, can you not read? What is wrong with your diseased brain, can you not even discern the obvious truth? (And keep your hands away from your crotch in public, you sick freak.)


Indeed, everyone present at this scene of grave slander for this false Gohonzon enshrinement by false priests, violates the 6th Admonition, which I quote:

. 6.Lay believers should be strictly prohibited from
. visiting [heretical] temples and shrines. Moreover,
. priests should not visit slanderous temples or shrines,
. which are inhabited by demons, even if only to have a
. look around. To do so would be a pitiful violation [of
. the Daishonin's Buddhism.] This is not my own personal
. view; it wholly derives from the sutras [of Shakyamuni]
. and the writings [of Nichiren Daishonin].

Nikko would not set foot on the grounds of Myogenzan Shingyoji. He would not even bend over to adjust his sandle on the street in front of it.

And, in this case, because these priests are mimicing Nichimoku and Nichikan, the true followers of Nikko, the slander is far, far worse than a pitiful violation.

Nikken beguiles his captive audience with more lies:

| with sincere devotion to the Third High Priest
| Niidakyo Ajari Nichimoku Shonin, the Master of the
| Seat of the Law of the Universe, and to all the
| successive High Priests.

Never, ever. Nichimoku would not even stand nearby a slanderer such as yourself, who falsely portrays himself to be a follower of Nikko and Nichiren, and the High Priest of their school. Quoting from Nikko's 21st Admonition:

. 21. You should not sit together with slanderers of the
. Law [at religious ceremonies] for fear of suffering the
. same punishment as they.

Nikken misquotes the Gosho:

| Our master, Nichiren Daishonin, stated:
| Can there be any doubt that, after this period
| described in the Great Collection Sutra (Daijuku
| Sutra) when "the Pure Law will become obscured and
| lost," the Great Pure Law of the Lotus Sutra will be
| spread far and wide throughout Japan and all the other
| countries of the world? ("The Selection of the Time"
| (Senji sho), Gosho, p. 843; MW-3, p. 107)

This is either a misquote or bad translation (each of which is possible with the Nichiren Shoshu published Gosho, which was released again recently - riddled with 100's errors of all kinds, which were all carefully noted by the Soka Gakkai Young Men's Division of Japan.)

The English version quote from "The Selection of the Time", WND p. 550, actually reads:

, In view of the accuracy of his prediction, can there be
, any doubt that, after this period described in the Great
, Collection Sutra when "the pure Law will become obscured
, and lost," the great pure Law of the Lotus Sutra will be
, spread far and wide throughout Japan and all the other
, countries of Jambudvipa?

Jambudvipa, some will argue, is the one of the four continents (vipa) that is Southern with respect to Mount Sumeru, which would imply India. Some will say that it is the entire earth, or the world. Others will argue that Jambudvipa and our mission to spread the Law through it is vastly, near infinitely greater. Therefore hauling around that great anchor and dead weight of the Nichiren Shoshu and its temples and parasitic priests ... will guarantee that they cannot be a party to Kosen Rufu on ANY larger scope than the temple grounds that the danto believers must spend their lives tending.

In any case, it is wrong to say "world" when Nichiren says "Jambudvipa" merely to deflect our view from the obvious and paralytic Earth-bound nature of the Nichiren Shoshu Priesthood.

From the same Gosho, "The Selection of the Time", WND p. 542:

. The Great Collection Sutra says, "Quarrels and disputes
. will arise among the adherents to my teachings." The
. fifth volume of the Lotus Sutra similarly says, "In that
. evil age there will be monks," "Or there will be forest-
. dwelling monks," and "Evil demons will take possession
. of others." [Note 34: All three of these quotations
. appear in a verse in chapter 13 of the Lotus Sutra,
. which details the three powerful enemies who will attack
. the votaries of the Lotus Sutra in the evil latter age.]

Evil demons have taken possession of all the monks in Myogenzan Shingyoji on August 31st, 2003, since they cannot rationally believe themselves to be followers of Nikko, except in fantasy.

Continuing from the Gosho, "The Selection of the Time", WND p. 542:

. These passages describe the following situation. During
. the fifth five hundred-year period, eminent priests who
. are possessed by evil demons will be found everywhere
. throughout the country. At that time, a single wise man
. will appear. The eminent priests who are possessed by
. evil demons will deceive the ruler, his ministers, and
. the common people into slandering and abusing this man,
. attacking him with sticks, staves, shards, and rubble,
. and condemning him to exile or death. At that time,
. Shakyamuni, Many Treasures, and the Buddhas of the ten
. directions will speak to the great bodhisattvas who
. sprang up from the earth, and the great bodhisattvas
. will in turn report to Brahma, Shakra, the gods of the
. sun and moon, and the four heavenly kings. As a result,
. strange occurrences and unusual disturbances will appear
. in abundance in the heavens and on earth.

Perhaps a strange occurrence ... like the worst heat wave in France in 1500 years (since the time leading up to Nikken's true Zen master, Bodhidharma)?

Now, Nikken gets down to the bottom line:

| Indeed, the golden words describing the process of
| worldwide Kosen-rufu do not represent idle talk. The
| Daimoku received directly from the True Buddha of the
| True Cause, from the remotest past of Kuon,
| reverberates throughout the distant heavens and the
| four seas.

Kosen Rufu, in the Nikkenese dialect, means "Widespread Propagation of Gokuyo Collection", and those are "Golden Euros", he's talking about. And that's not idle talk.

His expectations are high, and if Mori wants to stay in that juicy Paris post, he needs to produce.

And as Shiba found out at Myoshinji in that juicy San Francisco post, if Mori produces too much, a Nikken relative will fly in for the transfer ceremony. (Perhaps one of the many Kimura boys would like Paris. Or one of the Ishii brothers could turn it into a party hub.)

This is the "Middle Way" of the Nikken Threefold World.

Either too much or too little profit will lose you your franchise operation, which will ALSO be posted by youthful Nikken relatives as assistant priests to keep a suspicious eye on Mori and the Koto (to make sure they are not hiding money).

... and maybe also they will send along some Fuji Gakurin University graduate slave-priests bearing worthless diplomas from an unaccredited school, who have nowhere to escape to, ensuring a begrudging and Hellish kind of loyalty. More profit. Pay them in NikkenFrancs, only redeemable in the Myogenzan Shingyoji store. But don't let them talk about unionizing. The French Unions are strong. Have to avoid that.

Nikken continues to prate:

| In particular, numerous believers, who uphold pure
| faith in the correct doctrines of Nichiren Shoshu, the
| True Law, and our True Master, reside here in the
| Republic of France and in all the neighboring
| countries.

The unfortunate followers of Nikken in France ... under the influence of the Noblesse du Robe ... the only thing missing is the confessional.

Actually, if you speak in French in front of the priests ... who only pretend not to speak French, but are secretly listening closely to everything that is said ... it's sort of like an unknowing confession. And these priests will remember everything that is said, who said it, and who they said it to.

Now, Nikken gives out a little too much information. Loose lips sink ships, Nikken Slanderin:

| They have been courageously advancing forth for the
| sake of achieving Kosen-rufu of the Mystic Law. In
| fact, on January 22, 1993, an application was
| submitted to City Hall in Paris, and on Feb 17, 1993
| the legal establishment of the religious organization,
| "Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist Temple," was achieved in
| France.

Hmm. An application filed on a Friday, followed three Fridays later by the successful granting of the application.

I wonder if the French authorities noticed how they did this. In Panama, they also formed a temple in two official steps, and one unofficial step:

The problem was: how to register as a local organization in Panama, without even risking having the application turned down as Japanese. And how to retain REAL control by Taisekiji.

. 1. On 10/25/97, Nichiren Shoshu Templos Panama registers
. with:
. President: Ruth A. Torres (Panamanian)
. Vice President: Taishin Takano (Myohoji-L.A.)
. Treasurer: Alfredo Macia (Panamanian)
. Directors: Lourdes M. Von Chong (Panamanian)
. Katia N. Gonzales (Panamanian)
. 2. 4 days later, on 10/25/97, Nichiren Shoshu Templos
. Panama has a re-election of the Board of Directors
. with 5 chief priests of Nichiren Shoshu Temples, none
. in Central America, and none of them Panamanian (of
. course):
. President: Taishin Takano (Myoho-ji-L.A.)
. Acting President: Kotoku Obayashi (Myoko-ji, Japan)
. Vice President: Jisei Nagasaka (Myosetsu-ji- NYC)
. Treasurer: Shido Takahashi (Honsei-ji-Hawaii)
. Secretary: Jiho Takahashi (Myoshin-ji-S.F.)
. 3. The next year, Takano sends the Takahashi brothers
. packing, back to Japan. He had this in mind when he
. chose them as officers, of course.

Someone ought to check the application papers in Montreuil for who signed what, and when, and where they are now. And how quickly they changed officers, implying a fraudulent initial filing.

Paris is, after all, the capital of France ... which should not be treated as if it were Panama, where American Presidents can arrogantly arrest the President of the country at their pleasure, with impunity. And that particular American President recently receiving a hero's burial for setting the pattern of successfully dealing with "imminent threats" such as these. Une fois qu'ils volent un centimètre, ils seront encouragés à voler un kilomètre.

Nikken gloats over his victory over the French nation:

| For ten years thereafter, the leaders in charge of the
| Office in France and the Hokkeko believers continued
| to uphold passionate and sincere faith and practice;
| and as a result of their precious spirit of support
| and protection, preparations were completed to perform
| eternal, continuous propagation...

This catastrophe could have been avoided, if only they could have delayed longer. Pas mal.

Nikken expresses his "faith":

| ... On this occasion today, their pledge has been
| successfully achieved, as marked by the performance of
| this Opening and Gohonzon Enshrinement Ceremony.
| Secure in the knowledge that the Daishonin, the True
| Buddha, fully approves of this undertaking, I, Nikken,
| have named this fortress of the Law, "Myogenzan
| Shingyoji" Temple. I now lead the people and advance
| forth in this abode of the Law to cause the benevolent
| power of the Dai-Gohonzon to ever more widely prevail
| and to enable each and every individual, all
| humankind, to achieve the Great Effect of attaining
| enlightenment.

I don't think Nikken really believes in the benevolent power of the DaiGohonzon. From the "Fake" (referring to Nikken by reform priests) newsletter:

. We are reminded of Nikken's words on October 8th, 1985,
. when he attended the completion ceremony of Komyoji
. Temple, Hachioji City, Tokyo. Kotoku Hirayama, the chief
. priest of the temple, asked Nikken, "What is the biggest
. obstacle you had in your practice?" Nikken answered, "It
. is that I could not truly believe in the Gohonzon. I
. cannot believe truly now. I have to really try."
. Also, we are reminded of Nikken's statement that
. "Daigohonzon is a fake" from the Kawabe memo. This
. statement seems to be influenced by the author of "view
. of wood honzon is false", Minobu priest Bentetsu
. Yasunaga, who is an associate professor at Minobu's
. Rissho University and chief priest of Zenshoji Temple.

This only makes sense, because Nikken attended that Nichiren Shu institution of learning. In a quote from his own Nichiren Shoshu publication:

| "My view of the teachings of Nichiren Shoshu has been
| polluted with Minobu's wicked teachings," Nikken confessed
| at the opening ceremony for the Fuji Gakurin School (Dai-
| Nichiren, May 2000 edition).

Finally, Nikken wraps it up with something really unbelievable:

| A passage in the Lotus Sutra states:
| I seek to take this benefit and propagate it widely
| among all people, so that I, together with the masses,
| will be able to achieve Buddhahood.

This can not be simply a grievous misquote. He is clearly making this up, inventing his own Lotus Sutra to suit the occasion. Note that he doesn't state which chapter.

No matter, let's see if we can find it ...

There are six places in the Lotus Sutra where the word propagate is found, twice in three chapters (13, 14, and 22):

Chapter 13: Admonition

First here:

. World-Honored One, leader and teacher,
. you bring tranquility to heavenly and human beings.
. We have heard these prophecies
. and our minds are peaceful and satisfied.
. The nuns, having recited these verses, said to the
. Buddha, "World-Honored One, we too will be able to go to
. lands in other regions and broadly propagate this sutra.

That can't be it.

And then here:

. They rose from their seats, advanced before the Buddha
. and, pressing their palms together with a single mind,
. thought to themselves, if the World-Honored One should
. order us to embrace and preach this sutra, we would do
. as the Buddha instructed and broadly propagate this Law.
. And then they thought to themselves, But the Buddha now
. is silent and gives us no such order. What shall we do?

That can't be it.

Chapter 14: Peaceful Practices

First here (the verse of the World-Honored One):

. If a bodhisattva will at times
. enter a quiet room
. and with the correct mental attitude
. will view phenomena according to the doctrine,
. and then, rising from his meditation,
. will for the sake of the ruler,
. the princes, ministers and people,
. the Brahmans and others,
. unfold, propagate, expound
. and preach this sutra,
. then his mind will be tranquil,
. free of quailing and timidity.

That can't be it.

And then here:

. "Manjushri this Lotus Sutra is the secret storehouse of
. the Buddhas, the Thus Come Ones. Among the sutras, it
. holds the highest place. Through the long night I have
. guarded and protected it and have never recklessly
. propagated it. But today for the first time I expound it
. for your sake."

That can't be it.

Chapter 22: Entrustment

From the beginning of the chapter:

. At that time Shakyamuni Buddha rose from his Dharma seat
. and, manifesting his great supernatural powers, with his
. right hand patted the heads of the immeasurable
. bodhisattvas and mahasattvas and spoke these words: "For
. immeasurable hundreds, thousands, ten thousands,
. millions of asamkhya kalpas I have practiced this hard-
. to-attain Law of anuttara-samyak-sambodhi. Now I entrust
. it to you. You must single-mindedly propagate this Law
. abroad, causing its benefits to spread far and wide."

That has a tiny resemblance to Nikken's Lotus Sutra quote, but Nikken said "I seek to take this benefit and propagate it widely among all people, so that I, together with the masses, will be able to achieve Buddhahood." The sense of it is all wrong.

In the second half of the Lotus Sutra, Buddhahood is not achieved, it is inherent in the bodhisattva path, from the line in the Juryo 16th chapter "Gahon Gyo Bosatsu Do", originally I practiced the bodhisattva way.

So, that can't be it.

. Three times he patted the bodhisattvas and mahasattvas
. on the head and spoke these words: "For immeasurable
. hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, millions of asamkhya
. kalpas I have practiced this hard-to-attain Law of
. anuttara-samyak-sambodhi. Now I entrust it to you. You
. must accept, uphold, recite, and broadly propagate this
. Law, causing all living beings everywhere to hear and
. understand it. Why? Because the Thus Come One has great
. pity and compassion. He is in no way stingy or
. begrudging, nor has he any fear. He is able to bestow on
. living beings the wisdom of the Buddha, the wisdom of
. the Thus Come One, the wisdom that comes of itself. The
. Thus Come One is a great giver of gifts to all living
. beings. You for your part should respond by studying
. this Law of the Thus Come One. You must not be stingy or
. begrudging.

That can't be it.

So, it doesn't exist in Shakyamuni's Lotus Sutra !!!!

Therefore, Nikken is writing his own NEW Lotus Sutra, along with rewriting the Gosho.

This makes him a blatant charlatan, and a Devadatta on the level of Ryokan or Bodhidharma (Daruma). Only Devadatta manifests the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven in regards to stealing the sutras and intent of the Buddha and making them his own distortions, which he then re-issues as the Buddha's original words. The ultimate and worst-possible identity theft crime.

Nikken wraps it up, to get on with the ... private observances:

| I respectfully pray that our master Nichiren Daishonin
| would extend his compassionate directions upon us, to
| promote true harmony between the priests and the lay
| believers and for the increasing good fortune and
| prosperity of Shingyoji Temple, so that we may achieve
| our ultimate goal of Kosen-rufu.
| August 30, 2003
| With my hands in sincere prayer,
| Nikken
| Sixty-seventh High Priest
| Nichiren Shoshu Head Temple

La Banque de Nikken est ouverte pour des dépôts. Et Nikken est prêt à faire quelques dépôts ailleurs.

________ The Nikken-Montreuil Catastrophe ____________

As I stated above ...

. Nichiren Shoshu priests are often heard to state the
. axiom that: "Great Slander at Taisekiji is always
. preceded by a fire."
. Another axiom can be extrapolated from that one, by
. stating that: "Great Slander arriving FROM Taisekiji is
. always preceded by a fire."
. So, in the second half of August in 2003, Nikken came to
. France.

This article was posted in U.S. News & World Report, the day after Nikken's General Meeting.

. Fatal Summer
. by Lisa Stein | Sep 01 2003
. Were you one of the unlucky millions who had to endure
. a day without air conditioning in muggy New York,
. Detroit, or Cleveland during the Great Blackout of
. 2003? Well, if you thought that was bad, imagine what
. it's been like across the Atlantic, where a scalding
. weeks-long heat wave is being blamed for more than
. 10,000 deaths in France. Hundreds more died in other
. sweltering European countries, including Spain and the
. Netherlands. French morgues and funeral homes
. reportedly overflowed with bodies of victims, mostly
. elderly, who perished in wilting temperatures that on
. some days topped 104 degrees. Making matters worse:
. Hospitals were short-handed during France's longest
. and hottest heat wave, which hit when many workers
. were on holiday. President Jacques Chirac, criticized
. for failing to cut short a three-week Canadian
. vacation and deal with the crisis, last week promised
. that "everything will be done" to seal cracks in the
. nation's healthcare system that allowed so many to
. die. "The alert system must be revised," Chirac said
. in a rare post-cabinet-meeting address. "The
. individual tragedies that our citizens have gone
. through are an ordeal that the whole nation shares."

President Jacques Chirac should have sealed the cracks in immigration from Japan, before August, when the plans were already in motion, but no one had died as of yet.

The data from the abundance of excess deaths is appalling. It starts at the 1st of August, hitting a peak at the 12th and 13th of 2000 excess deaths each day. And the majority of them were ... you guessed it, in Paris.

. Table numbers extracted from Figure: Daily number of
. excess deaths in France during August 1-28, 2003,
. together with average French maximum and minimum
. temperatures. The death number is expressed as a
. departure from values estimated for 2000-2002. Figure
. from Besancenot, J.-P., 2003: De l'aléa météorologique
. à la catastrophe sanitaire: la vague de chaleur de
. l'été 2003 en France. Available from:
. | Date | Deaths | Maximum | Minimum |
. | Aug | In Excess | Temperature | Temperature |
. | 2003 | Per Day | Centrigrade | Centrigrade |
. | | | | |
. | 1 | 4 | 29.47 | 14.02 |
. | 2 | 74 | 32.19 | 16.38 |
. | 3 | 120 | 34.06 | 17.16 |
. | 4 | 286 | 36.83 | 19.76 |
. | 5 | 565 | 36.65 | 20.78 |
. | 6 | 771 | 36.05 | 20.12 |
. | 7 | 978 | 36.11 | 19.70 |
. | 8 | 1200 | 36.29 | 19.33 |
. | 9 | 1267 | 36.77 | 20.06 |
. | 10 | 1412 | 36.59 | 19.45 |
. | 11 | 1727 | 36.29 | 19.88 |
. | 12 | 2203 | 36.47 | 19.82 |
. | 13 | 1986 | 35.45 | 20.18 |
. | 14 | 1009 | 30.14 | 20.60 |
. | 15 | 544 | 28.20 | 18.61 |
. | 16 | 239 | 29.29 | 17.40 |
. | 17 | 239 | 28.08 | 18.43 |
. | 18 | 229 | 27.72 | 17.58 |
. | 19 | 79 | 27.30 | 16.07 |
. | 20 | 17 | 26.88 | 15.59 |
. | 21 | 43 | 27.90 | 14.99 |
. | 21 | 4 | 29.41 | 14.75 |
. | 23 | 33 | 28.39 | 16.56 |
. | 24 | 69 | 30.01 | 16.98 |
. | 25 | 74 | 29.41 | 16.26 |
. | 26 | 2 | 28.93 | 16.01 |
. | 27 | 43 | 30.98 | 16.07 |
. | 28 | 79 | 27.96 | 17.34 |
. Total excess French deaths > 15300

What is the meaning of this in Buddhism? As Nichiren wrote ...

From "The True Aspect of All Phenomena", WND p. 384:

. A common mortal is an entity of the three bodies, and a
. true Buddha. A Buddha is a function of the three bodies,
. and a provisional Buddha. In that case, though it is
. thought that Shakyamuni Buddha possesses the three
. virtues of sovereign, teacher, and parent for the sake
. of all of us living beings, that is not so. On the
. contrary, it is common mortals who endow him with the
. three virtues.

"A common mortal is ... a true Buddha". And Nichiren and Shakyamuni are endowed with the three virtues of sovereign, teacher, and parent BY the common mortal, who IS the true Buddha.

So, the 15300 who died were all common mortals, who ARE the true buddha.

Who simply refused to live in a place occupied by a Nikken Temple. And the closer they were to it, the more of them died.

Which points to the real reason for Global Warming.

Yes, everyone is pumping out the Carbon Dioxide.

But why are they not caring about the future of the planet?

They simply refuse to live on a planet occupied by Nikkenism.

It's that simple. He's that distorted.

From the Earth Crash website:

. From: (
. [Current category is Life Disintegrating (Earth Crash)]
. December 08, 2003
. Top British climate experts say Europe's exceptional
. heat wave during the summer of 2003, which saw the
. average summer temperature reach an unprecedented
. 3.78C above the long-term norm, was directly caused by
. global warming due to human actions.
. According to the U.K. Independent, Europe's summer of
. 2003 was remarkable: Britain experienced its record
. high temperature and continental Europe saw forest
. fires raging out of control, great rivers drying to a
. trickle and thousands of heat-related deaths. But just
. how remarkable is only now becoming clear. It was the
. summer, scientists now realize, when global warming at
. last made itself unmistakably felt.
. The three months of June, July and August were the
. warmest ever recorded in western and central Europe,
. with record national highs in Portugal, Germany and
. Switzerland as well as in Britain. And they were the
. warmest by a very long way. Over a great rectangular
. block of the earth stretching from west of Paris to
. northern Italy, taking in Switzerland and southern
. Germany, the average temperature for the summer months
. was 3.78C above the long-term norm, said the Climatic
. Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia
. in Norwich, one of the world's leading institutions
. for the monitoring and analysis of temperature
. records.
. That excess might not seem a lot until you are aware
. of the context - then you realise it is enormous.
. There is nothing like this in previous data, anywhere.
. It is considered so exceptional that Professor Phil
. Jones, the CRU's director, is prepared to say openly -
. in a way few scientists have done before - that the
. 2003 extreme may be directly attributed, not to
. natural climate variability, but to global warming
. caused by human actions. Before now, meteorologists
. would only cautiously say that recent high
. temperatures were "consistent with predictions" of
. climate change.

Now, here I would agree. Due to human actions. Movement from Taisekiji of one body too many. The Nikken straw that broke the camel's back.

. For the great block of the map - that stretching
. between 35-50N and 0-20E - the CRU has reliable
. temperature records dating back to 1781. Using as a
. baseline the average summer temperature recorded
. between 1961 and 1990, departures from the temperature
. norm, or "anomalies", over the area as a whole can
. easily be plotted. As the graph shows, such is the
. variability of our climate that over the past 200
. years, there have been at least half a dozen
. anomalies, in terms of excess temperature - the peaks
. on the graph denoting very hot years - approaching, or
. even exceeding, 2C. But there has been nothing
. remotely like 2003, when the anomaly is nearly four
. degrees.
. "This is quite remarkable," Jones said. "It's very
. unusual in a statistical sense. If this series had a
. normal statistical distribution you wouldn't get this
. number. The return period [how often it could be
. expected to recur] would be something like one in a
. thousand years.

The unusual will happen around Nikken. Oh, yes. And it is just an indication of what is to come.

. "If we look at an excess above the average of nearly
. four degrees, then perhaps nearly three degrees of
. that is natural variability, because we've seen than
. in past summers. But the final degree of it is likely
. to be due to global warming, caused by human action."
. The summer of 2003 has, in a sense, been one that
. climate scientists have long been expecting. Until
. now, the warming has been manifesting itself mainly in
. winters that have been less cold than in summers that
. have been much more hot. Last week, the United Nations
. predicted that winters are warming so quickly that
. winter sports will die out in Europe's lower-level ski
. resorts. But sooner or later the unprecedented hot
. summer was bound to come, and this year it did.
. Over a large swath of the western part of the European
. continent, records were broken in all three months,
. not just monthly averages, but for daily extremes and
. the lengths of spells above thresholds. New national
. records were set in at least four countries. Britain
. experienced its record high on 10 August when the
. mercury registered 38.5 C(101.3F) at Faversham in Kent
. - the first time the British Isles had recorded a
. three-figure Fahrenheit temperature.
. Germany had a new record of 40.8C (105.4F),
. Switzerland one of 41.5C (106.7F) - Swiss data show
. the summer as the hottest since at least 1500 - and
. Portugal a quite astonishing 47.3C (117.1F).
. Although France did not see a new national record -
. that still stands at the 44C (111.2F) registered at
. Toulouse on 8 August 1923 - the country suffered
. severely from La Canicule, the heat wave, which was
. headline news for most of the late summer. In southern
. and eastern France, according to Jones, 29 sites
. recorded temperatures exceeding 40C (104F) during
. August, with the record being 42.6C (108.7F) at Orange
. in the Rhône valley.

I will bet you that D.T. Suzuki was near Toulouse during the Summer of 1923.

. One of the most dramatic features of the summer was
. the hot nights, especially in the first half of
. August. In Paris, the temperature never dropped below
. 23C (73.4F) at all between 7 and 14 August, and the
. city recorded its warmest-ever night on 11-12 August,
. when the mercury did not drop below 25.5C (77.9F).
. Germany recorded its warmest-ever night at Weinbiet in
. the Rhine valley with a lowest figure of 27.6C (80.6F)
. on 13 August, and similar record-breaking night-time
. temperatures were recorded in Switzerland and Italy.
. The 15,000 excess deaths in France during August,
. compared with previous years, have been related to the
. high night-time temperatures. The numbers of heat-
. related deaths gradually increased during the first 12
. days of the month, peaking at about 2,000 per day on
. the night of 12-13 August, then fell off dramatically
. after 14 August when the minimum temperatures fell by
. about 5C. The elderly were most affected, with a 70
. per cent increase in mortality rate in those aged 75-
. 94.

The elderly simply have not lived with the kind of life corruption that the younger generations can tolerate. The youth are amazingly functional in the Saha World.

. For Britain, the year as a whole is likely to be the
. warmest ever recorded. According to a related
. Independent article, data maintained by the Climatic
. Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia
. in Norwich show that, unless Britain is hit by a
. sustained freeze of Arctic proportions in the next
. three weeks, the current 12 months will prove the
. hottest in the whole of the Central England
. Temperature Record, which goes back to 1659. The
. year's expected final average temperature of 10.65C
. will beat the previous records of 1990 (10.63C) and
. 1999 (10.62C). Despite the high temperature record on
. 10 August, the summer itself - defined as the June,
. July and August period - still comes behind 1976 and
. 1995, when there were longer periods of intense heat.
. At the moment, the year is on course to be the third-
. hottest ever in the global temperature record, which
. goes back to 1856, behind 1998 and 2002, but when all
. the records for October, November and December are
. collated, it might move into second place, Jones said.
. The 10 hottest years in the record have all now
. occurred since 1990. Jones is in no doubt about the
. astonishing nature of European summer of 2003. "The
. temperatures recorded were out of all proportion to
. the previous record," he said. "It was the warmest
. summer in the past 500 years and probably way beyond
. that. It was enormously exceptional."

Since 1990, when Operation C was executed by Nikken and Fujimoto.

. His colleagues at the University of East Anglia's
. Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research are now
. planning a special study of the summer of 2003. "It
. was a summer that has not been experienced before,
. either in terms of the temperature extremes that were
. reached, or the range and diversity of the impacts of
. the extreme heat," said the centre's executive
. director, Professor Mike Hulme. "There were impacts on
. health in France, on hydroelectricity in Spain, on
. agriculture in southern Germany and on transportation
. in Italy. It will certainly have left its mark on a
. number of countries, as to how they think and plan for
. climate change in the future, much as the 2000 floods
. here revolutionized the way the Government is thinking
. about flooding in the UK. The 2003 heatwave will have
. similar repercussions across Europe."
. First the fields dried and turned yellow, then the
. forests burst into flames. The rivers disappeared; the
. glaciers melted; the old died. Although in Britain we
. dream of hot weather, across Europe the heatwave of
. last June, July and August was too much for most
. people.
. The heatwave was record-breaking in its extremity,
. with temperatures exceeding 100F (37.78C) across a
. vast area of Europe, and the prolonged period of
. drought made it worse. Parts of eastern France had
. been without rain since February, the longest spell in
. a century. There was no feed for livestock; nothing
. was green any more.
. In Feurs, in the Loire département, a 34-year-old man
. was arrested for killing his horse in public, cutting
. it in four pieces and putting in his freezer. He said
. the drought had shriveled all the grazing and he had
. no more grass or feed to keep the animal alive.
. In France's south, the tinder-dry brush went up in
. flames at the hint of a spark and by the third week of
. July, 40,000 acres were burning between Toulon and
. Saint Tropez; the Massif des Maures, the chain of
. hills that form a noble backdrop the Riviera, was
. burnt to a cinder. Two Britons, Margaret Timson, 63,
. and her granddaughter,15-year-old Kirsty Egerton, from
. Wigan, Greater Manchester, were killed when they tried
. to escape from the fires, close to La Garde-Freinet,
. near Frejus, by car. Other tourists from the
. Netherlands and Poland also lost their lives.
. Rivers dried across the continent; in Spain and in
. Italy there were electricity shortages as
. hydroelectric power stations ceased to function when
. the flow dropped.
. The Po, Italy's greatest river, was reduced to a
. trickle. As the rivers began to vanish, so did the
. Alpine glaciers. Many Swiss glaciers showed dramatic
. retreats, melting at a rate 10 times that of a normal
. summer. Italians scientists estimate that their own
. country's glaciers are now 20 per cent smaller than
. they were in 1987.
. And the old and the infirm, at the heatwave's height
. in early August, simply keeled over. The French
. estimate an extra 15,000 deaths during the summer
. period across the country, but with the largest
. numbers in Paris.

In Paris, Ground Zero for the Nikken attack.

More than 15,300 dead in one month.

Their wonderful Parisian world of Humanity ... undermined by one incredibly evil man and his evil crew. Who are happy to go out drinking and celebrating ... while corpses "pile up in mounds like observation platforms" - quoting from the Rissho Ankoku Ron - Nichiren.

Wonderful old French people who survived the Nazi occupation, which was the ally of High Priest Nikkyo of Nichiren Shoshu during the war. While Makiguchi and Toda of the Soka Gakkai were imprisoned by the Imperial Way Buddhist Regime which Nichiren Shoshu WAS A PART OF.

Which old French people, who survived that Axis Regime, refused to any longer be a part of in August 2003. I wish we could have stopped it.

________ Definition of Humanity (Nin) ____________

From the SGI Dictionary:

world of human beings [人界] (Jpn nin-kai): Also, realm of human beings or world of humanity. The fifth of the Ten Worlds. When viewed as a state of life, the world of human beings indicates a condition in which one can control one's instinctive desires with reason and act in a humane fashion. In The Object of Devotion for Observing the Mind, Nichiren describes "calmness" as characterizing the world of human beings. Maintaining calmness, however, is not easy; it requires self-control. This is why, among the Ten Worlds, the world of humanity is considered the first step toward acquiring self-control. Also characteristic of this condition is the desire for self-improvement, the will to seek a higher state of life. Without constant effort, however, one in this world will regress and fall into the lower of the Ten Worlds.

________ Getting Some Help _______________________

If you are a Nichiren Shoshu Priest, or a Hokkeko member from anywhere in the world, and are thinking about switching to the SGI call (310) 260-8900 or contact the Headquarters at SGI Plaza:,-118.4979288,17z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x80c2a4c8ce37f2e7:0x918d68e31aa2b5e4!2s606+Wilshire+Blvd,+Santa+Monica,+CA+90401!3b1!8m2!3d34.0205589!4d-118.4957401!3m4!1s0x80c2a4c8bc1aaae7:0x8b8af06c5597de63!8m2!3d34.0208086!4d-118.4958896?hl=en

Tell them that you are a Nichiren Shoshu Priest or Hokkeko member, and wish to speak to someone about the SGI, and what to do.

________ The Survivor Gita _______________________

Who will replace the "Sen'ou Nezumi" ?

Nikken, the Usurper King of the Rats at Taisekiji, has been replaced by Nichinyo, who is an angry member of the elite, due to too many blows to the head. A little punchy, and brief in his rule, since Nikken has plans for his son to take over.

One thing that is known for certain: There will be a new Rat King. And quickly there will be another.

Another thing that is known for certain: All the alliances will change, and more than once. Anyone that has watched Survivor knows this.

Rule Number Zero:

The War of the Rodents can only be won by ... King Rat.

More to come ... These questions will be answered !!!



LS Chap. 16 .....

All harbor thoughts of yearning
and in their minds thirst to gaze at me.
When living beings have become truly faithful,
honest and upright, gentle in intent,
single-mindedly desiring to see the Buddha
not hesitating even if it costs them their lives,
then I and the assembly of monks
appear together on Holy Eagle Peak.
At that time I tell the living beings
that I am always here, never entering extinction,
but that because of the power of an expedient means
at times I appear to be extinct, at other times not,
and that if there are living beings in other lands
who are reverent and sincere in their wish to believe,
then among them too
I will preach the unsurpassed Law.
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