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Disbasing Zen Stories

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Toxic Zen Story #9: Physical Zen: Shaolin Tai Chi and Qigong, Acupuncture, Acupressure and Falun Gong.

. ... With her body entirely wrapped in bandage,
. 12-year-old Liu Siying said her biggest wish is
. to go home and continue with her schooling. "I
. must catch up with my lessons.
. My classmates are going into the sixth grade, I
. don't want to be left behind alone," she said.
. Chen Guo, a music college student, said she
. wanted to return to school so that she could be a
. music teacher upon graduation. However, doctors
. at the Beijing Jishuitan Hospital said the four
. are still in a critical condition. "We have
. transplanted skin for all four of them. But the
. burns are massive, and the danger of infection is
. high," said Li Chi, the doctor in charge of the
. burn unit. Even they survive, they face a
. difficult life, as their faces are seriously
. deformed and their hands are actually non-
. existent, the doctor said. - from "Tiananmen
. Tragedy: a Conspiracy by Falun Gong Cult"

____ Background for Toxic Zen Stories ____________________


____ Introduction ________________________________________

Shaolin Tai Chi and Qigong are derived from Physical Zen and Shaolin Kung Fu. Tai Chi and Qigong actually come directly from Bodhidharma's meditations on flows in the body. They are inseparable from each other, and from their source.

He emerged after nine years of seclusion and wrote two classics: Yi Jin Jing or Yi Gin Ching - Muscle/Tendon Changing Classic and Xi Sui Jing (or Shii Soei Ching - Marrow/Brain Washing Classic.

The Muscle/Tendon Changing Classic taught the priests how to gain health and change their physical bodies from weak to strong. The Marrow/Brain Washing Classic taught the priests how to use Qi to clean the bone marrow and strengthen the blood and immune system, as well as how to energize the brain and attain enlightenment. Because the Marrow/Brain Washing Classic was harder to understand and practice, the training methods were passed down secretly to only a very few disciples in each generation.

The History of Qigong.

The History of Tai Chi (Ta Mo is another name for Bodhidharma)

The Lineage of Tai-chi and Lohan Qigong.

Bodhidharma, the Alien Aryan

Qigong was a primary art of the Shaolin temple, until it was sacked and almost all of the inhabitants were massacred about 200 years ago. But a few escaped the fate of the many believers of Qigong.

Acupuncture and Acupressure are derived as healing arts, directly from Qigong. They are now being used by insurance companies seeking relief from health care of patients, as a replacement to modern medicine.

Acupuncture.Com: A Brief History of Qigong (Da Mo is another name for Bodhidharma)

Unfortunately, as the following website shows, these techniques are unregulated, with many problems of spreading disease with needle reuse, such as all forms of hepatitis, and with no clear scientific evidence of anything other than quackery being involved.

Pediatric Acupuncture, Tell-Tale Hearts and other Acu-Fables, Contaminated Acupuncture Needles Spread Fear.

____ Toxic Zen Story ______________________________

Falun Gong is derived directly from Qigong and Zen. Falun Gong is a series of five Zen meditation and Qigong martial arts exercises. After being introduced in China in 1992, it has quickly grown to 100 million adherants.

Here's the story of the current battle between Falun Gong and the Chinese government, first from the Falun Gong side:

Why is the Chinese government persecuting Falun Gong practitioners?

| Originally, the Chinese government promoted Falun
| Gong, because the tremendous health benefits it
| offered eased the burden on China's crumbling
| health care system. However, in seven years the
| number of Falun Gong practitioners grew to
| outnumber Communist party members almost two-to-
| one. When Chinese President Jiang Zemin became
| aware of Falun Gong's popularity, he was shocked-
| and frightened. The sheer number of practitioners
| caused President Jiang to view Falun Gong as a
| potential threat to his power.
| Acting on orders from the government, police
| began harassing practitioners, preventing them
| from practicing together, and threatening them
| with arrest. Meanwhile, certain newspapers began
| printing negatively biased articles. In one
| incident in Tianjin, police beat and arrested
| practitioners who dared to come forward to
| express their views.
| Practitioners around the country responded by
| asking their local governments to assist them.
| They were told that the orders had come from the
| central government. Thus, on April 25, 1999 about
| 10.000 people gathered outside the main
| government buildings in Beijing to present their
| request for a legal and non-hostile environment
| in which to practice. The gathering was peaceful,
| orderly and lawful. After a few practitioners met
| with certain high-level government officials,
| everyone quietly went home.
| After this incident, President Jiang decided that
| Falun Gong needed to be eradicated. Therefore, on
| July 20, 1999, President Jiang declared Falun
| Gong illegal, and ordered the arrest of Falun
| Gong practitioners. Police began raiding
| practitioners' homes, seizing books and tapes,
| and arresting anyone suspected of involvement
| with Falun Gong. Practitioners have been fired
| from their jobs, expelled from their schools, and
| evicted from their homes. Since 1999, tens of
| thousands have been arrested, tried (in many
| cases in closed-door trials, with no defense
| counsel) and sentenced to many years in prison,
| or sent without trial to forced-labor camps,
| where they are subjected to officially sanctioned
| persecution by the guards.
| Jiang simultaneously launched a nationwide anti-
| Falun Gong propaganda campaign, using the state-
| run television, radio, and newspapers to feed the
| Chinese populace disinformation about Falun Gong-
| telling people that Falun Gong made people sick
| or insane- in order to get the citizens to accept
| the brutality of the persecution.
| In spite of this harsh treatment, practitioners
| are so moved by Falun Gong power and purity that
| they continue to cultivate. Thus, the Chinese
| government has drastically increased the severity
| of its methods. Police have begun brutally
| beating and torturing practitioners, using clubs,
| whips, boots, and fists to force practitioners to
| renounce Falun Gong. Practitioners have been
| beaten, whipped, shocked with cattle prods, and
| burned alive. In Masanjia labor camp, eighteen
| female practitioners were stripped naked and
| forced into the cells of male criminals to be
| repeatedly raped and abused. Neither women nor
| the elderly are spared; all Falun Gong
| practitioners in China risk being tortured and
| killed at the order of the Communist Chinese
| government, and for no other reason than that
| they believe in Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance.
| To date, more than four hundred fifty
| practitioners have been confirmed tortured to
| death while in police custody. Inside information
| places this number at over two thousand.

And on the side of the Chinese government: bemoaning the immolations of cult believers, including young children ...

Tiananmen Tragedy: a Conspiracy by Falun Gong Cult

. Police investigations have found that the self-
. immolation tragedy by five Falun Gong
. practitioners last month in Tiananmen Square was
. a direct result of incitement and spiritual
. control by cult leader Li Hongzhi, and a
. conspiracy by his diehard followers.
. The direct organizers of the tragedy, Liu Yunfang
. and Xue Hongjun, have been arrested, while
. another mastermind of the horrible scene, Wan
. Jindong, has been hospitalized since he set
. himself ablaze together with four others on
. January 23. According to the investigations, Liu
. Yunfang, 57, was a former factory worker in
. Kaifeng City, Henan Province in central China. He
. started practicing Falun Gong in 1997. Not long
. afterwards, he began to boast of his "heavenly
. eyes" that allow him to see "life and substances
. in another space". He also claimed to be one of
. the top ten disciples of Li Hongzhi.
. Since May 2000, in his lectures Li Hongzhi has
. repeatedly urged practitioners to "devote their
. lives wholly to Falun Gong" so that they can
. achieve "nirvana". Liu told his fellow
. practitioners Wang Jindong, Hao Huijun and Xue
. Hongjun that he had realized what "nirvana" was.
. According to him, it meant giving up everything
. and thereby gaining access to " heaven". Liu
. declared later that while he was practicing, he
. saw his spirit carrying a lighter and gasoline to
. Tiananmen Square and setting it on fire.
. Whereupon he saw his "Buddha body" spraying fire
. from the mouth and displaying a brilliant light."
. Liu told this to Xue Hongjun, who then spread the
. story among other Falun Gong practitioners.
. Meanwhile, another practitioner, Wang Jindong,
. claimed that he had come to realize that the
. supreme form of achieving "nirvana" was to burn
. oneself in Tiananmen Square, and still better, on
. the eve of the Lunar New Year.
. Following the latest instruction of Li Hongzhi
. which urged his followers to sacrifice everything
. for Falun Gong, Liu, Wang, Xue and Hao met on
. January 10, 2001, and agreed to burn themselves
. to death in Tiananmen on the eve of the Lunar New
. Year, which fell on January 23. Xue further
. suggested that more people should be organized to
. join them. And so Liu Yunfang and Wang Jindong
. called Liu Baorong, Liu Chunling and her 12-year-
. old daughter Liu Ying, while Hao Huijun phoned
. her daughter Chen Guo, who was studying in
. Beijing and also a practitioner. On January 16,
. Liu Yunfang, Wang Jindong, Hao Huijun, Liu
. Baorong, Liu Chunling and Liu Siying left Kaifeng
. for Beijing. Xue went to the railway station to
. see them off, and said he would meet them in
. "heaven".
. The six arrived in Beijing the next morning, and
. met Chen Guo. They found lodgings at the house of
. a Beijing practitioner, but were transferred to
. another apartment by the local Falun Gong
. organization on the same day. The seven thereupon
. started their preparations. They bought 40
. litters of gasoline, which they poured into 14
. empty Sprite bottles. Perfume was sprayed over
. the bottles to cover up the smell of gasoline.
. The time for the self-immolation was fixed at 2:
. 30 p.m., January 23. On the fatal day, Hao
. Huijun, Chen Guo, Liu Chunling and Liu Siying
. took a taxi to Tiananmen Square. They poured
. gasoline on their bodies in a nearby toilet and
. set fire to themselves on the square. About 10
. minutes later, Liu Yunfang, Wang Jindong and Liu
. Baorong arrived at the square in another taxi.
. The latter two set themselves on fire, but Liu
. Yunfang did not. He didn't even pour gasoline on
. himself. Liu Chunling died on the spot, while the
. other four were seriously injured and were
. immediately rushed to hospital. "I did not set
. myself on fire, because the 'master' wanted me to
. stay. He want me to live so that I can speak,"
. Liu Yunfang explained to the police.
. "They had a deeper belief than I, so they
. attained 'nirvana'. I had not reached their level
. so I changed my mind," Liu added. Xue Hongjun was
. reluctant to admit his role in the tragedy. But
. pressed by reporters, he gave a long sigh, and
. said, "I'm a sinner. " Upon learning that Li
. Hongzhi has denied that the victims were
. followers of Falun Gong, Xue said, "They are
. telling lies. Li Hongzhi is shirking his
. responsibility, but God will not forgive him."
. His hands trembled with anger. With her body
. entirely wrapped in bandage, 12-year-old Liu
. Siying said her biggest wish is to go home and
. continue with her schooling. "I must catch up
. with my lessons.
. My classmates are going into the sixth grade, I
. don't want to be left behind alone," she said.
. Chen Guo, a music college student, said she
. wanted to return to school so that she could be a
. music teacher upon graduation. However, doctors
. at the Beijing Jishuitan Hospital said the four
. are still in a critical condition. "We have
. transplanted skin for all four of them. But the
. burns are massive, and the danger of infection is
. high," said Li Chi, the doctor in charge of the
. burn unit. Even they survive, they face a
. difficult life, as their faces are seriously
. deformed and their hands are actually non-
. existent, the doctor said.

____ Epilog _______________________________________

The Buddha's highest teachings were the purpose of the Buddha's advent on this earth.

The Buddha did not appear on this earth to drain people's compassion with discussions of the emptiness and meaninglessness of life which is just a void.

The Buddha did not appear on this earth to teach people to live in such a narrow and momentary way, that there would be no context for self-examination and conscience.

The Buddha did not appear on this earth to possess people's minds with such illogic as to befuddle their ability to choose correctly between what is good and what is evil.

The Buddha did not appear on this earth to teach people how to commit atrocities and genocide, in the exploration of their "infinite possibilities", or "new states of being".

The Buddha did not appear on this earth to teach people how to maim and kill with their hands efficiently, quietly, loudly, with increased terror inflicted, or to maximize their subjugation to control the public sentiments for political ends.

These are all profoundly evil distortions of the Buddha's true teachings, which introduce infinities in the variables holding good and evil, removing all shades of gray in the propositional calculus of value.

Simply stated, the Buddha made his advent on this earth with the purpose of teaching the compassionate way of the bodhisattva, which is at the heart of the true entity of all phenomena, which is the eternal Buddha at one with the eternal Law. Which is how to navigate the sea of sufferings of birth, aging, sickness and death. He originally set out on his path, because of his observation of the sufferings of common people and wanting to understand the source of those sufferings (enlightened wisdom) and how to transform those sufferings into unshakable happiness (enlightened action).

What is brewing in China is a potential for millions to suffer, even though all that they wished to pursue was good health and physical improvement.

When you embrace the void, your initial intent to improve your life and pursue health and fitness don't matter ... the result is always the same: chaos and misery.

But things don't have to be that way ...

Nichiren Daishonin writes (Encouragement to a Sick Person, WND p. 78):

. "During the Former and Middle Days of the Law, the
. five impurities began to appear, and in the Latter
. Day, they are rampant. They give rise to the great
. waves of a gale, which not only beat against the
. shore, but strike each other. The impurity of
. thought has been such that, as the Former and
. Middle Days of the Law gradually passed, people
. transmitted insignificant erroneous teachings
. while destroying the unfathomable correct
. teaching. It therefore appears that more people
. have fallen into the evil paths because of errors
. with respect to Buddhism than because of secular
. misdeeds."

Because Bodhidharma discarded the Buddha's highest teaching (the Lotus Sutra), and due to his lazy nature turned to shortcuts to enlightenment, he came to the distorted view that life is acausal and empty, that the true entity is the void.

This erroneous view really comes from a misunderstanding of the Sutra of Immeasurable Meanings, where the True Entity is described by negation (the only way it can be): "... neither square, nor round, neither short, nor long, ..."

The description of the True Entity is logically voidal, but the True Entity itself is not. Bodhidharma was simply confused, due to the slander of negligence (laziness), and false confidence. The truth of life is that at the heart of the True Entity is the compassion of a bodhisattva for others.

Non-substantiality does not mean empty. Life has value. Humans are respectworthy. There is a purpose to everything. And every cause has an effect, so we are responsible for our thoughts, words and deeds. Zen is acausal. Zen is the greatest poison, which compares to the even greater medicine of the Lotus Sutra.

Suffice it to say: the purpose of Zen in the world is to corrupt and undermine everything that is not based upon the truth and the true teaching. All religions, disciplines, institutions and organizations which are undermined by Zen will eventually fall after glaring revelation of their worst defects, sooner rather than later.

If there is some good in your family, locality, society and culture, or country that you would like to retain, then cease the Zen, and begin to apply the medicine of the Lotus Sutra to heal the Zen wound in your life.

"Zen is the work of devilish minds." - Nichiren


. a prescription for the poisoned ones:
. The only antidote for the toxic effects of Zen in your life ...
. be that from Zen meditation, or the variant forms: physical
. Zen in the martial arts, Qigong, Acupuncture, Falun Gong,
. Copenhagen Convention of Quantum Mechanics, EST,
. Landmark Education, Nazism, Bushido, the Jesuits,
. Al Qaeda, or merely from having the distorted view that life
. is acausal, and that the true entity of all phenomena
. is the void ...
. with the effects of the loss of loved ones, detachment,
. isolation or various forms of emptiness in your life ...
. is the Lotus Sutra: chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo
. at least 3 times, twice a day, for the rest of your life,
. in at least a whisper ...
. and if you can, chant abundantly in a resonant voice !!!
. The full 28 Chapters of the Lotus Sutra,
. Nichiren Daishonin's Gosho volumes I and II,
. the Record of the Orally Transmitted Teachings
. (Gosho Zenshu, including the Ongi Kuden) and the
. SGI Dictionary of Buddhism are located at:
. To find an SGI Community Center:

LS Chap. 16 .....

All harbor thoughts of yearning
and in their minds thirst to gaze at me.
When living beings have become truly faithful,
honest and upright, gentle in intent,
single-mindedly desiring to see the Buddha
not hesitating even if it costs them their lives,
then I and the assembly of monks
appear together on Holy Eagle Peak.
At that time I tell the living beings
that I am always here, never entering extinction,
but that because of the power of an expedient means
at times I appear to be extinct, at other times not,
and that if there are living beings in other lands
who are reverent and sincere in their wish to believe,
then among them too
I will preach the unsurpassed Law.
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