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Nikken's End #1B: Nichinyo (Gikan) Hayase - Physical Zen Brutality

Nikken's End ? or NIKKEN ZENned ? You be the judge ...

. "What distinguished the Indian system from that of the
. ancient Western world is the absence of slavery. The
. caste system made formal slavery unnecessary in ancient
. India."
. - from The Two Classes of the Four-Fold Caste System, by
. Sudheer Birodkar.

In Nikken's Threefold World, which is "the world of unenlightened beings who transmigrate within the Six Paths" ** [Hell, Hunger, Animality, Anger, Humanity and Heaven] ... the 1st chapter describes the structure of Nikken's World of Heaven.

** Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism

____ Background for Toxic Zen Stories ____________

________ Table of Contents _______________________
. The Entity of Physical Zen Brutality
. The Brute
. The Brutal Elite
. The Downfall of the Brutal Elite
. Definition of Heaven (Ten)
. Getting Some Help
. The Survivor Gita

________ The Entity of Physical Zen Brutality ____

This round of the "Survivor Gita" appears to have been won by Nichinyo (Gikan) Hayase.

The template for Gikan Hayase's past, present and future is Bernard Kerek.

Bernard Kerek's mother was a prostitute, Gikan Hayase's mother was married to a man who bordered on living with prostitutes, and lived with them after his wife's sorrowful death (see section on Nichiji Hayase below).

Kerek and Hayase both found solace and enhanced their blighted self-image in the martial arts, becoming top fighters. As proficiency in Physical Zen Brutality increases, so does the misfortune that surrounds you.

Bernard Kerek rose to be the Police Commissioner of New York City just as the Al Qaeda attacks were made on the World Trade Center by ... terrorists trained in the martial arts to subdue passengers. (The London Underground bombings were executed by a Karate instructor and his students.)

Gikan Hayase was made the protector of the Transfer Box during the last legitimate transfer between Nichijun and Nittatsu (see first part of section on the Transfer Box below), and that was the last time it has been publicly seen (Nikken never received it and doesn't have it, and Gikan will not likely see it again, either).

Bernard Kerek was recommended highly by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to the Bush White House and became the first person in charge of the training the Iraqi Police Force after the beginning of the war. After he trained the police, a rather large insurgency began.

Nikken Abe took Gikan Hayase along with him as security to try and reclaim the Transfer Box from Nittatsu's son-in-law Sugano at Daisen-ji temple. Things became nasty and he came away empty-handed (see last part of section on the Transfer Box below).

Finally, Bernard Kerek was offered the White House Cabinet Secretary position in charge of Homeland Security, right after George Bush's huge election victory in November 2004. At that time, Bush's approval ratings were sky-high and he had all the good will in the world and a lock on both houses of Congress. Kerek had, unfortunately, multiple problems that were revealed upon the most cursory investigation, once he was standardly vetted as a cabinet officer, and he had to run away from the public eye as his career fortunes exploded in the most shameful and personally disgraceful way. After this point the fortunes of the Bush White House plummetted and have not since recovered, in spite of positive achievements.

It is easy to predict that Nichinyo (Gikan) Hayase will be the Bernard Kerek of Nichiren Shoshu.

Since Nikken Abe has foully twisted Nichiren Shoshu's views of Buddhism even further astray from where they were: to the infallibility of the Supreme-High-Priest-Object-Of-Worship ... it is predictable that handing that position over, to make that honzon point to Gikan Hayase, the entity of physical Zen brutality ... well, it's just not a good cause for the world.

It is predictable that the reign of Nichinyo (Gikan) Hayase as the High Priest of Nichiren Shoshu will be brief, violent, explosive and will precipitously drop the fortunes of that corrupt organization into the trash heap of history.

________ The Brute _______________________________

It takes a horrible family ... to make a real brute.

Gikan comes from an astonishing family ...

. Sexual Harassment of Nichiji Hayase Became Famous Because
. Hodo-in Temple was called a "Love Hotel." (p 148-152)
. From a book, "Great Evil Acts of Nikken's Inner Circle" (p
. 148-152) Written by Nichiren Shoshu Yushu Goho Domei
. (Representative: Rev. Myoei Koitabashi)
. Talking of Hayase 3 brothers, their reputations are
. extremely bad. The first son, Gikan always used violence to
. his acolytes. When he walked at night, even a gang member
. stayed away from him. His nick name was "Bukuro no Kan-chan"
. (The Quarrel Captain "Kan" in Ikebukuro area).
. Giyu, the second son criticized Soka Gakkai, but at the same
. time, he indulged in playing Golf during the day and chasing
. women at night-clubs in the evening using offerings from
. Soka Gakkai.
. Gijun, the 3rd son, and his wife Yuriko (Nikken's daughter)
. are well known with their super deluxe, luxurious life style
. like king or loyal family.
. Their life are by no means related to Buddhist priest's
. life, especially that of Nichiren Daishonin. However, there
. was one thing they could not do. Guess what? They could not
. remonstrate their father, Nichiji Hayase, the head priest of
. Hodo-in (Ikebukuro, Tokyo).
. Nichiji was an unbelievable priest who has caused countless
. sex problem with female workers of Hodo-in. Nichiji always
. had sexual harassment incidents or sexual relationship with
. new female employees. Most of them quit the job soon. Then,
. Hodo-in asked the Employment Agency for another female
. workers. The front desk always screamed, "You need another
. female workers again!" Soon Hodo-in was given a nick name a
. "Love Hotel Hodo-in."
. He did this while his wife "Chika" was still alive. When she
. died, Nichiji started to call in female employees to his bed
. before the 49th-day memorial service was over. (Before 49th
. day is over, one is supposed to live a life of mourning.)
. Soon, a woman named "M" became his mistress and was given a
. room in Hodo-in. "M" was said to be from Niigata Pref., and
. was beautiful with strong sex appeal. M's power in Hodo-in
. increased day by day. "M" started administering important
. keys, bank accountings, credit cards, and all finance of the
. temple. Employees called her with a nick name "Yodogimi"
. (This was the nick name of the influential mistress of the
. Shogun, Toyotomi Hideyoshi in Osaka castle.)
. At that time, some Hokkeko members who practiced sincerely
. left the temple. One of top Hokkeko leaders wrote a letter
. of remonstration to Nichiji, and protested by committing a
. suicide.
. To such a mess, his three sons kept silent. They could not
. do or say nothing!
. Nichiren Shoshu Yushu Goho Domei (Representative: Rev. Myoei
. Koitabashi)

It's just hard to believe that people can be this twisted when the highest teaching is near at hand.

But of course, this is predicted by Nichiren Daishonin: that wayward Nikkenist priests (the voice hearers who slander the correct sutras, below) will continue to carefully cultivate their appearance as "arhats" of the Buddhist Order:

From: "The Opening of the Eyes", WND, p. 271

. The six-volume Parinirvana Sutra [Note 186: One of the
. Chinese versions of the Nirvana Sutra, translated by Fa-
. hsien.] states: "There are also icchantikas who resemble
. arhats but who commit evil deeds. There are also arhats
. who resemble icchantikas but display merciful hearts.
. The icchantikas who look like arhats spend their time
. slandering the correct and equal sutras to the populace.
. The arhats who look like icchantikas, on the other hand,
. are critical of the voice-hearers and go about preaching
. the correct and equal sutras. They address the populace,
. saying, 'You and I are all bodhisattvas. Why? Because
. each living being possesses the Buddha nature.' But the
. populace will probably call such men icchantikas."
. In the Nirvana Sutra, the Buddha speaks as follows:
. "After I have passed away ... After the Former Day of
. the Law has ended and the Middle Day of the Law has
. begun, there will be monks who will give the appearance
. of abiding by the rules of monastic discipline. But they
. will scarcely ever read or recite the sutras, and
. instead will crave all kinds of food and drink to
. nourish their bodies. Though they wear the clothes of a
. monk, they will go about searching for alms like so many
. huntsmen who, narrowing their eyes, stalk softly. They
. will be like a cat on the prowl for mice. And they will
. constantly reiterate these words, 'I have attained
. arhatship!' Outwardly they will seem to be wise and
. good, but within they will harbor greed and jealousy.
. [And when they are asked to preach the teachings, they
. will say nothing,] like Brahmans who have taken a vow of
. silence. They are not true monks--they merely have the
. appearance of monks. Consumed by their erroneous views,
. they slander the correct teaching."

This describes the current state of all of Japanese Temple Buddhism with high accuracy. And the Nikken sect is the worst of the worst.

They are all guilty of the grave sin of upholding their temple and their priesthood, instead of upholding the true teachings and intent of the Buddha: upholding the Law above all else, and propagating it widely throughout Jambudvipa.

________ The Brutal Elite ________________________

It takes a corrupt village ... to make an elitist brute.

Gikan is steeped in the high society of treading upon those beneath him, as a child born into favorable circumstances, elevated by slanderous distortions of the Kosen Rufu movement ...

. A Young Priest Cries Out For Reform
. Excerpt from - A Letter From The Rev. Yumo Matsuoka to
. The High Priest
. In the priesthood today, senior executives' wives are more
. influential than ordinary priests; a few influential
. families have formed powerful, nepotistic factions, and the
. priesthood's assets are heavily concentrated among the
. temples in large cities. The priesthood is now tainted by
. the sort of corruption typically caused by hereditary
. succession. On cannot deny the senior priests' indulgence in
. extravagant lifestyle. Simply put, they are out of control.
. Mr. Nichikai Takano, the chief priest of the Hongyo-ji
. temple in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, held a party to celebrate his
. promotion to the priesthood's highest rank at the Teikoku
. Hotel, a first-class hotel in Metropolitan Tokyo. General
. Affairs Department Chief Gikan Hayase, the chief priest of
. Daigan-ji temple in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, had a wedding
. reception for his daughter at the Hotel Okura, also a first-
. class hotel in Metropolitan Tokyo. One must question the
. necessity of throwing extravagant parties in places that
. even celebrities often cannot afford. I cannot comprehend
. the degree of their nerve -- to spend believers' sincere
. offerings as if it were water while calmly pretending to be
. sage-like priests.
. Let us then discuss the situations at local temples. The
. main Gohonzon room and lobby at one local temple has turned
. into a playground for the chief priest's children. The
. living quarters for one priest's family is decorated with
. roomfuls of very expensive furniture. One chief priest's
. wife controls all the administrative functions of the temple
. management, as if she were an assistant priest. Far be it
. from me, a relative newcomer, to comprehend these realities.
. Every day, while facing such conditions at local temples, I
. thought to myself: "Is this really acceptable? Do we have
. any right to criticize the Gakkai at all?"

Of course, whether the Gakkai can be criticized or not, this is a false priesthood that ignores and hence expresses hatred of their founder Nikko Shonin with their very lives. Nikkos's 25th Admonition states categorically ...

. 25. My disciples should conduct themselves as holy
. priests, patterning their behavior after that of the
. late master. However, even if a high priest or a
. priest striving for practice and understanding
. should temporarily deviate from [the principle of]
. sexual abstinence, he may still be allowed to remain
. in the priesthood [as a common priest without rank].
. I have set forth these 26 articles for the sake of the
. eternal salvation and protection of humankind. Those who
. violate even one of these articles cannot be called
. disciples of Nikko.
. thirteenth day of the first month of the third year of
. the Genko era (1333).
. Nikko(Seal)
. Note: THE Fuji school is the line of Nikko Shonin's
. followers. The "late master" is Nichiren Daishonin.
. (from Living Buddhism 4/1998)

This is a far cry from the state, where Nichikan Shonin, the 26th High Priest left the Fuji School. But of course he was strict in the manner of Nikko, the founder ...

In the 26th High Priest Nichikan's writing, "On Practicing the Buddha's Teachings", he states:

. If we do not ponder the four dictums and if we ignore
. propagation, our hearts will become accomplices in
. slandering the Law. If we do not accomplish propagation
. with our voices, they will become accomplices in the
. slander of the Law. If we do not face the object of
. devotion with prayer beads in our hands, our bodies will
. become accomplices in the slander of the Law. Therefore,
. those who ponder the object of devotion of the essential
. teaching of the Lotus Sutra face the object of devotion
. of the 'Life Span' chapter of the essential teaching and
. chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo of the actual three thousand
. realms in a single moment of life --- that is, the
. Buddhism of sowing contained in the 'Life Span' chapter
. of the essential teaching of the Lotus Sutra --- shall
. be the ones propagating the Law through the three kinds
. of karma --- thoughts, words and deeds. (The Collection
. of High Priest Nichikan's Commentaries, p. 767)

________ The Downfall of the Brutal Elite ________

This passage from Meiei Koitabashi's book on the succession of Nikken
into power follows ...

. Nikken Does Not Have the "Transfer Box"
. The "Transfer Box" is a box of 45 square cubic centimeters.
. It is a black-lacquered, time-honored, wooden box. It is
. usually wrapped up in golden cloth. This box had been kept
. by successive high priests since olden times. It was
. strictly preserved on a locked shelf in the Treasure House
. at the head temple during the time of the former high
. priest. The head temple's secretary kept the key, and no one
. was allowed to open it without the high priest's permission.
. In other words, possessing this box was tangible evidence
. that its possessor was a legitimate high priest of Nichiren
. Shoshu.
. However, this important box which Nikken is supposed to
. have, is not in his possession at this time. The whereabouts
. of the transfer box became an issue behind the scenes after
. Nittatsu Shoshu fell into critical condition.
. Gisei Yoshida (also known as Nichiyu), the priest who was
. first notified by the hospital that Nittatsu Shonin was in
. critical condition, ordered Jison Nomura, director of
. Taiseki-ji, to look for the transfer box in the Treasure
. House. However, no matter how hard Nomura tried, his effort
. is said to have been in vain. Where in the world did the
. transfer box go?
. One priest remarked, "High Priest Nittatsu is said to have
. long ago promised the box to Sugano of Daisen-ji temple."
. Mr. Sugano is Nittatsu Shonin's son-in-law, the person
. closest to the high priest while he was still alive. He is
. the person most likely to know the truth about Nikken's
. illegitimate ascension to the position of high priest.
. Interestingly, he was promoted last October to the class of
. noke in the Nichiren Shoshu hierarchy.
. A very interesting story recently came to our attention,
. which may verify the priest's statement about the
. whereabouts of the transfer box. According to this story,
. Nikken once visited Daisen-ji temple in Kunitachi, Tokyo, to
. try to obtain the transfer box from Sugano. The whereabouts
. of this transfer box is a crucial matter for Nikken because
. a formal Nichiren Shoshu transfer ceremony would follow the
. traditional procedure, which would definitely involve the
. transfer box. The ceremony begins with the initial
. announcement of it, followed by the appointment of the Chief
. Executive or General Administrator as witness. Security
. guards are also designated for the ceremony. Even if the
. transfer box is not present at the site of the ceremony, it
. can be easily proven by those present that the ceremony was
. legitimately held. In Nikken's case, however, he insists
. that the transfer ceremony between Nittatsu Shonin and him
. was held informally and privately, not in public. Because of
. this assertion, his possession of the transfer box is all
. the more important.
. It was under such circumstances that Nikken tried to carry
. out his plan to acquire the transfer box from Sugano. On
. January 13, 1981, one and a half years after he took office,
. Nikken decided to visit Daisen-ji temple. Nikken was
. accompanied by four noted priests: Giko Hayase, then general
. affairs bureau chief and also overseas bureau chief; Gikan
. Hayase; Shin'ei Yagi, Nikken's foremost disciple; and
. Shinsho Abe, Nikken's son.
. Referring to this event, Gikan Hayase later recalled, "My
. role was security." Gijun Hayase, husband of Nikken's
. daughter, reportedly has said, "My brother (Gikan Hayase) is
. very physical. He is powerful. So he was sent as a bodyguard
. at that time." Actually, Gikan Hayase was known as foremost
. in physical fights within Nichiren Shoshu. His nickname was
. "Kan-chan of (Ike)fukuro," which means that his infamous
. name as a fighter is widely known in the Ikebukuro area of
. Tokyo. Incidentally, Gikan Hayase is the also the person who
. actually carried the transfer box from the head temple to
. the residence of the 65th high priest, Nichijun Shonin, when
. Nichijun Shonin transferred the heritage to Nittatsu Shonin.
. He is the man who recorded in detail how the transfer
. ceremony took place between the two previous high priests.
. Therefore, he knows very well how important the transfer box
. is.
. On that day, Nikken and his entourage headed to Daisen-ji
. after an oko lecture at the head temple. Shinsho Abe was
. their driver. Upon their arrival at Daisen-ji temple, Yagi
. attempted to enter the temple, but he could not get in,
. because Sugano intimidated the young Yagi by saying to him,
. "Hey, young punk!"
. While Shin'ei Yagi and Shinsho Abe were left outside as
. security guards, Nikken, Giko Hayase, and Gikan Hayase sat
. face to face to discuss the matter with Sugano in a room
. inside the temple. In the middle of their conversation,
. Nikken brought up the matter, saying, "By the way ...."
. Sugano immediately understood what Nikken wanted to talk
. about. Sugano lost no time in making his point, "Didn't you
. receive the heritage...?" In reply, all Nikken was able to say
. was, "Ah, yes. Yes, I did."
. Nikken had powered his way into the guest room of Daisen-ji,
. but he could not touch upon the matter of the transfer box.
. For him to mention it at all, would prove that he had not
. received the heritage from the former high priest. It is
. said that Nikken could not say anything about the transfer
. box and had to leave Daisen-ji empty-handed.
. It is certain that Nikken does not possess the transfer box
. even today.
. It has been confirmed that Jitoku Kawabe, who knows every
. detail about Nikken's ascension to the position of high
. priest, once mentioned to several priests within Nichiren
. Shoshu, "Nikken does not have the transfer box at hand." And
. Kawabe once accidentally said to a Gakkai leader, "The
. transfer box does not exist at the head temple." Concerned
. about his careless remark, he later called back the leader,
. saying to him to remedy his mistake, "As a matter of fact,
. it was in a safe of the Internal Bureau of the head temple."
. The leader, who was ignorant of the significance of Kawabe's
. first remark on the transfer box, is said to have good-
. naturedly responded to Kawabe's second call, "That was good
. for you."
. In 2002, which marked the 750th anniversary of the
. establishment of true Buddhism, doubts about the legitimacy
. of Nikken as high priest of Nichiren Shoshu flared up again.
. What triggered it was the fact that Nichiren Shoshu lost at
. the Supreme Court in three separate legal cases. The
. arguments for these cases were that Nichiren Shoshu demanded
. three seceded temples to return their temple buildings to
. Nichiren Shoshu. In these court cases, Nichiren Shoshu could
. not prove to the court's satisfaction that High Priest
. Nikken was a legitimate high priest of Nichiren Shoshu.
. In the meantime, just before Nichiren Shoshu celebrates its
. 750th anniversary, Nikken brought forth a new theory,
. claiming that Nichiren Daishonin founded Nam-myoho-renge-kyo
. on two different occasions, first in March and the second in
. April, 1253. Eventually, Nikken carried out a new ceremony
. called "A Great Ceremony to Celebrate the Opening of the New
. Teaching" on March 28, 2002, thus adding fuel to the
. argument about his illegitimacy.
. To wipe out these doubts, Nikken formed a group called
. "Nichiren Shoshu Youthful Priests' Group for Refuting
. Erroneous Teachings" in August 2002 and had it write a
. document to rebut the doubt of his legitimacy.
. However, as expected, no mention was made in this document
. about the transfer box. When it comes to the issue of the
. transfer box, Nikken can't do anything about it, so he has
. no choice but to remain quiet. There must be serious reasons
. why he can't touch upon this subject.
. 59th High Priest Nichiko Hori described the contents of the
. transfer box as this: "Documents related to the 'One Hundred
. and Six Articles (Hyaku Rokka Sho)' and 'On the True Cause
. (Hon'nin-myo Sho)' and a piece of paper that carries the
. names of the successive high priests who participated in
. their respective transfer ceremonies." It is said that the
. piece of paper that Nichiko Hori refers to is something like
. a lineage chart that specifies who transferred the heritage
. to whom.
. The next question is whether this piece of paper carries the
. name of Nikken Abe as 67th high priest of Nichiren Shoshu.

There is an explosion coming.

All the combustive elements are being carefully prepared, measured out, mixed and packaged up.

The fuse is being cut, and it is a short, fast-burning fuse.

What kind of Transfer Box will be handed over to Gikan Hayase, by Nikken Abe?

Will it have the list of the heritage of all the Fuji School High Priests inside?

Or will it be a verrrrry short list, like a fast-burning fuse? See you in court.

________ Definition of Heaven (Ten) ______________

From the SGI Dictionary:

heaven [天] (Skt, Pali deva-loka; Jpn ten): In Buddhism, a realm of heavenly beings. Buddhism describes twenty-eight heavens or heavenly realms (twenty-six or twenty-seven according to different sources) in the threefold world. In ascending order, there are the six heavens in the world of desire, the eighteen heavens in the world of form, and the four heavens in the world of formlessness. These heavens are ranked in quality according to their elevation. The first and lowest heaven is the Heaven of the Four Heavenly Kings, located halfway up Mount Sumeru. The highest heaven is the Heaven of Neither Thought Nor No Thought. This heaven is regarded as the realm where those who have accumulated good fortune will be reborn, though it still belongs to the six paths of existence, a realm still encumbered by transmigration and delusion. Heaven, or the world of heavenly beings, is also the sixth of the Ten Worlds. Based on the philosophy of the Lotus Sutra, this can be viewed as a potential state or condition of human life. In The Object of Devotion for Observing the Mind, Nichiren (1222–1282) writes, "Joy is [the world] of heaven" (358). This describes the condition of contentment and joy one feels when released from suffering or upon satisfaction of some desire. Such joy disappears with the passage of time or with even a slight change in the circumstances. "Heaven" is therefore included within the six paths—states of life that are relatively passive and subject to changes in one's surroundings.

________ Getting Some Help _______________________

If you are a Nichiren Shoshu Priest, or a Hokkeko member from anywhere in the world, and are thinking about switching to the SGI call (310) 260-8900 or contact the Headquarters at SGI Plaza:,-118.4979288,17z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x80c2a4c8ce37f2e7:0x918d68e31aa2b5e4!2s606+Wilshire+Blvd,+Santa+Monica,+CA+90401!3b1!8m2!3d34.0205589!4d-118.4957401!3m4!1s0x80c2a4c8bc1aaae7:0x8b8af06c5597de63!8m2!3d34.0208086!4d-118.4958896?hl=en

Tell them that you are a Nichiren Shoshu Priest or Hokkeko member, and wish to speak to someone about the SGI, and what to do.

________ The Survivor Gita _______________________

Who will replace the "Sen'ou Nezumi" ?

Nikken, the Usurper King of the Rats at Taisekiji, has been replaced by Nichinyo, who is an angry member of the elite, due to too many blows to the head. A little punchy, and brief in his rule, since Nikken has plans for his son to take over.

One thing that is known for certain: There will be a new Rat King. And quickly there will be another.

Another thing that is known for certain: All the alliances will change, and more than once. Anyone that has watched Survivor knows this.

Rule Number Zero:

The War of the Rodents can only be won by ... King Rat.

More to come ... These questions will be answered !!!



LS Chap. 16 .....

All harbor thoughts of yearning
and in their minds thirst to gaze at me.
When living beings have become truly faithful,
honest and upright, gentle in intent,
single-mindedly desiring to see the Buddha
not hesitating even if it costs them their lives,
then I and the assembly of monks
appear together on Holy Eagle Peak.
At that time I tell the living beings
that I am always here, never entering extinction,
but that because of the power of an expedient means
at times I appear to be extinct, at other times not,
and that if there are living beings in other lands
who are reverent and sincere in their wish to believe,
then among them too
I will preach the unsurpassed Law.
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