Announcing Future Book in the Works from Author Noah Murphy: "Apostasy"!

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Apr 28, 2016, 1:53:17 AM4/28/16
This stupendous announcement is so fresh that sources tell us that
author, Noah Murphy, is actually only on page TWO of his exciting next
venture: Apostasy!

What will Apostasy be about?

An Islamic takeover of the United States!

Apostasy is the story of an insurrection that starts at our nation's
capital and then spreads to the Northeast, gaining momentum, until only
a small failed resistance is left in the Bible Belt. From there, it
goes on to conquer the world! There will be lots of sex in accordance
with Jihad tradition and Noah is devoting himself to doing careful
research for this work to ensure the accuracy of his narrative with
genuine Islam architecture. He even states that he will be watching
world events for the perfect timing to give birth to the thrilling
release of his Magnum Opus so as to coincide with any terrorist attack
that happens to hit anywhere on the globe!

Noah says that he got his idea from Camp of the Saints, by Jean Raspail,
written in 1973. When asked during the interview:

"You're writing Camp of the Saints vol. 2?"

His reply was:

"Basically yes"

Who is Noah Murphy?

For the few who don't already know him, anti-feminist Noah Murphy is the
accomplished author of Ethereal Girls, This Book Will Fail, Deltan
Skies, The K23 Detectives Collection and he is the hidden genius behind
the Jerry Hill blog, "The Moderate Truth"! Current fans are already
looking forward to his next epic tale!


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