winsock fix for 9x and 2K

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Jun 5, 2010, 4:36:53 PM6/5/10
Warning: The program just RUNS when you double click on it, does
not ask you for a confirmation, just starts (it does ask for
confirmations later, but it's "too late" already ;-)

The first time I got a router I could NOT get it on the net,
tech support told me to upgrade to XP, etc.

I can't remember HOW I found this program - it was written by
some guy at Boston University and is virtually unknown. I ran it
and everything worked perfectly upon the reboot. I was blown
away. What else can I tell you.

/If/ things fuck up, the program DOES make backup copies of your
2 registry files (ext. "tom") with which you can replace the
"new ones" in DOS (ideally using a decent DOS file manager - I
use Xtree - instead of fucking around with the attrib. command,
etc.), and then everything will be as it was before - I know
this because I just ran the program on this (currently perfectly
working) machine (I like to check things before I post them for
others) and afterwards I could not get a socket created - so I
restored the two registry files and as you see, everything's

So - just so you know what you're dealing with. No help file or
any help of any kind available, needless to say - Boston Univ.
no longer has the file for DL since as we all know, no one uses
anything but XP and later any more.


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