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Imam Al Maktoum

Jan 24, 2008, 3:50:13 PM1/24/08
and has nothing to do with the
imagination. Judges, physicians, etc., appeal only to the imagination.

308. The habit of seeing kings accompanied by guards, drums, officers, and
all the paraphernalia which mechanically inspire respect and awe, makes
their countenance, when sometimes seen alone without these accompaniments,
impress respect and awe on their subjects; because we cannot separate in
thought their persons from the surroundings with which we see them usually
joined. And the world, which knows not that this effect is the result of
habit, believes that it arises by a natural force, whence come these words,
"The character of Divinity is stamped on his countenance," etc.

309. Justice.--As custom determines what is agreeable, so also does it
determine justice.

310. King and tyrant.--I, too, will keep my thoughts secret.

I will take care on every journey.

Greatness of establishment, respect for establishment.

The pleasure of the great is the power to make people happy.

The property of riches is to be given liberally.

The property of each thing must be sought. The property of power is to

When force attacks humbug, when a private soldier takes the square cap off a
first president, and throws it out of the window.

311. The government founded on opinion and imagination reigns for some time,
and this government is pleasant and voluntary; that founded on might lasts
for ever. Thus opinion is the queen of the world, but might is its tyrant.

312. Justice is what is established; and thus all our established laws will
necessarily be regarded as just without examination, since they are

313. Sound opinions of the people.--Civil wars are the greatest of evils.
They are inevitable, if we wish to reward desert; for all will say they are
deserving. The evil we have to fear from a fool who succeeds by right of
birth, is neither so great nor so sure.

314. God has created all for Himself. He has bestowed upon Himself the power
of pa

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