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Jun 17, 2007, 7:37:34 AM6/17/07

Until recently, the vast amount of news and other information available on the World Wide Web was accessible only by manually browsing for specific content via search engines. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) represents an information revolution that turns this concept around by actively syndicating content on an ever growing number of websites. RSS content is transmitted over the Web via “feeds” covering an extensive range of topics and interests...

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Jan 23, 2008, 5:17:20 PM1/23/08

Dr. Bridges, the Acting Attorney General at Hong Kong, who had framed
the Contagious Diseases Ordinance of 1857, had given an assurance
concerning it expressed in the following words: "There will be less
difficulty in dealing with prostitution in this Colony than with the
same in any other part of the world, as I believe the prostitutes here
to be almost, without exception, Chinese who would be thankful to
be placed under medical control of any kind; that few if any of the
prostitutes are free agents, having been brought up for the purposes
of prostitution by the keepers of brothels, and that whether as
regards the unfortunate creatures themselves, the persons who obtain
a living by these prostitutes, or the Chinese inhabitants in general,
there are fewer rights to be interfered with here, less grounds for
complaint by the parties controlled, and fewer prejudices on the
subject to be shocked among the more respectable part of the community
than could be found elsewhere." Mr. D.R. Caldwell, Protector,
confirmed these views. But the views of the Chinese themselves had
never been elicited, and immediately such prejudice was aroused among
them that it was considered wise to subject only those houses resorted
to by foreigners a

Jan 24, 2008, 3:45:19 PM1/24/08
great is the force of custom that, out of those whom nature has only made
men, are created all conditions of men. For some districts are full of
masons, others of soldiers, etc. Certainly nature is not so uniform. It is
custom then which does this, for it constrains nature. But sometimes nature
gains the ascendancy and preserves man's instinct, in spite of all custom,
good or bad.

98. Bias leading to error.--It is a deplorable thing to see all men
deliberating on means alone, and not on the end. Each thinks how he will
acquit himself in his condition; but as for the choice of condition, or of
country, chance gives them to us.

It is a pitiable thing to see so many Turks, heretics, and infidels follow
the way of their fathers for the sole reason that each has been imbued with
the prejudice that it is the best. And that fixes for each man his condition
of locksmith, soldier, etc.

Hence savages care nothing for Providence.

99. There is an universal and essential difference between the actions of
the will and all other actions.

The will is one of the chief factors in belief, not that it creates belief,
but because things are true or false according to the aspect in which we
look at them. The will, which prefers one aspect to another, turns away the
mind from considering the qualities of all that it does not like to see; and
thus the mind, moving in accord with the will, stops to consider the aspect
which it likes and so judges by what it sees.

100. Self-love. The nature of self-love and of this human Ego is to love
self only and co

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