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Se0 Guy

Jan 23, 2008, 7:50:40 PM1/23/08
her master
decided to remove her to Watsonville, and so defeat her rescue. At the
San Francisco Ferry Station she made a dash for liberty, pursued by
the two men who had her in charge, and ran to a policeman, handing him
a crumpled piece of paper, which proved to be a note that a missionary
had placed in her hand when she landed in America. The officer could
not read the note, in its old and crumpled condition, but divining its
nature he hailed a cab and drove with the girl straight to the mission
door, where she was welcomed.

There were at least five hundred Chinese brothel slaves in San
Francisco before its destruction, and none in Oakland up to that time.
Since the calamity, there have been many in Oakland. They have been
estimated at as high a figure as 300, and must have numbered until
quite recently at least 150. The frontispiece represents a structure
erected for their housing. This building is three stories high, and
occupies every foot of one-half square. It contains more than 600
rooms, and is built throughout of rough boards, one inch thick, on
flimsy beams and studding. It is unlathed and unplastered, a veritable
fire-trap, within four blocks of the County Court House. It could
never have passed inspection had it been erected for _decent_
purposes. When the photograph was taken the building was not
completed. A row of shops has been added at the left, over which is a
large Chinese theatre. A respectable Chinese

Huge Tits

Jan 24, 2008, 1:56:31 PM1/24/08
detest only the
impetuous and tyrannical violence of those who detain it unjustly. The most
cruel war which God can make with men in this life is to leave them without
that war which He came to bring. "I came to send war," He says, "and to
teach them of this war. I came to bring fire and the sword." Before Him the
world lived in this false peace.

499. External works.--There nothing so perilous as what pleases God and man.
For those states, which please God and man, have one property which pleases
God, and another which pleases men; as the greatness of Saint Teresa. What
pleased God was her deep humility in the midst of her revelations; what
pleased men was her light. And so we torment ourselves to imitate her
discourses, thinking to imitate her conditions, and not so much to love what
God loves and to put ourselves in the state which God loves.

It is better not to fast, and be thereby humbled, than to fast and be
self-satisfied therewith. The Pharisee and the Publican.

What use will memory be to me, if it can alike hurt and help me, and all
depends upon the blessing of God, who gives only to things done for Him,
according to His rules and in His ways, the manner being thus as important
as the thing and perhaps more; since God can bring

Se0 Guy

Jan 24, 2008, 12:52:33 PM1/24/08

The type has been made according to the truth, and the truth has been
recognised according to the type.

Saint Paul says himself that people will forbid to marry, and he himself
speaks of it to the Corinthians in a way which is a snare. For if a prophet
had said the one, and Saint Paul had then said the other, he would have been

674. Typical.--"Do all things according to the pattern which has been shown
thee on the mount." On which Saint Paul says that the Jews have shadowed
forth heavenly things.

675.... And yet this Covenant, made to blind some and enlighten others,
indicated in those very persons, whom it blinded, the truth which should be
recognised by others. For the visible blessings which they received from God
were so great and so divine that He indeed appeared able to give them those
that are invisible and a Messiah.

For nature is an image of Grace, and visible miracles are images of the
invisible. Ut sciatis... tibi dico: Surge.127

Isaiah says that Redemption will be as the passage of the Red Sea.

God has, then, shown by the deliverance from Egypt, and from the sea, by the
defeat of kings, by the manna, by the whole genealogy of Abraham, that He
was able to save, to send down bread from heaven, etc.; so that the people
hostile to Him are the type and the representation of the very Messiah whom
they know not, etc.

He has, then, taught us at last that all these things were only types and
what is "true freedom," a "true Israelite," "true circumcision," "true bread
from heaven," etc.

In these promises each one finds what he has most

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