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Jan 23, 2008, 5:25:17 PM1/23/08
rescue workers. One Chinese
girl concluded she would take all the abuse of the rescue home rather
than forego a chance for liberty, though she knew of no reason to
disbelieve the fearful warnings she had received. On the first night
of her arrival she did not undress nor go to bed when the other girls
retired. Someone found her standing about, and asked her why she
was not off for bed. She replied pathetically: "I am waiting for my
beating." She had been informed that it was in that fashion all the
girls were put to bed each night. At a very conservative estimate,
there are not less than one thousand Chinese brothel slaves in
California alone, besides those in the Chinese settlements all over
the United States. When children are born to Chinese prostitutes, they
are seized by the brothel keepers as their own property, the girls
being sold into domestic slavery to be passed on into brothel
slavery at the age of about 15, and the boy babies sold for a good
price--several hundred dollars--to become "adopted"

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Jan 23, 2008, 4:21:56 PM1/23/08
had the first floor, and the street door leading up to Mrs. Lau's
apartments ended in a trap door which was shut down at night. There
were also folding doors half way up the stairway, not reaching to the
ceiling, however, that could be locked at night to make the place
doubly secure from intruders. The little upper flat consisted of only
three rooms. Mrs. Lau occupied the front room, and her servant woman
slept on the floor in the passage-way, and took care of Mrs. Lau's
little child. This servant woman had a friend come over from Canton to
spend the night with her and seek for employment. The middle room
was occupied by Tai Yau, the woman who had sold her little boy into
slavery, and her servant. The back room was vacant. Tai Yau was about
twenty-six years old, and her servant nearly sixty.

[Footnote A: The evidence does not make it clear how so poor a woman
should have a servant. Might she not in reality have been acting the
part of "pocket-mother" to the girl?]

On the evening of October 16th, 1877, Inspector Lee gave ten one
dollar bills to his interpreter, telling him to go out and use it in
catching unlicensed women. The interpreter found two friends and gave
one three dollars and the other seven dollars to help him in his
errand. Think of it! The man

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Jan 24, 2008, 2:03:21 PM1/24/08
to love any other
object but ourselves, the religion which instructs us in these duties must
instruct us also of this inability, and teach us also the remedies for it.
It teaches us that by one man all was lost, and the bond broken between God
and us, and that by one man the bond is renewed.

We are born so averse to this love of God, and it is so necessary, that we
must be born guilty, or God would be unjust.

490. Men, not being accustomed to form merit, but only to recompense it
where they find it formed, judge of God by themselves.

491. The true religion must have as a characteristic the obligation to love
God. This is very just, and yet no other religion has commanded this; ours
has done so. It must also be aware of human lust and weakness; ours is so.
It must have adduced remedies for this; one is prayer. No other religion has
asked of God to love and follow Him.

492. He who hates not in himself his self-love, and that instinct which
leads him to make himself God, is indeed blinded. Who does not see that
there is nothing so opposed to justice and truth? For it is false that we
deserve this, and it is unfair and impossible to attain it, since all demand
the same thing. It is, then, a manifest injustice which is innate in us, of
which we cannot get rid, and of which

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