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Turd Burglar

Jan 23, 2008, 5:58:27 PM1/23/08
who was
Registrar General for the first year after the Ordinance of 1867 came
into operation: "As a general rule, the first thing I knew of a case
of an unlicensed brothel coming before me was the finding of a string
of women in my office in the morning." "Almost despotic powers" had
been put into the hands of the "Registrar General," and these were
some of the results. The "marked money" that had caught the victim
would now be sanctimoniously taken away from her and restored to the
Secret Service Fund. The woman would be fined or imprisoned, and the
other inmates of the house put through trial as accused of being
"common prostitutes" and inmates of an unlicensed brothel, and if the
Registrar General so decided, the house from which they came declared
in the Government Gazette as a licensed house of prostitution. The
keepers of licensed brothels, slave-dealers, procurers and such
characters hung around the court room to help these women pay their
fines, and so get them under bonds to work off these fines by
prostitution. Sometimes the women sold their children instead of
themselves. If boys, for "adoption," as it is called; a form of
slavery which is permitted in Hong Kong. If girls, into domestic
slavery or worse, probably with the thought that they could buy them
back soon, but if the mother herself went the daughter would be sure
to be caught by kidnapers, or fall into prostitution anyway, as the
only means she would have of getting along without her mother's
protection. Mr. Lister said before the Commission: "I beca

Turd Burglar

Jan 23, 2008, 6:47:17 PM1/23/08
the girl." Faith triumphed that day. Through two of
Chinatown's most desolate old tenements, upstairs and downstairs
in dark closets and unexpected corners, while Highbinders uttered
imprecations in the alleys below, the rescue party kept up a
diligent search for many hours. When at last the quest was about
to be abandoned as hopeless, suddenly a cry of success echoed
through every gloomy corner of the old building--Seen Fah was
found! A small, dark closet, overlooked in the earlier hours of
the search, was discovered. A lighted candle soon revealed a pile
of empty rice bags and broken boxes. Pulling these away, the
object of the long search was discovered, nearly smothered beneath
the debris. Dazed and terrified, but safe, Seen Fah was at last
in the hands of friends--and the slave ring had lost just three
thousand dollars. Later on, Seen Fah and her new friends were
haled into court. As usual, the sleek, well-paid attorney appeared
for the Chinese owners. But they and he were alike powerless to
drag back into slavery the rescued girl. There was but one course
for the court to pursue. _Finding that Seen Fah was over fourteen,
she was allowed to choose for herself_ between the life of
Chinatown and that offered by the Mission. She chose the Christian
Home; so to its care Judge Cook consigned her. To-day, a free
happy girl, Seen Fah joins gayly in the simple, wholesome life
of her new surroundings. Rescued before the blight of slavery
actually darkened her life, she will never fully understand from
how great a danger her guardian angel snatched her. But we who do
know thank daily the kind Providence who thus protects His own.

No. 7. Kum Ping. She was married in the American Consulate at Hong
Kong in the most approved European way. Her new husband had made
a good impression on the old aunt who was her guardian, and for a
small consideration in Mexican co

Turd Burglar

Jan 24, 2008, 1:39:25 PM1/24/08
wholly supernatural religion; one
visible, the other invisible; miracles with grace, miracles without grace.

The synagogue, which had been treated with love as a type of the Church, and
with hatred, because it was only the type, has been restored, being on the
point of falling when it was well with God, and thus a type.

Miracles prove the power which God has over hearts, by that which He
exercises over bodies.

The Church has never approved a miracle among heretics.

Miracles a support of religion: they have been the test of Jews; they have
been the test of Christians, saints, innocents, and true believers.

A miracle among schismatics is not so much to be feared; for schism, which
is more obvious than a miracle, visibly indicates their error. But, when
there is no schism and error is in question, miracle decides.

Si non fecissem quae alius non fecit.214 The wretches who have obliged us to
speak of miracles.

Abraham and Gideon confirm faith by miracles.

Judith. God speaks at last in their greatest oppression.

If the cooling of love leaves the Church almost without believers, miracles
will rouse them. This is one of the last effects of grace.

If one miracle were wrought among the Jesuits!

When a miracle disappoints the expectation of those in whose presence it
happens, and there is a disproportion between the state of their faith and
the instrument of the miracle, it ought--then to induce them to change. But
with you it is otherwise. There would be as much reason in saying that, if
the Eucharist raised a dead man, it would be necessary for on

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