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Oct 18, 2011, 2:02:54 AM10/18/11

Can the receiver deduct completeness of data sent somehow from the TCP
header (FIN flag, ...)?

Let's over an existing socket a message of 20 bytes are transmitted.
The length will vary depending on the kind of message. The server gets
notified about the arrival of the 1st bytes. But is there a chance the
server can determine all bytes intended to be sent by the client are

I know this normally should be encoded in the protocol. But in this
case this is an old legacy
SW. It also doesn't open a socket for each new message.

Using raw-sockets I am able to read both the IP and TCP header. So on
server-side I'd like to
continously read the byte stream and whenever there is this
"indication of completeness" I would
forward the bytes received so far for further processing...
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