Putin: make love not war

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David Dalton

Oct 8, 2022, 2:04:58 AM10/8/22
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David Dalton <dal...@nfld.com> wrote:

> My Eight Sexual Harmonics theory is summarized on
> https://www.nfld.com//~dalton/8H.html .
> It links to my "various matches" thread on alt.religion.druid
> and here is an excerpt from that thread:
> "Vladimir Putin is straight-type-2-M and had an old
> lock that has recently been dissolved so he is
> now available to bifs. (His former wife Lyudmila
> is two-spirit lesbian/straight-type-1-MT so
> they were not compatible up close.)
> OK, it is a tough one since I don't know of
> many Russians. But my intuition led me
> circuitously to bif Izabella Scorupco (born Izabela Dorota
> Skorupko; 4 June 1970) , a Polish actress, singer and
> model, who is best known for having played Bond girl
> Natalya Simonova in the 1995 James Bond film GoldenEye.
> (So she is Polish, not Russian.) I intuit that she
> doesn't already have an optimally compatible match.
> And indeed her supposed lover Karl Rosengren is
> gay and has a good male match. But anyway,
> Vladimir and his children seem to be in a mainly
> Polish and Polish descent species, not Russian."

Vladimir Putin's old lock was rendered incomplete at
1854 UTC October 6, 2022, leaving him available to
bif(s) (women attracted to both genders, and not just
a.s.r. bifs) in the Polish species, including Izabella.
I think it is extremely important that this news get
to Vladimir since it might soften his nuclear stance.

(And the species split occurred 1900 UTC October 6,
into 55 equal species, at least in terms of sexual
compatibility and tendency to associate, and soon
in terms of DNA.)

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